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 Warning: Another Nigerian Scamartist Plaguing Classified adv

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This is a warning to be careful when you get response to classified advertisements.

I placed an advert in the ThaiVisa Classifieds (Thailand) for a bulk lot of Original Miniature Asian Art Paintings and received a response from someone calling himself 'Paul Acquah' from Ghana, who said he wanted to purchase them all... I replied and asked his delivery address so I could tell him the freight charges...

He provided this website URL:

I took a look and smelt a Rat (a Nigerian Rat). The front page has a photo that looked very much like someone I had seen before. Further google photo search revealed that it was a very well know Philsopher named 'Kwame Anthony Appiah'.. I then checked the 'team members' the Scammer has listed at the bottom of his front page and found at least a dozen very well know and successful business people, all with facebook accounts.. I went to facebook and found that the scammer was one of the very few contacts listed there (not normal and evidently all him anyhow).

During this time I kept communicating with 'Acquah' and he kept asking me for my bank account number so he could send me lots of money. Google Earth told me the delivery address didn't exist... I asked him to give me his bank details to verify his identity but he made all kinds of excuses...

In the end I sent him this following mail:
Hello again,
Well, a little more investigation has revealed that you are exactly what I believed you to be from the beginning; Just another Stinking Nigerian Scam Artist... (Not from Ghana at all). We have a lot of your brothers arriving here from time to time and most of them end up in prison (where they belong)... Would you like to pop over for a visit too?.... Your website is a total sham and several of the people you have listed there as TEAM members have revealed to me that they have nothing to do with you. The Thai branch of Interpol has now been provided all of your correspondence and will no doubt be in touch, or at the least have you on their black list for future attention.

Lots of love
(my name here) xxxxx

This is the reply I received:

From: acquahpaul <[email protected]>

go away you sucker. catch me if you can


The following is more data I found on him:
Mr (Dr). Paul Acquah
Simple "Need money to travel" scam system in "deux-temps".
This "Acquah Paul" used almost every type of scams (government, bank, life or death, lottery winning and more). It feels quite good to add one more of his Scam as to ensure that everyone is aware of is useless but annoying existence.

He contacted me via a free-based advertisements website for Courtesan.**Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 12:39 PMIt is good to hear from you. Hope you are fine?I need you to guide me through to yourself,. What do I do to meet up your services?I find you so charming and exotic beautiful lady to do and be happy with. I want you to assure me safety of my life and personality and I will give you update as regard my traveling schedule as soon as I finalize payment settlement with my bank foreign operation manager. As regard my status and personality, I can afford professional hand and good treatment whatsoever in a VIP settings.
Please contact me now and let me know if you receive this message. This is to enable me know if I am dealing with person or a machine or robot.
Thank you,Acquah Paul.

**Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 1:44 AMHope you are doing fine? There seem to be some problems over moving my investment fund abroad due to heavy tax of 25% FIRS and flight schedule is on 12/04/12. Therefore, the foreign operation manager advised that I get a foreign account in the destination country. Please assist me with a suitable bank account to received the amount of $613,000 budgeted for my trip. Fund is met to meet my target plan abroad. I will reward you with 10% if suitable account provided...This is to enable me meet up plans abroad. You can as well make some extra cash of $61,000 as 10% if I receive your cooperate in this regard. This will also help tighten up your friendship with me and to provide me with good escort services needed. Being an escort can as well give you some opportunity to meet high profile people who are free minded to collaborate with whoever,however and wherever.
Till I hear from you, have a LOVELY day!
Thank you,Acquah Paul

Maybe if 1,000 people sent 10 'long' messages to this scumbag, each (containing anything at all, but with different subject lines) to all of his online contact addresses, including his website form and ("team Members'") facebook accounts - that he has obviously set up himself - (10,000 to each per day or week) he will become so deluged that he would be at least temporarily stopped. He'd certainly need to shut down his website and facebook accounts and start again...

That could be accompanied by complaints to the ISP he is using and the Interpol Police Internet fraud division... I have no idea how these crooks can make use of other peoples' bank account numbers but evidently they can somehow, so be very careful who you give that to.

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