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 A simple email to waste Mugus time

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(----Have some patience with me as I am a true amateur on here. Just wanted to put forth one of my first contacts. I am open to any criticism and suggestions on where to go from here. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I underlined some particularly funny passages. I used very poor grammar to give the appearance of being stupider than I usually am. Laughing –mr. gullible)

Check The Attach File
-Rev Father Dan Amigo.

*******(ME: “ the attachment didn’t work. What ever should I do? Help me!)

The Scammer:
Dear Sir,
Following the resolution of a board meeting and approval for payment of all verified contract/inheritance beneficiaries payment held up in the Central Bank of Nigeria and most of our Commercial banks and foreign correspondent banks for unconstitutional reasons.
Be informed that an Irrevocable Payment approval was given and endorsed by the following high governmental bodies having found your payment entitlement satisfactory after due scrutinisation. This meeting was held in conjuction with the Senators in this Committee, the National Economic Council, The Presidency, directors in charge of Project implimentation involved in various contracts, the Bankers Committee on banking and Finance, and the Chief Economic Adviser to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria respectively.
To this effect, this committee has approved that your payment will be made on waiver value depending on the category your fund falls. The waiver value is where you have any outstanding payment to be made to the Nigerian Government or any other relevant payment authority. I am constrained to inform you that Mr Dewey A. Wagner from the USA came to our office accompanied with BARRISTER. FEMI TUNDE a legal practitioner in the Federal Republic of Nigeria in respect of your payment funds that you are his associate and unfortunately you died in a Fatal car accident. On further cross examination, they tendered some documents(photocopies which are quite convincing, US$25,000.00 was offered so as to enable me facilitate a speedy transfer with a sworn affidavit from our Federal High Court stating that you died in a car accident and the court granted them authority over your payment.
Being stunned with this shocking news of your death, in sympathy and most importantly for religious reasons I refused the US$25,000.00 offered to me, but I accepted the documents and told them to come back in a week’s time to enable me work on the file.
On a second thought I decided to communicate to you in other to confirm the authenticity of this information. I will therefore be appreciative who ever that may receive this letter concerned to reply me immediately, if after 48hrs this committee did not receive any response from you, we will conciously agree that the information/documents tendered to this committee is true and process the release of the said payment and effect an immediate transfer to the below account forwarded by Mr. Dewey A. Wagner and his Nigerian associate, as this fund is still floating in our payment schedule.
Account of Dewey Wagner;
Bank of America, 600 East William Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701. Routing number ABA# 122400724, Customer A/C # 004961708340,For further credit to Delta Funding Int’l Inc. for Dewey A. Wagner Inc., Ltd (Contract).
Yours faithfully, Rev. Dan Amigo,
Chairman, Payment Review Committee.

***********(I write back “i would very mucho like to reply but my President of the United States says we must not do any business with anyone in Nigeria. I don't know why but it is an order we citizens must obey. I will wait to contact you when we can do business.”)
Attn: Mr. xxxxxx,
We thank you for your kind response and co-operation to our urgent mail.
We want to assure you that we are doing everything within our reach to
make sure that your Fund gets to you in safe hands. And we bring to
book these culprits who has been tarnishing the image of this country,
by extorting money from foreigner to give vital information for funds
approved for others. you dont need any one to tell you who to do business with after all you can not tell Obama who to do business with ,as a man of integrity you have to have your authority over your self know one have authority over you except the leaving God in Heaven .I will always wishing you success in this transfer as soon as you co-operate with me in next five working days your fund 12.8 Million Dollars will been transfer to you with out any stress .

We have been paying other Foreign Contracotor in your Country America i dot see why your own will be different,you as fine out by asking a Mrs. Joy Williams she is from your country American she is and her husband are Oil Merchant in West African here is her email contact ([email protected]). Feel free to fine out from her if she has not been paid her fund to.

Should you follow our directives, be less assured
that this Committee will use all its power to make sure that you
receive your fund as soon as all requirements are met with.
You are advice to fill out the blank space in the mail. And send it
back to this office. The information you shall provide us with shall
be forwarded to the Foreign transfer Department . For the immediate
release of your Fund.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding, while we await
these information. Find below the information's required of you from
this Commission/Agency.Title: Am so sorry for the delayed not to make your payment earlier than this .Please do not entertain any fear in this transfer i will get to you every paper work that will fully grant you as the rightful owner of this fund 12.8 Million Dollars in your name. However as soon as i hear from you i will now forward your info to Foreign transfer Department to enable them start facilitating on your fund transfer, my assurance is that i will never let you down as a Reverend Father i know what is good in eyes of God.Thank and God bless you.

