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 Melvin the Psychopath: a Cammy chat

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2012 11:50 am Reply with quoteBack to top

A trunkbox Lad became a Romance Lad, to comic effect.

Warning: Profanity

Cammy: Yes?
Lad: how are u?
Cammy: Fine. And you?
Lad: am cool
Lad: do u remember me?
Cammy: Sort of.
Lad: melvin in london
Lad: are u busy or can wee chat.
Cammy: How did you get there?
Lad: baby i chat5 u before
Lad: i need to maRRY u
Cammy: Huh?
Cammy: Why?
Lad: i love u
Lad: view my webcam
Cammy: How?
Lad: click on my ca m to view me
Cammy: What cam?
Cammy: I don't understand.
Lad: webcam i mean
Cammy: Where?
Lad: well,how old are u?
Cammy: I'm 26.
Lad: ok
Cammy: How did you get to London?
Lad: to strudy
Lad: what do u do?
Lad: for living
Lad: occupation
Cammy: You were in some hotel in Ghana and something was wrong and I never heard from you again.
Lad: yes
Lad: i will travel back in 2 weeks tme after i complete my masters degree
Lad: if i invite u to ghana can u visit me?
Cammy: Degree? In what?
Lad: my daddy is a custm officer
Lad: geologist
Lad: degree
Cammy: Oh. What good is that?
Lad: i am a geologist in oil department
Cammy: Great. More fucking fossil fuels, Like we need more oil!
Lad: hehehe
Lad: i love u so much but we lost communication
Cammy: I'm not joking.
Lad: how do we see each other camille?
Lad: can i invite u to africa in 2 weeks time
Cammy: Um, sorry, it doesn't work like that.
Cammy: For one thing, I have no idea what you look like.
Lad: view my webcam baby
Lad: am on webcam now
Lad: i will send u my pictures later ok
Cammy: I can't see anything there.
Lad: but my pic is on my yahoo
Lad: i need somebody like u to love till i die
Lad: i am very serious camille
Cammy: So am I.
Cammy: What do you mean, your pic is on your yahoo?
Lad: ok.dont worry,i will send my pics in ur email this weekend ok
Lad: do u live alone?
Cammy: No. There's my boyfriend and two housemates.
Cammy: Speaking of which, good night. Freyja calls.
Lad: ok
Lad: when do we speak again?
Lad: whats ur boyfriend's name/
Cammy: Nicolae.

