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 To Marine Rice from Imperator Gaius Caligula, Greetings

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2004 12:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This will be the first bit of completed work that I have published. As Gaius Caligula is still communicating with some scammers, you are getting the stuff that the mugu gave up on. Marine Rice is in quotes, Gaius Caligula is not.

Firstly - Marine Rice.


I am Marine Rice, i am a business man from the UK.. i got your
contact from an international business consultant . well, i would
love to invest in your province ,but i would love to go into
partnership with you and i would also want you to get back to me and
tell me how you can help me. Thanks, please get back to me on my
private mail address:[email protected]

Marine Rice.

{ph.D} {MBE} {JP}

- Gaius Caligula writes -

Marine Rice, Greetings,

Your offer to invest in Our provinces has appealed to
Our desire to encourage economic growth and therefore,
the spread of Civilisation to Our provinces.

My Great Grandfather, Divi Augustus, you may have
heard of Him, brought Peace to the World. Our Uncle
Tiberius ensured that the Peace was maintained
throughout the World. It is Our task to bring the
Fruits of Civilisation to these Gauls and Germans in
the lands of Darkness.

Write to tell Us of how you wish to proceed.

Dear Gaius Caligula ,

i got your contact from an international business consultant who spoke
very well about you. infact the recommendations he gave about you was
very good that i decided to go into partnership with you in business
for the purposes of profit making and friendly togetherness. i tried
to invest in your province some years ago but the man that invited me
to your country then, took all i had on gun point. i was left with
only my passport. he took my money, my credit cards, infact he took
every thing. i had to find my way to my country's embassy in your
country and they helped me to come back to my country. since then i
have been looking for a trusted person to do business with in your
country before i was given your contact. i want to invest a large sum
of money in your country and i want you to be my partner. you shall
take care of the investment and we shall both share the total annual
profit respectively. please in order not to vitiate the whole process
by delay, i would advice that you respond to my mail swiftly, so that
we can get started with the investment plans.

Best Regards,

Dr. Marine Rice
{ph.D} {MBE} {JP}

- Notice Marine Rice is now using Doctor in his titles.

- Gaius Caligula writes -

Marine Rice, Greetings,

We are pleased that your consultant spoke highly of
Us. Also that he felt humbled enough to recommend
Us to you, our suppliant.

In which of Our provinces do you wish to invest. We
have mines for metals in Hispana, Bithynia Pontus,
Britannia, Gaul, Thrace and so on. We have large
estates that you can invest in.

We shall hunt down the vile brigands who prey on the
users of Our highways. Let me know the province where
you were so vilely robbed and the Procurator or
Prefect will hunt down and crucify the perpetraitors

Advise Us of how you wish to proceed in this matter.


Gaius Caligula

Dear Gaius,

thanks for your concern, i wish to invest in real estates. please get back to me and tell me what to do.

Marine Rice tel-+44-7040100222

- Gaius Caligula writes -


Can you give Us more information about the vile
brigands who robbed you, and We shall see them thrown
to the wild beasts together.

As for investment in real estate, what are you looking
for farms, villas or maybe some local small industry.
Of course you should not have a problem buying slaves
to work your estates as Rome is successful in war.

Be more specific in your desires, for We to help you.

Imperator Gaius Caligula

Dear sir,

i would prefer villas. please get back to me and tell me what to for the guy that made away with my belongings, lets forget about him. i am a christian even if i see him i will forgive him.

Marine Rice

- Gaius Caligula writes -

Our dear Marine, Greetings,

What is the value of the Villas that you are looking
for. We have recently uncovered a conspiracy against
Our Imperial person, and the traitors shall be
punished without mercy. You may have one of their
Villas and estates. Firstly, they need to be found
guilty, and so they shall.

As to the vile people who robbed you, We think you
wise to show your clemency, but We are the Emperor of
Our Empire, and brigands must never be aloowed to prey
upon those under Our Divine protection. Name the
Province, and they shall be brought to justice.


Gaius Caligula, grandson of a God

Dear sir,

thanks for your love and concern. i wish to invest $10,000,000 {ten million dollars} please tell me what to do.

Marine Rice.

- Gaius Caligula is proud of his family history and he tells Marine Rice a tale of Julius Caesar - thanks to Suetonius for that. Okay, I know that Suetonius wrote around a hundred years after Caligula's death, but Marine Rich won't know that.

In the middle of Suetonius' Life of the Divine Julius is this -

Interesting is it not? If you wish to invest $10
million into property here you might like to talk to
Our procurator in the nearest Province to You.

As your mail address appears to be in Britain, you
shall approach Our procurator in one of the Gauls, or
in Lower Germania. We have sent political
representatives to Britannia over the past twenty
years. We sent notice to them that you will be
contacting them shortly. Who do you wish to deal

Our priest in Britannia is available. We sent you his
mobile number recently. Call him, and he shall tell
you about how to invest in Britannia. That would be a
good idea, buy property in Britannia before We invade
and watch the value of your investments grow due to
the benefits of the Roman Peace that We bring.

Back to the tale.

- Gaius Caligula has not heard from Marine Rice so he writes -


It is a pity that you didn't contact Us as I have just
given away some villas.

Pity, you could have had one.

Gaius Caligula.

- A disappointed Gaius Caligula has not recieved a reply from his trusty Marine Rice.

Ce la ve.

_________________ to Kick a Fake Bank - for Warnings Against Scammers and Anti Scam Advice.

RIP - Lad vampire and muguito were the gifts that kept on leeching. Greatly missed.

Information about Scams and their effects with great trophies - from Scam Patroller - from wayne
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