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 Gotta love Tiara.....

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Big Al
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:17 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I've been wanting to do a music video bait. Maybe it'll work, maybe not but WTH, here it goes. I got this Dakar Darling from a website listing because most of my baits had twigged this week.

Greetings to you.
I know that this letter will be so surprise to you and I'm writing this letter with my eyes full of tears.
I feel you would hardly expect to read from me since we just know each newly i contacted you after reading your profile and i decided to explain everything about myself to you because almighty God have a reason for me to know you,And you can help me out from my present condition,My name is Miss Tiara I'm 24 years old from Caribbean city of Port-au-Prince Haiti,And a daughter to late Dr.Edouard Ben of Blessed memory who is the personal adviser to the local government Chairman,I lost my family,Father, Mother during the The earthquake which occurred on Tuesday, 12 January 2010,I am alive writing to you because i was in school when the tragedy occurred,I need your help,I am writing you from Senegal,after the death of my family i don't know what next to do until the government of Senegal came to our rescue,I don't have any other choice only to join them here in the camp as a refugee in Senegal,Before my fathers sudden death he deposited the sum of US$2.7M(Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars) In cash with a bank in London,Now that he is late I am searching for a reliable,capable and trustworthy person that can assist me claim,receive and safe-keep this fund in his or her custody in his country,And relocate me to join him immediately after the claims as a result of insecurity of life and properties here in Senegal,Please indicate your readiness to assist me so that all the information's about this fund will be passed to you immediately,Send to me below information's.

YOUR FULL NAMES,,,,,,,,,,,,,

For easy communication,And also assure me that you will not betray me at the end I am prepared to give you 20% percent of the total sum for your kind assist,yours sincerely Tiara.

and my answer...

Hi Tiara,
I'm really sorry to hear about the hard life you have lived so far.
I'm willing to help if I can. When my life gets really hard I like to
find solace in music. Here is one of my favorite songs:

My personal Info is:
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raging alcoholic

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:41 am Reply with quoteBack to top

It'd be nice to get her off script and onto this. Tell her you're looking for an African twist to a classic song, something that shows the beauty of the land as well as it 's people. (It'd be nice if she could).

Tell her you're in negotiations with MTV Africa to air the completed clip as well as talking to a entertainment lawyer to help get her a record deal would be happy to help Wink

I like this idea a LOT, as a muso myself, It's never occurred to me to do a muso bait, I may have to try this idea out myself.

I'll be getting out the popcorn out for this one

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Big Al
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

^^^ I'll see what I can do. Bait is in infancy so where it goes is anyones guess.

Feel free to use the idea though. Would love to see someone pull the concept off.

Our latest exchange:

Glory to God Almighty for making you understand my condition and still focused on help me and I pray that you will never lack in your life. I contacted you to help me out,I just believed in God Almighty, because he has a reason for me to know you and i believe that you can help me out from my present condition, so I'm so great full to God almighty, I was afraid of people due to all the bad things going on but i believe you are not like that, but now I have to win the confidence to continue the struggle for independence and success in my education.
I really appreciate your effort to help me out of my current condition, please i want you to keep this transaction as a secret for security reasons,Awaiting for my arrival to meet with you to start a new life. Please dear as soon as the money is transferred in to your account, send me some money to prepare my traveling documents to join you.
When you contact the bank, tell them you are my foreign partner and you wants to help me transfer my late fathers money into your account.that you have been directed by me. To make it easier for me due to my refugee status. In this sense,below are the information's about the bank account. contact them to discuss the possibility of transferring this money into your account try keep me in touch.
Here is the account information;

Country ------- -- Haiti
Name of depositor- ---- Dr.Edward Ben G.
Account Number- ------ JIB#30895979943618.
Amount- ---------- US$2,7 000,000.00
Next Of Kin-------- Miss Tiara G.

This is the bank contact;
Name- Jordan International Bank plc.
Address- 103 Mount Street, London, United Kingdom.
Through John C who is the Assistant General Manager under Private Banking because i was directed to him when i first contacted the bank.
general contact,
E-mail; [email protected]
Phone- +447-,
Fax- +447-,
Email; [email protected]

May God bless you as I'm in high spirit with great expectations waiting to hear from you remember to contact the bank with your below information.

Your full names...........
Telephone number........
Account details.....

with hope of getting good news regarding what you finalized with them, i knows that God is with us and will surely help in releasing this money into your account of which will also quicken my freedom out of this camp and country in meeting with you over there to start a new life. For now i have no means to give you a call but you can only contact me through the Reverend father who is in charge of the camp by name Rev. Samuel XXXX Call his office with this number (+221_)or([email protected])you can email the REV and tell him that you want to speak with Tiara and he will sent for me. Dear i accept total refund of every expenses whether documented or not but the percentage i will issue to you remains at 20 percent(%),Have a nice day as i wait to hear good news from you. Thanks a lot darling. Your's love,
Miss Tiara

And reply:
Dear Mr. C,
I'm contacting you on behalf of Tiara Gaillot. Please contact me
per the E-mail below.

Dear Tiara,
In hoping to keep up your hopes here's another song for you.
Another of my favorites.

Tiara's reply:
Hello Honey
am very happy to hear from you sorry for my late reply i was in the church since this week where doing fasting and prayer,how are you i hope all is well with you my love i have seen your mail as soon as you hear from the bank you late me know am waiting to hear from you soon yours lovely tiara

Satter is in to some good religion:
Dear Tiara,
I didn't know you were so active in church. Nice to know though as
i know a perfect song to help raise your spirits. another one of my

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