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 FaceBook is Evil and I know it!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is the first message.

Mrs Joy Praise [email protected]

Aug 8

to undisclosed recipients
Assemblies of God Church,
1307 West Farms Road, Bronx, NY, United States
Pastor Mrs. Joy Praise

Dear Friend,

My name is Joy Praise an aging widow, I am suffering from a lung cancer
and according to my medical adviser I have just few months on earth to
live. Its a fate I have accepted with my heart and praying that some day I
will have something the world will remember me for. I have $750,000.000 I
deposited with my bank in the states and I wish this fund would be used
for the glory of God by helping the needy and the poor and also
establishment of a charity to help those that need help to succeed in
life. I prayed and got your e-mail address from a guess book just as my
heart has directed me as I pray and hope this is a divine encounter. Add
me on facebook @ Mrs Joy Praise ([email protected]). I am
presently in Manchester,U.k, to sell the remains of my

late husband"s property and also to get some Medical attention since I am
quite far away from Home right now.

Hoping to hear from you


My message

Hi Mr Joy Praise. That sounds like a lot of money there. How can I help. I'm a Christian in need of some money. If the Lord is willing then can I help you? Thanks.

Scamer reply

Assemblies of God Church ,

1307 West Farms Road , Bronx , NY , United States

Pastor Mrs. Joy Praise

Thank you for your response to my mail, indeed I am convinced this is truly a divine encounter and I very glad as all I can do right now is give all the praises to God who has kept me alive even till this moment even though soon my name will be only but memory and that is why I hope and pray you help me carry out the wishes of a dieing woman.

I know this still surprises you but if you are not yet convinced about our encounter then how can you be sure of tomorrow since you don’t own your life because death knows nobody and that is why I want to will out all that I have towards helping those in need and since I am not fit to carry it that out you will stand as my next of Kin so that my funds can be transferred to you for the restoration of peace of the mind to those that are hungry for this is What God has directed me to do. I am in London right now, hospitalized, and with my laptop in the hospital as I await surgery to be carried out on me very soon and if I ever make it out alive I will be thankful to God and if I don’t make it then it is the will of God for he alone Knows best.

I will like us to establish a good friendship and you can log on to face book with my e-mail address ([email protected]) to view my profile. As I also wish to know about you too if you could send me the following information, your full name, address, telephone number and what you do for a living. I will hand over my deposit certificate from the Bank to you as prove that you are my Next of Kin.

Hoping to hear from you,

God bless

Attach to the emails were these pictures.



Wait They don't look the same. In fact these people in the two pictures are totally different.

Rolling Eyes

My message------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm sorry for coming back so late. My computer was down for the a moment. Your picture are really compelling, and I hope I can help you. I'm sorry to say right now, but I don't have a facebook account, because I think Mark Zuckerberg is the anti Christ. I mean he has 900 million users under his thumb. I would suggest you take down your facebook account before he tries to steal your soul.

Anyways My full name is ***********... But do you really need my address and telephone number? I would love to help but in every way but I'm just so scared that you just use facebook. I'm afraid that they will have my address and phone number and start harassing me.

However, I do need the money. How can we work this little problem out.

I know this part of the email is pointless Since I still fighting a script But why not say what I need to say early in order to have something to fall back on.

Dear Beloved,

I am most thankful to God who has given us life today and more so that finally My dream to make a home for the less privileged will come to pass by the assistance you have offered to render to the project of God.

Attached is a deposit certificate from my bank of Texas and you should fill in the beneficiary column with your full name and then submit it to the bank.

Bank Information

Name: Austin Bank of Texas

Contact person: Mr. Morris Steele

E-mail: [email protected]

As soon as you contact the bank please get me informed so that I can do my part of the transfer process from my end here even though I cannot do much as I am on sick bed but the Lord will give me strength. I do not have much time on earth and so will do anything to make sure i put things in other before i pass out.


He's not really reading my crap. And there is a fake bank account statement attach to the email.

______________________________________ME AGAIN

Well I'm fine with the document It looks very promising. I only have one more question for you. Do you have facebook? I need to see if you do, and if so could you message me a link in a email. After so, then we can continue with our holy business. Thanks for understanding,

God bless the fishes that feed our hearts.

______________________________________________SCAMMER MESSAGE

Check me on face book with this address ([email protected])


LOL Now I can give him some grief.. LOL this now ends the scripting stage, so now maybe he is listening.

_-------------------------------------------------------------MY message

Ok well here is the problem. I'm part of a religious group called the AFA (Anti Facebook Authority). We are
a Christian group that's totally against Facebook, because we think that Mark Zuckerberg will be the next anti Christ. Yes there were four other anti Christ's. Hitler. All of the jokers from the batman series, the purple dinosaur Barney, and the Ashly twins; that were popular during the 90s.
Our group is actually growing in size. We have more than 35 members, and I'm one of the top 10 Chair man leader John Salerno white Bray!

(In the picture we dress all while to look like angles from heaven!! I'm the tall one in front)
This is A Picture of the KKK For some reason I can't find it. must have been taken down.

We are very happy to have found you! We do help others in need and will gladly assist in any way.
But before I can do this You need to take down that facebook page. The reason why is simple. Mark Zuckerberg uses facebook to monitor peoples money transactions and use it a small amount of your money for his pleasure. It's very small amounts he will take out of your bank account. You will never see it happening unless you ask your self, "why is my bank charging me with a fee". Yeah Mark is behind all of it...

Now, I know you might have a lot of your friends attach to your facebook friends. Just take down the Facebook account, and when our transaction is complete bring it back up.

Facebook is so evil it never really gets rid of your account. So you can bring it back up when ever you do change your mind.

I hope this all make sense then that this wont be to hard for you to do. WE pray for your life, and hope things do go your way.

God bless you Mrs Joy...
-to yours holy man John!

___________________________________________and I have to pester him again.
So Are you ready for me to help you?

---------------------------------------------------------OMG GUESS what he Does Twisted Evil

Sorry about My late response all is because of My health. I read the mail you sent me and yes of a truth you have a point with facebook being an anti-Christ site. I have deleted My account at once and never to use it again. Life is really cruel to think of how such man is controlling millions of people for his demonic reasons.

I thank God you my dear friend and for giving me this message.

God bless you.


----------------------------------------Ok I'm starting to get happy with this one He really did take down that FB account You can search for it your self. LOL

I have set up another email just so that I can keep this bait running for just a little bit longer.

Well our leader has double check your email and he doesn't see any more of our facebook account. So now we are off on a good start..... We have our meetings on Monday, and your email is the topic we wish to talk about.

I'm going to give you the email of our leader, so that you can talk to him directly and prohibits we can help each other. (******************.com

Go and message him on that email. I don't have his phone number handy, but I'm sure he will give it to you without any problems.

Go Forward And praise the Lord and May evil facebook fall to it's knees and beg for mercy, and our Lord will take a number two on Mark Zuckerberg!!!
God bless your soul.. JOY!!!

JOY scammer lad seems to email every 2 to 3 days. Maybe he is a noob lad. I will post more as more comes in. Wink

The best Quote ever!!!
Sending my love to your scallops
Link found here:

[url] "MY LOVE" [url]
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