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 Romance scam

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Hi, I know now after all the reseach I have been doing, which didn't take too long that I am in a romance scam.It has taken him all of 2 months and as of today he has just asked me for money. I've told him that he knows I do not have any and he was very understanding about it, very sweet as always and then said to stay close to my cell phone so he can call me and we can talk more later today. I have checked my cell log and I have not made any calls to him only he to me, so I have not been charged for the calls..Also his number is always restricted, so I can't call him.He began with emails which I did find the first so many came from Lagos and then the last half came from UK, London and since his "busniess trip" to Malaysia...civil engineer building a hotel, a couple emails came out of the U.S. He now is short $3500 to keep building and he is in desperate need of this money, which of course I will not give him.What do I do...I feel like wanting to see how far he will go to ask me, my only fear is can he or will he hack into my internet banking?Give me some direction.The only thing he got from me was the emotional hold, no money. Can I keep talking to him till he gets tired of me? Thank you
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Welcome to the forum! I m glad that you figured out his game and found us here. The first thing we need to know is whether he has any of your real information which he does.

Please drop and ignore this piece of trash. There is still a possibility to bait him but only after you have read the stickies in Help, Hints & Tips, and also the articles in Eater University. There are mentors available if you would like personal guidance through your beginning stages. The link is in my sig line.

If you bait, please do so safely and have fun with it.

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Hi KaMac,

As NV says simply ignore this Scammer and he will go away. He is only interested in your money so once you stop corresponding with him he will get the hint and move on.

It is probably best for you to visit our Sister site and tell your story. They are a fine bunch who can help you through this plus you will be doing others a service by exposing this particular Scammer for what he is.

Best of Luck.


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