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 Cammy's major meltdown (profanity... lots)

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Albert is another Lad who fancies Cammy (there are so many)...

Then one night early this week Cammy got into a sombre mood and the Lad tried to be light-hearted... bad move!

Lad: please my dear this issue of the lawyer is given me much concerned and i want you to tell me what your plan
Cammy: Plan? What are you talking about?
Lad: i mean how far have you reached with them in making everything possible to wor for you down here in the bank
Cammy: I'm trying to get them to do things in a proper way. For fuck's sake - they wanted me to pay the money to a fucking drinking club!
Lad: not
Lad: did they give you club information
Cammy: That's what social clubs are! My father belonged to several. He was a fucking piss-head.
Lad: ok
Lad: please ask them for an alternative and if they do,you try and work with them as i know this man very well ok
Lad: my dear things are working well the way you wouldn't believe and soon as the lawyer presented this documents to the bank
Cammy: You know that duh-brain?
Lad: it will be like a surprise to you
Cammy: O RLY?
Lad: i know him he is a good and reputable lawyer to this bank
Lad: please do whatever you can to talk to him in a good way he will cetainly do us this favour
Cammy: He doesn't impress me at all. All that high-faluting prattle...
Lad: please calm down
Lad: i know but you are doing all this for the sake of the fund not him ok
Cammy: Sounds like one of those fucking sheople sky-pilots my father dragged me and R0scoe to after Mum died, when he got religion.
Lad: i am so sorry
Cammy: Of course, he only bothered with the bits that helped him. It didn't stop him going to the pokies and getting boozed.
Lad: hahahaha
Lad: the way you sound and narate the whole thing
Lad: no no
Lad: not funny
Lad: you just take it easy on him
Cammy: FUCK YOU!!
Lad: remember he brought you to this world you are
Lad: not i am sorry for all that i never understand it that way ok
Lad: ok
Lad: for now just calm down and take it easy
Cammy: Don't write to me again.
Cammy: I'm done with you.
Lad: by the time we are through at least you can go for holiday any part of the world
Lad: even myself i am planning for a big trip too
Cammy: Fuck you, fuck that lawyer, fuck that fucking bank.
Lad: i am soryy camille
Cammy: Fuck the money and everything to do with it.
Lad: take it easy dear
Cammy: Shut the fuck up!
Lad: calm down Camille
Lad: babe puppy
Lad: Calm down dooo dooo
Cammy: Shut the fuck up. I hate you and everything about you.
Lad: i apologize my dear
Cammy: Don't tell me to calm down, you smarmy piece of shit!
Lad: oh yea
Lad: i will take it all dear
Lad: i love you when you hurt me ok
Lad: ok
Lad: please stop now and have some rest ok
Lad: babe i know it's bed time
Lad: just have some rest by the time you will wake you would be better ok
Lad: hello
Cammy: Nicu is speaking to you. Did he tell you to fuck off and leave me alone? I asked him to tell you that. So now you know exactly what I meant and what I want.
Lad: not me perharps the bank director ok
Cammy: I'm going to write to the bank and the lawyer to tell them I'm not claiming the money.
Lad: please don't do this to me dear
Cammy: Wait, what do you mean? Nicu said he spoke to you.
Lad: i am sorry if i had done anything to hurt your feeling
Cammy: He also said that you are very stupid and slow.
Lad: no this is my number [snip]
Lad: i have never spoken with anybody
Lad: please let it not be that you have embarresed the manager
Lad: oh my God
Lad: forgive me babe
Cammy: You're lying, That was the number that Nicu called. Exactly that number.
Lad: i never hurted you but you were sharing your feeling with me
Cammy: And you laughed. YOU FUCKING LAUGHED!
Lad: no laghter was the way you put it dear
Lad: how could i lauhged at you grieviance
Lad: is not fair
Lad: i am so sorry
Cammy: "hahahahaha" isn't laughing?
Lad: yu lost your mum and it hurts
Lad: yes i mean you said fuck fucking made me laught please
Lad: forgive me ad tell nicu to calm down i am sorry i didn't mean it that bad on you
Cammy: No, you laughed at how my father got drunk and went gambling.
Cammy: That's when bad things happened.
Lad: no
Lad: it wasn't a good thng either
Lad: but the way you put it make
Cammy: That's what happened!
Lad: ok
Lad: i am sorry babe
Lad: tll nicu that i am sorry and i never meant it that bad ok
Lad: i am sorry you both andplease find a place in your heart to forgive ok
Cammy: He'd slap me, hit me all the time when he was drunk. It was worse because he would shout at me and of course I couldn't hear him and he said I was being disobedient.
Cammy: I was only six. Can you imagine how that was?
Lad: ok forgive him and let God be your judge
Lad: he's your father and you can't judge him
Lad: just pray to him and plan on how you can go far away from him to have a different experience of life
Cammy: I'll never forgive my father. And who the fuck says I can't judge the man who judged me and blamed me for mum dying, who refused me rubella vaccinations so I lost my hearing?
Cammy: And God - Yahweh - is nothing to me.
Lad: but you can never be the cause of your mum's death
Cammy: It doesn't matter what you think. The real stupid irony is that he used to beat mum constantly.
Lad: and what about the authorizaties in your country?
Lad: you never reported him to the police
Cammy: I was only six!
Lad: oh what a pitty
Lad: Camille i am so sorry
Cammy: It was R0scoe who got us out. He's ten years older. He reported child abuse and they put my father away.
Cammy: He couldn't accept that R0scoe was - is - the better man.
Lad: it was tragic experiance
Lad: sorry you see i haven't heard it before
Lad: so sorry for all that
Cammy: He was too drunk to attend R0scoe's passing-out parade at Duntroon.
Lad: and where is Dad now
Cammy: I was there - a lone fourteen-year-old. Everyone was looking at me, wondering where the family was.
Cammy: I don't know where my father is now. I don't care.
Lad: eh
Lad: no no no
Cammy: Maybe he's dead. I hope so.
Cammy: The world would be better off without him.
Lad: ok just keep on with your life ok

Even after that, the Lad is still around - waiting for approval from Freyja...

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:19 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Lad: hahahaha

Lad: the way you sound and narate the whole thing

Crystal clear demonstration of how this lad is out of touch with other people's lives, he seemed to view you as entertainment and a source of cash, not a person.Rolling Eyes

You show nice commitment to playing your baiting character. Thumbs up

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Yastreb wrote:

Lad: calm down Camille
Lad: babe puppy
Lad: Calm down dooo dooo

Christ, this bit nearly made me throw up Evil or Very Mad

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Honestly Yastreb I don't know how you stay in character during these chats. I have been admiring them for a long time and tried my best to emulate them but just can't stay calm when putting up with the Garbage that is flung by the Lads.

Kudos and I will keep at it....

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