Lad: hi
Lad: camille
Lad: happy weekend
Cammy: It's been OK so far.
Lad: ok
Lad: i asked u yesterday,what is your occupation?
Lad: as for me,i asm a geologist
Cammy: I know - you want to find more oil, when we need to use less fossil fuel.
Cammy: I'm a photomodel.
Lad: real?a model/
Lad: thats nice
Lad: what of your parents?
Lad: my father is a custom officer while my mother is a teacher
Lad: my father base in ghana but my mummy live in canada
Cammy: My mother died when I was four; my father is an alcoholic bludger who hates me.
Cammy: I hate him in return.
Lad: oohhhh my God
Lad: why?
Lad: who is taking care of you since your young age?
Cammy: He hates me because he didn't want a daughter. I was in foster care for some time.
Lad: ok
Lad: do u have a brother or sister?
Cammy: I have a brother. He's in the Army.
Lad: how do u earn your living now?
Lad: how old is your brother?
Cammy: I'm a photomodel and my boyfriend is a professional photographer.
Cammy: Roscoe is 36.
Lad: what is the full name of your brother?
Lad: Roscoe white?
Cammy: Why do you ask?
Lad: just want to know ur brothers name
Lad: nothing much?
Cammy: He's Roscoe.
Lad: he lives in australian?
Cammy: Not at the moment.
Lad: ok
Lad: is he married?
Cammy: No.
Lad: dont get married in time
Lad: but do u have a sister?
Cammy: He says that if he was supposed to be married, the Army would have issued him with a wife.
Lad: ok
Cammy: No, I don't have a sister. Are you looking for a threesome?
Lad: no
Lad: i wana know ur family
Lad: we are five in number
Lad: we are five in number
Lad: am 4th position
Cammy: I've given you a list.
Lad: am 4th position
Lad: 3 boys 2 girls
Cammy: Fuck me - are you Catholics?
Lad: why do u ?
Lad: i worship all
Lad: even muslim
Lad: idiol
Lad: i can worship any thing
Lad: are u a catholic?
Cammy: Oops, don't tell the Moslems that. They'll cut your head off!
Lad: hehehe
Lad: i wont tell them
Lad: am even afraid of their laws
Cammy: No, I'm not one of the sheeple. I'm Asatrua.
Lad: can u teach me
Cammy: And you're right to be afraid of Shariah law. Roscoe saw first hand about that in Afghanistan.
Lad: Roscoe is in afghanistan?
Cammy: Was. I’ve told you more than I should.
Lad: ok
Lad: no problem
Lad: lets discuss about our self
Lad: why didnt u search for a better job to earn a better living?/
Cammy: Why should I? I love the way I live.
Lad: since u love the way u live,no problem
Lad: my concern is ur happiness
Cammy: Don't worry about my happiness.
Lad: ok
Lad: why? do u hate me?
Cammy: Huh?
Lad: i want us to be good friends
Lad: ok
Lad: i can invite u here in london or Africa when i travel
Cammy: Thanx, but I don't need to be invited to London. As for Africa... why should I go there? What's to see?
Lad: for torism
Lad: alot of stories to tell
Cammy: Such as?
Lad: u will visit the refugees
Lad: have a special speech with them
Lad: u will record the tradition in africa
Cammy: Huh?
Lad: alot of interesting things
Lad: i will even design u with africa wears as a model
Lad: if u have africa wears design,your model will promote
Lad: maybe,i will ship some africa wears to u
Lad: will u love to wear africa design cloths?
Cammy: I have no idea. I can look them up I guess.
Lad: wait
Lad: let me send u some sytles u may like
Cammy: OK. Maybe we can get you a credit if Nicu likes the results.
Lad: can i send it to ur emails?/
Cammy: Sure. We're off to bed now so I'll check this out tomorrow.

Cammy: Hey, did you get my answer?
Lad: oh yah
Lad: how are u?
Lad: u dont like the fashion?
Cammy: Hell,no. Garish and ghastly, most of it. Then again, I just wear the clothes; but you don't have to be a fashionista to know what you like.,

