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 cool or not?

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:02 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello again sweetheart! I am happy to see your mail once again. I always try to reply to you the day I receive your mails.I hope you and the boys are doing well and enjoying the day. I miss all of you and I am sorry you are telling the boys this.

You know I have far too many phones for my liking but I do not just give my numbers out because I have had hateful people share my numbers before and I had to get rid of them. I don't do that any longer. You have already asked me this so some strange person could call me. That is never going to happen.

I see it makes you uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable that you want it to give it to others.

Derrick ,
thanks for your response and if i may ask you do you now have the cell phone to yourself now or you are still sharing it with them . Please let me know because i am not happy with this . I want you to please do me a favor and i believe you can do this for me if you care to do it . I need to replace my handset because this one i am using here fell inside water and since then the screen has already damaged and could not see the number that called me anymore and cant even dial number on it to call out . I need you buy me another phone to replace it and i want the same thing i uses please you can buy it from this link and send it to me and i will appreciate it so much my love . I hope you will do this for me , the name and model of this phone is showing on this link it is SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 And this is the site you can buy from ,

I hope to read from you soonest and i want you to please help me out in getting this phone this week and let me know as soon as you have bought it so i can give you my address to send it to via federal Express (FEDEX ) . I love you so much .

Tammy, I am not buying any phone. If you feel the need for such a high dollar junk phone you will buy it yourself. Do not waste time asking me to do it for you. This is rather odd of you to request such a thing. Where do you gather that we are at in this? You are not acting like the Tammy I know. You are acting like someone else entirely.

I don't care if you are happy with my phone situation. You do not get to try to order me about and make such requests of me.

Then go away because you can not help even when i was sick you keep saying things that not even of help . I think you are not real . have a wonderful day .

The phone only cost $250 . Is that too big for you?. That is the phone i am using here and i dont care it is what i want if you cant afford it you can go .

you think I am not real because I won't buy you a phone? Are you kidding. That is the worst bit of logic ever. Now it's back to, go away because you wont give money. Real clear what you are after.

Thanks so much . A friend indeed is a friend in need but in your own case it is different . Even when my kid was sick you did the same thing Goodbye

You said in your mail if I won't buy you a phone to leave you alone. Well consider yourself left alone! this is not about a friend in need. You had a $250 phone. That is a waste of money.


I do enjoy the functions there it take a social one to know what is going on in town . I dont know if you are leaving in a bush or something .

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