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 Sacha Fillion! NSFW! Romance & horse selling scam >Vi

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The following text describes how I have been scammed, this November (’12), out of a lot of money. Yes I feel like an idiot. I thought I was wise, but not wise enough and did my research (educating myself) too late. I am ok financially but would have preferred not to have lost the money. I became really mislead by this romance scammer.

All of the contact details are at the end of the story and are currently working. Following advice from a moderator, Diane may or may not be an innocent party so bear this in mind.

In brief summary, the lad creates a profile on dating website (I think it was about 9months to 12months old when I saw it, but he looked at my profile first). Starts a romance, then story of hardship… leading to the selling of horses trapped in Egypt from deceased parents business.

So here is the story. I have shortened it a little because otherwise it would be very long. I show a record of 170+ conversations via yahoo messenger. Also I have many emails, some of which cannot be posted here for obvious reasons.

I meet this “woman” from Canada online. “Sacha Fillion”. You can check her out on Facebook, but this picture and the other ones sent to me are completely fake. I just found them on a porn site and a whole lot more. The lad never sent any pornographic material, just a couple of top-less images, later on in the interaction. Don’t look at this if you are sensitive…NSFW!!, NSFW!! but reveals other sites too.

The story is, she did not have much and led a simple life. A little later on I discover that she lost her parents this year and was trying to pay off debt. Then a little while later she lost her job.

When I was requested to send some money to help, a friend in Quebec, called Diane Boudreau comes along with verified address, mobile and land phone numbers in Quebec Canada. I called her to speak to her and Sacha’s story appeared to check out. This person is French Canadian. Although English is not good, she could manage simple conversation. Communication was better by email but there were the same mistakes by different people that I only really picked up on later. The voice message service on her mobile is French and she has from memory a believable accent. So I send some money via paypal, as my choice and I insisted using this method.

I since discovered how to check IP addresses and get email headers. These early mails do not reveal Nigeria, but very recent ones from Diane do! I called her very recently and got some other French speaking girl/woman answering the land line. Then within minutes I get an email saying that she was out of town and won’t be back until the 15th Dec. The person I spoke to was her daughter. Apparently she is divorced, Boudreau is her married name, “Lee” is her maiden name which she uses in her email account identifier. ((How convenient is being unavailable to speak to her !) Getting back to the story….

After sending some money, the plan was for her to go to Quebec from Regina, to live with Diane, helping her to find a job. Sacha made promises to meet up there etc etc.

So, her parents had an international horse buyer / importing business. Diane said stuff like….please don’t discuss this with her but her parents had horse business….. blah blah”. Then a demand from this “shipping company” arrives….. and she uses the money to fly out to Egypt to sell these horses left over from her parents business. This company sent an email, claiming that Allah was very soon going to guide the way ahead! These were 50 Arabian horses, stuck out in Egypt. Now all the urgency starts! She heads out to Egypt to sell the horses.

Thinking that I was being helpful, I did some internet searching and gave her some leads to follow up to find a buyer. Potential buyer or horse "scout" or agent, comes along called Folashade Shoyombo, whose 1st language is Arabic. (Really, all of these f*&%^£$ are in it together!) On first contact with “Fola” on yahoo messenger, she had a photo of an attractive tan-skinned woman with straight black hair. This quickly disappeared!

I send some money to "Fola" via WU, and she helps Sacha.... apparently a lot. I try to speak to her (have her phone number) but communication is difficult. And it is done on purpose! When you can get her to talk, (quite a few emails), on the phone and you ask her a question, she will say, hello, hello, the line is bad, go silent then hang up. Although this event occurred later this week, following on from most of the next part.

So they have to do this ownership transfer, because of dead parents, then a police report and solicitor bill.... and then demand from shipping company comes along (for building rent, etc etc) because they won't let them have the health reports needed to sell the horses. Yes some additional money has gone out via WU. Including one payment to a girl in Nigeria (have her phone number) made on the pretense of Fola helping me and Sacha out because she was paying some of those bills and I was helping her by doing this. At this point I knew it was probably a scam but I went along with it because I thought otherwise I might never see my money returned.... Some documentation was provided but it was all kind of convincing at the time, but now clearly fake. I hate to admit it.

This lad (Sacha) intends on sending me 120,000 dollars, where I take my cut, and return the rest. And she carries 28,000 back in cash to Canada, with 2000 going to Fola for her help. (Yeah right!) His intentions are either to send bogus check and leave me out of more money before it bounces back or use me as a money mule. (Not happening!)

I have taken measures to protect my account (blocked it and i am opening a new one).

This lad does not know that “I know what he is up to!” He is still sending me messages!! Can't add the image at the moment will try in next post.
I wish I had been more thorough in research, but was too late. I found which gave me absolute concrete proof. I will make a mission out of using this in the future.
Many thanks for your time to read this, I hope someone reading this learns from it, and guys….please go and have fun with him!!!!! He deserves everything he gets.

I have reported this to the internet fraud police team in the UK (probably won’t do anything).

Faker: “Sacha Fillion” – The lad. Email: schaf807 <[email protected]>;

The validator: Diane Boudreau, 6435 39 Av, Montreal, QC H1 T2W6, Canada, Phone numbers: 001-5145074040, 001-5142413102, email; [email protected]

The buyer agent: Folashade Shoyombo, Tel: 002-01154930580. Email: fola sho <[email protected]>;
Fola’s partner in crime; Nigeria; Damilola Banwo, Tel: 0023-47031550966.

Post edited to add email fola sho.... above!

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 28 Nov 2012
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

check my uploads for proof of yahoo conversations[/img]
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next victim
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome to the board! I am sorry we are meeting you under this circumstance but please do not feel like an idiot. These people have done this to many others and they are unfortunately successful at times.

They do this all day, every day, and they are high pressure salespersons. Once they get the first taste they will notch it up.

you may consider telling your story on our sister site There are many great people there that can possibly help you along your recovery, (I am sorry to use this term but that is pretty close to what it is) and you will be helping to share information about this person so that others may find them before they fall prey.

My heart goes out to you!

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