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 Zany chat

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me: Hi sexy
Got time to talk?
Zainab: Good to meet you online
me: There is the lady that I desire
How is your day my love?
Sent at 8:30 PM on Friday
Zainab: my Day was very Good and you
me: I got away from the doctor early and so did my nephew so everything has been good until I caught you here
Now it is fantastic
Sent at 8:32 PM on Friday
me: Are you here baby?
Zainab: Oh i see so how was day at work i miss and been here thinking about you...
me: You are looking to be gone.
Baby, once I get back here to work from the doctors everything kind of levels out for me
I love what I do and my crew is awesome
Zainab: Good to hear and did you got the meesenger i sent you
me: what messenger baby?
This is the only one I have
Zainab: check it out on you inbox
me: I saw your email but I tried to catch you for a chat rather than reading it
Give me a second baby and I will read it.
Zainab: okay baby
Sent at 8:39 PM on Friday
me: Baby, that is sad
I thought you meant a chat thing
If you have a bank account I can get you and mom soe money honey
Sent at 8:41 PM on Friday
Zainab: Well, I understand you my love but i will like you to know that I don't have a bank account,If you would be able to help me..hope you have western union there..
me: Baby, I cannot use places like that ever. I use banks only.
Have you got a friend that can help us?
Sent at 8:44 PM on Friday
Zainab: I understand you my love, But it seems that is the best way you can help me cos I don't have a bank account
me: Baby, I cannot use those places.
My accountant would lock every penny up and call for an audit
I would not even be able to make payro;;
Zainab: Well honey, how can you help me now?
me: I do nt know bab
If you have an idea please share it with me
Sent at 8:47 PM on Friday
Zainab: Well my dear, If you said you can't use the place i think you should give the funds to one of your friend to do that for you..
me: Baby, it does not work that way
My accountant watches everything
He will lock me down if my employees or anyone close to me does that
He is vigilant
Zainab: Ok so how can you help me now..
me: ?????
I am stumped baby
Zainab: Honey just try and find a way to help me , can't you use moneygram?
me: Baby, I can use nothing of that sort
Bank only
He will accept nothing else
Zainab: But the moneygram is also a bank
me: Money gram is not a bank baby
It is a transfer service
Banks are banks
Zainab: Ok my love, Try and do something now?
me: what can I do baby?
I am kind of in a bind here
I want to help but cannot do it the way you want me to
I cannot risk my entire estate
Zainab: Ok what way do you want it?
me: bank is all I can use baby
Banks are safe, insured against loss and my accountant knows exactly what money went where
Sent at 8:57 PM on Friday
Zainab: Well my love the best for me to get the money is western union, moneygram or vigo..
Sent at 8:58 PM on Friday
me: That is impossible for me honey
connection problems baby?
Sent at 9:00 PM on Friday
Zainab: i am here baby
yes i have a problems with my INT...
me: Baby
I thought you just did not like me any more
I do understand connection problems though
Zainab: yes baby and i am so sorry for that...
me: I am just happy you still love me baby!
Zainab: I Do baby
me: One day I hope to hear those words with a preacher in front of us
Sent at 9:21 PM on Friday
Zainab: i wish so baby and baby do still Love me the way i am
me: I have always loved you just the way you are baby
I don't want my wife to change everything about her life for us
We meet in the middle where possible
Everything is done together
Sent at 9:23 PM on Friday
Zainab: that is true baby so baby what do you think about help me with the money Ple...
me: I have told you bay
I can only do this one way but I have no problem helping
Sent at 9:25 PM on Friday
Zainab: Well my dear, if i am going to open a new account for you to transfer the money to it, It will cost me
me: Baby, can someone help us?
Zainab: I don't know yet honey, It is you that i have all my hope on..
me: Baby, I am here for you
Zainab: Yes i know..have you ever sent someone money you had problem?
me: what do you mean honey problem honey?
I deal with all of my business stuff, farm stuff and personal stuff in this way
Zainab: I mean have you ever try sending someone money when you have problem with western union?
me: I do not use that union place
I use my bank
Zainab: how we gonna do now, If i am going to open the account it will cost me
me: Baby, I do not know
I asked about someone you may trust to accept
That is all I know to do here
Sent at 9:32 PM on Friday
Zainab: Well what can we do now?
bring your idea here
me: I have brought the only idea I know of baby
Sent at 9:35 PM on Friday
Zainab: so baby how can we Do now...
me: We need to change the subject here baby
I am fed up with money discussion
Zainab: okay if you say so...
me: We have pissed away 30 minutes saying the same trash baby
We need to change the topic
Zainab: okay dont worny baby
me: I never worry my love
I only speak my mind
Zainab: i know baby and you know that you are the only one can help No one..
me: Baby please
I know this but this conversation is going nowhere
Zainab: dont worny baby i am still with you here...
me: We need to change it
Zainab: okay
me: Let me throw a completely off the wall thing in here to change this
If butterflies had machine guns?
Do you think birds would mess with them?
Zainab: Ok my love, do you have a credit card?
me: do yu have a butterfly?
I am fed up with the mone ystuff baby
Please stop it
Sent at 9:44 PM on Friday
Zainab: baby i stop it but i just ask so that you can buy me Food online and sorry i worny you...
me: You do not worry me baby
I want to talk about us and you keep going back to the money
Please do not do this
Zainab: baby i am not Talk about money i am Talk how to buy me Food online and that is all
me: How is that not about money baby?
We have been at this for over 30 minutes with no resolution
Zainab: i am not here from money i am here for true Love...
me: Lets talk about love instead of money then please
Sent at 9:48 PM on Friday
Zainab: i just only ask you if you have a credit card?
me: One more mention of money and I am logging off
I am tired of it
How hatd is it to shift the topic?
Zainab: why baby do still Love me..
me: I love you but I hate that everythingcomes right back to money
I fucking hate that
I am so sorry baby
Zainab: okay Let me start by saying that i thank God every night since i found you...
me: I am being a butt
God did not find me baby
You did that on your own
Zainab: Oh realy
me: Oh yeah
I like a woman that knows what she wants and goes after it
Zainab: the same and you came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way...
me: Baby, we are all imperfect little angels with only one wing
In order to fly straight, we must find that one special angel
Sent at 9:54 PM on Friday
Zainab: That is true i've never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us...
me: we can make it if we work together baby
I have no doubt
Sent at 9:56 PM on Friday
Zainab: yes we need to work out things together but sorry for ask you an help if i know i will ask for that...
me: Baby, I am not worried by you asking
That conversation just got stale
We needed another something to talk about
Zainab: what is that you need us to Talk about...
me: anything but money for now baby
we need to let that rest and think on it
Zainab: baby stop it and Talk about us i just ask you about credit card and you are mad at me
me: I am not mad at you bab
I just hate money talk
Zainab: that is and you know i need Food for me and Mom that is why we are ask about help so do you have credit card
I never thought that someone could love me like you do
me: I need to leave baby
You are not going to stop
I love you
Zainab: i mean i stop it about I never thought that someone could love me like you do
me: You don't stop baby
Do not ask about money or credit cards or any of that mess please
Zainab: okay take care and have nice day email me when your heart is back with me here
me: My hearrt is with you
Zainab: okay Talk with
me: You just don't stop with money
Sent at 10:05 PM on Friday

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