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 "am very busy,don't have time for all this rusbish"

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:53 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Turns out he did...

Nicolae, Cammy's boyfriend, saved the chop till last, but the Lad gave up first.

7:25 PM Barrister: HELLO
Nicu: Greetings.
Nicu: Please don't shout.
7:26 PM Barrister: HELLO
7:27 PM Nicu: Please don't shout.
Barrister: OK
Nicu: It's not funny.
7:28 PM How long will it take for the transfer to happen?
Barrister: IN 48HOURS
7:32 PM Nicu: On and off, why?
Barrister: AM HERE
7:33 PM Nicu: What a pointless message.
Barrister: WHAT
Nicu: Typing AM HERE is a pointless action.
7:34 PM Barrister: WHAT IS GOING ON NOW
7:35 PM Nicu: Do not shout. I mean it.
7:36 PM Nicu: Do not TYPE LIKE THIS – type like this.
Barrister: what do you mean
7:37 PM Nicu: Like that, yes. It is much better.
7:40 PM Barrister: what are you doing
Nicu: I don't understand.
Barrister: you are not talking to me
7:41 PM Nicu: Now that you aren't shouting, we can converse. Where were we?
7:42 PM Barrister: don't understand
Nicu: Now you have confused me.
7:47 PM Apologies - modem crash.

8:10 PM Barrister: hello
8:11 PM Nicu: Ah, there you are.
What time is it where you are?
8:12 PM Barrister: morning
Nicu: When in the morning?
8:13 PM Barrister: 10:13am
Nicu: Ah, good, you should have ample time to pick up the money.
8:14 PM Barrister: what
Nicu: Money - you know, what you use to buy things!
8:16 PM Barrister: what are you talking about
8:17 PM Nicu: By Odin's ravens! You asked if I had sent the money and you now act like some village idiot!
8:20 PM Barrister: what are you saying
Nicu: What do you think I am saying?
8:21 PM Barrister: i don't understand
8:22 PM Nicu: By the Aesir - I mention money and you react as though you had been bludgeoned with the stupid stick!
8:23 PM Barrister: am very busy,don't have time for all this rusbish
Nicu: So you don't want the money?
Fine, I'll go and get it back.
Cammy will be pissed off.
8:24 PM Barrister: what money
That money!
8:25 PM Barrister: if you have sent the money can i have the information
8:26 PM Nicu: So now you know what I'm talking about? Miracles do happen!
8:28 PM The serial number is 51912766
8:29 PM Your man has proper ID, yes?
8:33 PM Hello?
Barrister: forward me the payment slip is needed for records keeping
8:34 PM Nicu: Just pick up the money; the agency will print you a slip. I've done what you wanted.
8:35 PM Barrister: western union or money gram
Nicu: Moneygram.
Cammy went there today. I was busy/
8:36 PM Barrister: plz we need the payment slip
Nicu: Why?
Barrister: for recording keeping
you have to forward it to me
8:37 PM Nicu: Just pick up the money!
8:38 PM Are you playing some kind of practical joke on me?
8:39 PM Barrister: if you sent money they have to give you the payment information
8:40 PM who sent the money receive name and others information
Nicu: I assume they gave it all to Cammy.
I'll ask her.
Please wait.
Barrister: ok

8:55 PM Barrister: hello
9:02 PM Nicu: You'll have to excuse me - Cammy wanted to give me a blow job and, well, how could I refuse?
9:03 PM Barrister: what do u mean
Nicu: She wanted to go down on me and I let her.
9:04 PM Barrister: i said forward the payment slip to me
Nicu: Oh, that. She's looking for it.
9:05 PM Barrister: ok
forward it now
Nicu: I don't have it. I said Cammy is trying to find it.
9:06 PM Suppose she doesn't?
Look, it is just gone 9 am where you are. Pick the money up and get to work!

9:11 PM Nicu: Sent ny Camille White, same address as mine, and since your man has proper ID he won't need the Q&A.
9:12 PM You have the number already.
Now get moving!
9:15 PM Barrister: is camille living with you
Nicu: Of course!
Barrister: you said no text question and answer
9:16 PM Nicu: There is a Q&A but you won't need it, will you?
Barrister: what is the Q and A
i need it
9:17 PM Nicu: Why?
If you have ID you won't need the Q&A.
9:18 PM Barrister: i said it's important to have it
Nicu: Why doesn't your man have ID?
9:20 PM Barrister: in ghana here is important if she sent the money is there's no q and A
9:21 PM Nicu: They told her that the Q&A is for people without ID.
9:22 PM Barrister: Ok i see there's no Q and A
Nicu: There is, but you don't need it. Or are you saying that your man doesn't have decent ID?
I would be very surprised!
9:23 PM Barrister: he has ID but i just want to know if you sent it with Q and A
Nicu: Yes, she did.
9:24 PM Barrister: just give it to me
Nicu: Even though it's not needed? Strange!
Barrister: i just want to know the q and a
9:25 PM Nicu: Oh, very well. Q: My favourite flower? A: The Wild Rose. So run along now and pick up the money.
Barrister: this is not strange if i ask it you suppose to give it me
Barrister: destination and amount
9:27 PM Nicu: As you said; Accra Ghana, $178; is it all clear now?
9:38 PM Barrister: are u there
Nicu: Yes.
9:39 PM Barrister: how much in ghana cedis
Nicu: I have no idea. Why would I?
Barrister: everything is printed in the payment slip
9:40 PM Nicu: I saw a figure in Australian dollars.
Barrister: when did u sent the money
9:41 PM Nicu: Cammy sent it this afternoon, about 2.30 I think.
9:42 PM About AU$168.
Barrister: so why didn't you send the payment information to me early
Nicu: You are making an incredible song and dance about this. What would have been the point sending information before the agencies open?
Barrister: what time is it over there
9:44 PM Nicu: 9.44 pm. Is that even slightly relevant?
9:50 PM Barrister: i can see you are deceiving yourself not me they went to the bank no money was sent from camille white
you are not serious
Nicu: The bank? I send nothing to any bank! You specified either Western Union or Moneygram!
9:51 PM Barrister: why
Nicu: Why ask me? It was your decision!
Barrister: what decision
9:52 PM Nicu: Tell B0swell to go to a proper agency and not a bank! You are not making any damned sense.
Barrister: you said you send the money from money gram
9:53 PM Nicu: Exactly! So why go to a bank, for Freyja's sake?
Barrister: so why did you lie to me that you sent money
9:54 PM Nicu: You are making so sense at all. I think you are trying to make me pay again.
Barrister: there's no money
9:55 PM Nicu: Is this because I called you out on your stupid bluff?
Barrister: forward me the payment slip
Nicu: You are a greedy little shyster. Either that or B0swell is stealing from both of us. Perhaps you should search him.

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I mention money and you react as though you had been bludgeoned with the stupid stick!


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It is your first time to use western union so therefore none can blame you. It is always like this at the first experience. - Yes lad, and at the second, and the third... you'll see.

I don't want to guess the number - But, lad, isn't that the best fun to be had with MoneyGram reference numbers?
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PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2013 12:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Another classic Cammy bait. clapping

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Yastreb wrote:

9:02 PM Nicu: You'll have to excuse me - Cammy wanted to give me a blow job and, well, how could I refuse?
9:03 PM Barrister: what do u mean

Time to get out a pen and some paper Laughing

I can sense tunes of unnecessary logic in your mails, meaning that you can never work with us to actualize this project no matter how we try to convince you - Mr. Chidi 0kpala

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