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 Special request from Barr. N. C. Esq.

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Regretably I'm still seaking that elusive trophy (you pros and even many noobs here make it seem so easy!). Nevertheless I'm quite proud of my little bait which for little effort more than quickly photoshopped UK id card (obviously, educated as my barrister is, he doesn't realise there's no such thing!), a renamed Mac OSX application (Safari, if I remember correctly... seemed like an appropriately named app!) and a regular stream of insults has kept him on the hook for almost 3 months now.

But now and again his emails do contain the odd gem which bring a smile to myself and make it (despite lack of trophy) all worthwhile. Like today, he sent me an endearing tale of woe and pity about how he feels he is being made a fool of, which I would like to share with you all. OK so it's nothing out of the ordinary for many here, but it did bring a warm glow of self-satisfaction. So perhaps I may ask others here to join me for a minute as we all fall about laughing at the hard working yet humiliating plight of one Barrister N. C. Esq. of Togo, particularly his special request which I have highlighted, which I am sure you will all be delighted to help me with. Twisted Evil

He writes:


I thank you so much for making me come to beleive you again after what i went through this past few days both trying to collect the money that you said you sent,but all your control numbers is fake,i have even said that you guys are making fun of me,because both your control numbers are fake.Imagine an attorney like me going to the western union to collect money,at the end got none. [oh Mr. C, if only you knew how hard I am trying to picture the scene... Twisted Evil]

I still was at the airport to welcome you but did not see any body,and also the flight number given to was a wrong one.

I have been trying the number you gave me to call you but its not going through,what is happening?

You should understand that i have laboured for this money [hahaha, I bet you have pal!!!],and i will be very happy to meet you and workout things together.YOU made me not to be at the football venue,because i went to the wu to collect the money but they told me that there is nothing like that,so i thought everything you are saying is fake.

Please do as i said and i will be there immediately to see you if you are sure of what you are saying,because the money is very important in life and i have laboured all this years to see that i acheive this my goal.

I'm waiting for your ymail urgently.

Barr.Nxxx Cxxxxxx Esq.

Anyone knwow whay a "ymail" is? Have Yahoo stepped up the ante against Google?! Smile

["knwow whay" ...oh God! Embarassed I guess it must be catching, I'm starting to type like THEM now! ]

BTW, I'd love to hear from anyone who is currently baiting, or has already baited Mr. C. I'm sure I got his letter from the letters page here, as it was the second one I ever got into.

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