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 Ray King (but not Ray King)

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Ima Baeder
Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

He's back!!!

Anyone remember my old "friend", Ray King/Juliet James? This is the lad that I baited for two years continuously, starting from nearly when I joined, and then for another year off and on. I baited him from 2007 through 2010, with a few other Eater members joining in at different points. He was also simultaneously being baited by Fatter Siam.
During those three years, we laughed, we learned (about sex), we loved, we cried. He mostly did the crying, and oh yeah, he took a lot of photos and produced a lot of handwritten documents.

Most of that bait is posted here: Ray King/Juliet James
A post near the end of the thread summarizes the first two years:
This is also him, one of the side baits in which he was an orphan girl:

After three years of baiting him, I got bored with him and let it fizzle. That was three years ago. Recently I decided to try to re-kindle the bait, and sent some emails from a few of my characters, to a few of his characters, but they all bounced.

I've been aware of many more of his scripts and addresses, since I ran side baits on him, and he often sent new scripts to some of my characters that were only known to him. I did some searching on those names and addies, and found him (with 100% certainty) using my main character's name, the bastard!! I was Imelda, and he's now Imelda. Laughing (not the first time this lad has done this, however, he used two of my other characters as well - Jiminy Cricket and Sister Sledge).

His new MO is that he gets his victims on Facebook with another character (the one I had an addy for), and passes them to Imelda. So, begrudgingly, I started a whole new bait of him. He accepted my friend request and within a day, initiated a chat with me through private messages.

This boring chit chat of getting to know each other while I waited for him to scam me went on for 10 days.
Then, today - Bingo!

Oh,I got this for you,and I don't know if you could be of help on it.

I met an old friend this afternnon at the market centre at Barcelona,she was happy to see me and we both come down to my home.

We both gist a lot on school matters,and along the line she told me how her parents was killed by some political enemies in her country.

I feel soory for her,and feel sad on the death of her Mom which I knew very well.

To cut the story short,my friend told me her dad left sum huge amount for her in which she's afraid to invest in her country.
She told me she want this fund invest in America,and I was happy to hear this,and I have told her of you,but I don't know how it could work unless you bring out your suggestion.

Hope to hear from you.

He's now passed me over to his friend, who has already emailed me. Unfortunately, it's not his Imelda character. I'll call her "Not Ray".

Let the fun begin! Twisted Evil

PS. The country where Not Ray is, where the mom was murdered and she doesn't dare to invest money? Denmark. The location of the money that needs to be invested in the US to be safe? England.

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