First Name:
Last name:
Contact Address:
Email Address:
Date and Place of Birth:
Contact Telephone/Fax #:
Next of Kin:
Address of Next of Kin:
Name of Employer:
Address of Employer:
Marital Status:
Banks Name:
Norminated Account #:
Account Name:
Routing #:
Yours faithfully,
Rev. Dan Amigo,
Chairman, Payment Review Committee.

********(my response:----ok, i will do anyway. in order for smooth payment to make all OK, i have contacted the Internal Revenue Service here in America to all the taxes will be paid and i don't have to worry about that. I gave them both your email so they will contact you so the proper taxes can be paid. oh happy.very much. ALSO, I AM MRS. xxxxxx, NOT MR. xxxxxxx!. if you can not spell my name, should i do business with you??)
Dear MRS. xxxxxxx,

I thank you once again for your mail.I have just discuss your fund transfer to Governor regarding on your last email to me which stated that you have contacted the Internal Revenue Service here in America to all the taxes,which My Governor says that you are not going to pay any fees for Taxes that the only fees you will pay is for your documents which are (1)Power Of Attorney (2)Affidavit of Claims (3) Banker Payment Valture (4)Found Origin Certificate (5) Drug Clearance Certificate.
So i wait to hear from you ,make sure you file this bellow so that i can forward it to attorney to enable him start facilitating on your fund transfer.God bless you.While i wait to hear from you.

*********(my response: --i am hoping not to pay any fees at all because i call the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at 3519 International Court NW in Washington DC to see if i can get all the fees waived so i don't pay any. i called them at 202-986-8400 and they took my message and they say they will get back to me. Oh joy if i don't have to pay anything!! i shall be greatful to you. Your Nigerian embassy here in America is very nice.)

Dear Mrs. xxxxxxx,

Thank you so much for your mail .I expert you to keep all this within your self until we achieve this success for security reason please stop telling people about this transfer .Now to start with there is NOWAY you can not make payment of document,although i will assist you to get aether one or two document why you pay the remaining balance the general cost is $4,780 according to the attorney.

As you know that this is the only fees for this transfer THERE WILL BE NO FEES EXCEPT THIS.

(1)Power Of Attorney (2)Affidavit of Claims (3) Banker Payment Valture (4)Found Origin Certificate (5) Drug Clearance Certificate.

I hope you understand my statement,i ask you to send your information which attorney will use to process your document up till now i have not receive any info from you or do think i will transfer your fund on air?, i wish to let you know that with your co-operation your fund will been transfer to you in Six working days your fund 12.8 Million Dollars will been transfer to you in your account anyway i just want to let you know about your fund transfer is in progress. Mr. Mallam Usman head of Foreign Transfer Department has assure me that he will transfer your fund hence as soon as you send everything that require to make the transfer. However Head of Foreign Transfer Department Mr. Mallam Usman says that your fund will be transfer by bit by bit for security reason and he will transfer first to your account 6.4 Million Dollars then after Three working days he will now make the balance of 6.4 Million Dollars in your account all this is for security reason so that it will not look that we are running moneylundren.
Dear Mrs. xxxxxxxxxx, thank you for your great understanding towards this transfer, you have to mark my word money is not everything in one life's what matter a lot is good name as i have stated to you in my very first mail NEVER will i let you dawn as soon as you work with my instruction.
God bless you Mrs. xxxxxx,I want you to bear in mind that your documentation will be send to you true DHL which is the original hand copy and which you that this needed fees is what we will use to secure you your document and send true DHL as soon as i get it from High court i will first scan it and attach to you first.Thank and waiting to hear from you soonest.Do not entertain any fear in this transfer God is on our side.Thank while i wait to receive your mail.

Yours faithfully,
Rev. Dan Amigo,
Chairman, Payment Review Committee.

********(my response -- Dear Rev. Amigo. Good news. I should be able to get the $4780 soon. I just received an email that I can be a Secret Shopper and make lots of money! I will receive money for shopping at Walmart. We have great Walcarts here in America. Do you have any Walcarts in Nigeria? If not, maybe I could pick up a few items that you want. Everything I buy, someone else will pay for. You'd enjoy their sandals. They carry many sizes and a few colors. It's always good to have sandals, especially when you need them. Let me know. -Mrs. xxxxxxx)
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