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 Son of Idi

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Dada replies to Adline's letter with a similar one of his own, wherein he is the illegitimate son of the late Ugandan dictator and alleged cannibal Idi Amin:

From: [email protected]***
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wed, Oct 28, 2009 9:42 pm
Subject: Re: From Adline Okuta

Dearest Adline:

By the glory of god, I was eager to received your message, for we are much in commons. I am YAPHET MBONGO KOTTO, born of 32 years to MANDINA MALIAMU NAKOLI, of which the concubine to HIS EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT IDI AMIN DADA. It was that this woman betrayed my father to his enemies for which treachery he consumed her before he was forced to leave the country of his home. As was I but 2 years of this time, she before losing her head to the dogs sent me away from the palace with relatives who gave upon me this name and kept hidden from me my heritage.

It was not until me of 26 years that I was brought to my father to learn of all this history. I was 3 months in my father's home at this time he being soon to die of many years life. He told me of his greatness and wonderful things he was done for his great nation as such the great leader, and before that, of many his exploits and adventures he being youthful. He was told me also of the ways of man and women, he having of many wives and concubines, and of the great honour to keeping fresh the heads of which were faithful always to him. These days was I spent with my father of his last were most wonderful time of ever my life! Even did he share his concubines with me!

It was passed then that was he weak with age and died in his bed. Was it then after that from his manservant did give me such a letter which was instructed by my father that I receive after his being died. Letter of which he was told me of when he has forced to leave his homeland of great haste, he was hidden of a secure storage chest of gold bullion of which was for him smuggled out of the country and then placed in a security vault in your country, of which value now TEN MILLION NINE-HUNDREED AND TWENTY THOUSAND USD.

This letter of him did provide instructions to retrieve this gold from the vault in your country, of which must be done by one in person with these instructions. Thus I beg of you, for it were a miracle you wrote to me, to carry out these instructions which I will provide you and for which I will help you with retrieving your money as well, following such you may come here as my concubine and I will practice all that which my father has taught me and keep fresh your head forever.

Hoping much to hear from you soon

Yaphet Mbongo Kotto

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