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 Selling My S Type to Anna off shore

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So below is the email that I sent when I found out somebody was trying to get me to send my car to Malaysia for her boyfriend and then paypal me.

Dear Anna.

I would like to reduce the price of my Jaguar and pay you for the privilege of taking it off my hands.

How about we say I give you £500 quid “love”

It’s a bit of a rust bucket and doesn’t drive very well and I currently have a pair of swans nesting under the manifold.

The swans do however lay golden eggs if you rub them gently with a runcible spoon.

Oh and Jack from the beanstalk left some magic beans in the glove compartment and yes you’ve guessed it if you plant them a large beanstalk will grow out of the exhaust pipe and another magic duck lays eggs at the top of it

Beware of the big bad giant though Anna (especially if you are English and a man or look like one) as your bones will be ground to make his bread.

The car drives a bit to the left due to the resident dwarves that live in the back.

Snow white left them and ran of in a lesbo combo with Goldilocks and a big bear (female) so they were homeless and I let them live in the back of my car (the one that you are buying Anna) but they do go down a mine every now and then and bring priceless diamonds and Rubys back.

So basically you are quids in Anna, a bit like you would be when your scam to extort my money from a fictitious paypal account is held until I give my driving documents over and then you run off with my car and I cant claim the funds

I would swear at you Anna but I shouldn’t because

This is my company email that you have solicited and
You don’t matter enough for me to get angry

Enjoy your life extorting peoples money and making them miserable, praying on the vulnerable and achieving nothing to call your own.

No pride, no worth, no dignity or responsibility for your actions and certainly no value to this planet or the air you breath.

PS if you haven’t worked this out yet I do not require a reply.

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