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I baited a lad a few months back who wanted cash for building a church. His name was Prophet Felix O. Nwafor. I strung him along for about six weeks but then he got fed up with my Western Onion delaying tactics and he walked.
I decided to try him again with a new character name to see if I could renew my fun with him (he's as thick as a whale pie and hilarious with it) but it seems I'm not the only one baiting this idiot...who's had a name change since I played with him.

God be with you R. Jimlad.

i am gland that you are a true God worshiper. i am a prophet and i live by prophetic. and i like my word to look prophetess.

thank you so much for your kind email. it really gives me joy each time i see people of the word talking about God and how to wade the kingdom of God. only that ward from you alone. may our good God. bless you. yr business. and yr family in Jesus name i prayed . amen.

i can not write you well at the moment. but the fact is that i have already mate a friend called harry stroker. from u s. him is a God fearing man. him told me that him will like me to join there church family. that there church family is going to anssit me in building my church as a sister church in my country Ghana.

after long time of my prayer and fasting. i did as him said. than him introduces me to there Senior paster. called Rev Hugh Jorgan from the Church of The Sacred Believer. i have being with them for a long time now. but them have not art yet.
i am waiting for them to get ahead. so soon as we start the deal. i will tell you everything my dear brother.

thank you so much and i will keep prayer for you.

i hope you understood my bad English. (Last time around I pointed out to him that his English was utterly dreadful)
get back to me.

all the best

prophet mbaonu

Anyone on this forum baiting the Prophet?

Additionally, I've sent him this...

Dear Prophet Mbaonu
Thank you for your email. I am pleased that you are in discussions with Rev Hugh Jorgan for the financing of your church. I have heard of him and he does great work in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
That being the case perhaps I could interest you in coming to the UK to join our 2012 Evangelical Revival Tour of Britain. Together with an American friend of mine, Pastor J J Hackenbush of the Church of the Loaves and Fishes in Fort Worth, Texas, we have created a great Christian Revival in what is becoming the increasingly heathen United Kingdom. We feel that African Christians can teach us in the West a lot about how to introduce the Holy Spirit to the people of this country. African Pastors have a towering reputation here as great speakers and Evangelicals so we would love to have you come here and be one of our revolving team of committed Christian Missionaries, that is right now touring Great Britain, and use Fire and Brimstone to shake the people here from their heathen and sinful ways.
If you would be interested in coming here to be a part of this great Mission, please let me know. Obviously you would be well paid for your efforts on our behalf and that remuneration would be negotiated according to your abilities, but I can tell you now that it will be no less than £20,000 Sterling (about $32,000 US) for a three month participation with us.
Once you have indicated your interest we can start the process of auditioning you for your role in our Team.
I look forward immensely to hearing from and working with you.

R. Jimlad
The Tower Bridge Nust Paste Company
2 The Buildings

Maybe a safari if I box clever, but certainly some entertaining audio clips with cash suitably dangled Twisted Evil

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