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 Ebert Green

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Hello I'm New here!

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I hope that the information I supply will help some one else out in the world that we live in. I hope it will do NO HARM to the real person in these photos (I believe he is a good hearted man that are very hard to find in life). I hope and pray for this family afflicted by this scum of a person (pray for them also). I hope to one day meet the real person/people in these photos......

OK new to this obviously....I am intelligent and I thank God I found out a month into this situation I am now in. This guy is GOOD!!!! We met on on 07-27-2012 and I found this on 08-11-12

My first serious email Aug 3rd--I just read it and thought to my self---WOW---WTH and did not talk about this with him (below)

Once Upon A Time

There was this handsome man named Ebert.He was very, very lonely after the death of his wife, always dreaming of the woman he would meet, the woman that God would send his way to make him happy again. And then one day through the miracles of God, this beautiful woman named (my name) came into his life and swept him off his feet, he knew immediately that this was the woman that God had meant for him. She lived in the same land with him,not that far from him.He looked forward to finding the spark in this woman. she was everything he had ever dream of in a woman,caring,kind,supportive,goal oriented,with a lot of interests to share and family type.she was so very romantic and Caring but most importantly, she was a woman with a heart of Gold and a heart for God the best package one man can ever get. She was his dream come true!!!!!Ebert never hesitated to make his plans known to (my name) God sent for him. They didn't make marriage plans but Ebert knew they would be married in a beautiful ceremony at the church and lived happily ever after just like the fairytale stories..

Giggle, chuckle, did you like my story? i couldn`t think of anything to send the way of my lovely found treasure but this hope you like it... I cant stop thinking about you my sweet woman, so very much, you make me daydream all day long!!!!!!!!!!This is only the beginning of our story . It will be the most beautiful story ever told. I can't wait to turn each page with you and write the next chapter. The pages will be filled with so much love that the book will burst at its seams.God bless you my darling and have a great day

Kisses and a million hugs

Ebert xxx:-* kiss:-* kiss:-* kiss

He used Ebert Green as his name is says he is from Germany he retired from the Army last year November. His wife Denise died 5 and a half years ago. She was very sick. He was in a two year relationship with a lady (no name) and it did not work out. He was involved with this woman 2 years after his wife had passed. He said that the demised wife's family blamed him due to the fact he could not leave his mission and be court Marshalled--too much money.

Moved to FL from Scottsdale,AZ to Bradenton, FL with his children. Daughter Annie who is 13 and his son Bryan who is 8. The first 2 weeks of chatting he told me that his 8 year old son had problems breathing--at first that was all he said--when he found out I was a nurse he told me his son had beginning stages of heart disease Cardiomegaly.

When we were to meet for our date he text-ed me and told me he had to go back to AZ to fix his bank account and to get his son's medical records. He sent a nice put together email about how he failed to keep his promise to me for the date. The doctor was not in his office he was at a seminar until the following Tuesday. This is where I started to get a daily morning message about having a wonderful day and such.

When he came back home, he still text-ed me every morning and we would chat later that night. We did for hours just about life and different experiences---hard to believe this guy is a scam artist. We chatted for a week then he said he had to make a tough decision. He had to take his two kids to the grandparents house in Chicago because the Uncle was a well know cardiologist. He could not take the chance of something happening to the son therefore he would be blamed yet again. He would not give the doctor's name.....

When he came back he finally called me on the phone. At times this man sounded German and at others he sounded Black...hard to tell with the background noise like a modem and a television on. We connected we had a lot of good laughs...I am serious we just kept talking and laughing the whole time we always talked on the phone. He told me he really hopes that everything will work out where we finally meet each other. The calls started and he had to hear the sound of my voice.

Last weekend we could not meet yet again because he had to go to Europe to get the money he need from his father's Estate to start up his business and to get in touch with the securities company.

Yesterday he sent me an email saying(below) the Accra is what really made me say WTF!!!!!

Hello my darling sorry there was a development my father`s deposit was not in the UK but Accra so had to get a flight there was a day flight i arrived some days back and still my roaming doesnt work so then i will call you when i get a cell or access to phone.Let me know if you are ook and doing good.

Kisses,hugs and much love

Ebert xxx

He sent me an email this morning(below)

Here is to us my love .....our hopes ,plans and dreams. A future filled with love and faith. Love for and in each other..... Love of our family and the times we will have together. Faith in each other to do the right thing and faith in what the future holds.You are my world ....the reason I smile, the reason I laugh and the reason my heart beats full of love. I hope you enjoy your day and you are OK because i haven`t had any mail from you yet after the last one i sent i want you to know i am missing you terribly and need to hear from you soon my baby.I will call you later today and hope you will be OK to talk them or i will text you.Haven`t got my phone to work with the roaming down here so got a new phone here and it will be activated today 24hours as i got it yesterday and i will be able to talk to you and the kids.Hope to talk to you later in the day and hear your sweet voice again.All my love and remember even distance can not separate us i cant wait for us to meet.Good morning my angel

Kisses,hugs and all my love

Ebert xxxRed roseRed roseRed rose

Well you get the picture....

This is the picture that got my attention (below)

On September 10th I asked him in our chat if he was looking for anyone else on any other sites this was my response:

ebt011:i went on some sites that was because i wanted companionship and was moving so wanted to meet people but then dont visit anymore and not even on zoosk would want us to build on what we have and see where it goes and you are understanding and in no rush and understand my situation and you are patient with me that is the best i can look for now and i thank you so much for that

Here is all I have found out this week...I did my is SAD!!!!!

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Profile picture on google came up with this on google:
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He told me a couple of weeks ago he closed his facebook when he retired from the army last year when he wanted to spend time with his kids because he wanted to "take care of them"

ran into this the night before my funny feelings were confirmed
Last but not least this morning I found this profile: Jones Catter, 50

This I thought was a very lovely family photo---hope this family is a very happy one without all of the sadness this scam artist has created......this would have been a good man for me I believe---glad I did not "Fall in Love"

If I need to supply any more info I will try. wrote:
Header Analysis Quick Report<br>Originating IP:<br>Originating ISP: Ghana Telecom<br> City: Accra<br>Country of Origin: Ghana<br>* For a complete report on this email header goto ipTRACKERonline
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