Cammy: Anyhoo... how did you end up in London?
Lad: I got assistance from a foreigner
Cammy: O RLY?
Lad: and he took me out from the refugee camp in ghana
Lad: why do u ask?
Cammy: Why shouldn't I? I was just surprised.
Cammy: Who was the foreigner?
Lad: mr patrick grattan in london
Cammy: OK, I can see where this is going.
Lad: or do u wany to take care of me?
Cammy: You've got your sugar daddy.
Lad: no
Cammy: Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Lad: his a god sent to help me
Cammy: I've heard that a lot of gay men go to refugee camps in search of fresh meat.
Lad: am not a gay
Cammy: From your avatar, I can see why he picked you!
Lad: i sex female pussy not man ass hole
Lad: dont say that
Lad: i am a guy that sex ladies not men
Cammy: Look, I don't care which way you swing.
Lad: or do u want to invite me so that i can sex u till u satisfy?
Lad: i can do that very well camillr
Lad: think of that
Lad: i have a good penis and i will suck your pussy and breast too
Cammy: So you swing both ways? Well, that's rare in men.
Cammy: What does this Grattan get you to do for him?
Lad: i swing only on ladies like u
Cammy: Come on, no denial, please.
Lad: he just sent me to lon don and register me in the school
Cammy: Yeah,right.
Lad: can i ask u?
Cammy: Ask me what?
Lad: can i love u?
Lad: i need u to enjoy my penis
Cammy: As usual, it's all about your dick.
Lad: yes my dear sweet heart
Cammy: That was not a compliment.
Lad: can u pay my flight ticket to australian?
Lad: do u know i cheerish u?
Cammy: You want me to pay for your ticket.
Lad: yes
Lad: i want to visit u
Cammy: You have $27 million and you want me to pay for your fucking air ticket.
Lad: it has been confiscated by ghana government
Cammy: What? Cammy: How the fuck did that happen?
Lad: the president of ghana confiscated all over due fund
Cammy: So he's just another fucking thieving asshole.
Lad: yah
Cammy: Suck to be you then
Lad: if i come to australian will u sleep with me?
Cammy: I dunno. I don't have much time for girlie-men.
Lad: ur stupid
Lad: i asm not
Cammy: You're sounding like a poofter. I don't mind poofters - there is no sin - but why spend money on a fairy queen? May I call you Titania? Or maybe Galadriel?
Lad: may i call u too ashawo?
Lad: or fucker?
Cammy: So, why did you try to scam me?
Cammy: I've had a few scam emails recently.
Lad: i never try that shit
Lad: from who?
Cammy: They came from a Ghanaian gay group trying to fund their efforts.
Lad: real
Lad: be carefull
Lad: let me ask u
Lad: why do u love me?
Cammy: They tried lost orphans, stranded diplomats, and desperate cancer sufferers.
Cammy: All scum.
Cammy: And what the fuck makes you think that I love you?
Lad: i know
Lad: becos i love u too
Lad: did u shave your pussy hair
Lad: or is it natural?
Lad: answer my qustion
Cammy: Um.,. is there a reason?
Lad: i want to know how ur pussy is
Lad: whether shaved or hairy
Cammy: Misty is fine, thank you. A bit frisky, but fine.
Lad: oh thnks
Lad: when last do u have sex?
Cammy: Last night.
Lad: reall
Lad: with who?
Cammy: I gave Nicu a blow job and then rode him cowgirl style.
Lad: thats nice
Lad: do nicu suck ur pussy juice
Cammy: If I want him to go down on me, he does.
Lad: do u suck him too
Lad: his dick?
Cammy: I just told you how I gave him a blow job last night.
Lad: ok
Lad: how many times did he fuck u
Lad: which year did u start sex?
Cammy: You're jerking off, aren't you?
Lad: yes
Lad: ur lucky am not with u
Cammy: Why?
Lad: i should have given u a hot dogg sex
Lad: u will cry for more
Cammy: Hot dogg?
Lad: yes
Lad: do u love it?
Cammy: What do you mean?
Lad: do u love dogg sex?
Cammy: There are two answers to that question. It depends on what you mean by it.
Lad: i said,do u love me to do dogg sex with u?
Cammy: What if Nicu had objections?
Lad: dont mind him pls
Lad: if am in australian
Lad: i will drive him away from u
Lad: it will be a big fight between me and nicu
Lad: i swear
Lad: i must take u away from him
Cammy: Seriously?
Lad: very serious
Lad: dont worry
Lad: i will travel back to ghana next week
Lad: then when am back i will invite u here ok
Lad: in ghana
Lad: just for 1 week visit
Cammy: Forget it. I'm not going to Africa for you.
Cammy: If you're so hot for me, you can come here. Mind you, you'd have to defeat Nicu. He'd squash you like a bug.
Cammy: But hey...
Lad: then i will fly to u from africa ok
Lad: is that ok
Lad: hehehehe
Lad: i have africa man power
Lad: leave nicu for me
Lad: i will disgrace him by beating him to cry
Cammy: He has several different types of martial arts. He also has a concealed carry permit.
Cammy: And then you'd have to convince my brother. He's even tougher.
Lad: u dont know me
Lad: i do beat 4 men at a time
Lad: i went to night club here in london last weekend
Cammy: So?
Lad: i beat 5 men and all ladies was happy with me
Lad: thats the way i will beat nicu
Lad: tell him i wanna take u away from him by beating him to shame
Cammy: You are a fucking psychopath.
Lad: i am not
Cammy: A big-headed, small-dicked, delusional wanker.
Lad: no problem
Lad: i will make ur pussy enlarge more after fucking u
Cammy: Thought I had you tagged.
Lad: have u seen my dick before
Lad: long and large in sharp
Cammy: Sorry, but you actually making me laugh. You are not turning me on.
Lad: u want me to get ur pussy wet
Lad: if so then i tell u a romantic words
Cammy: I don't think you know how.
Lad: are u in the mood
Lad: yes/no
Lad: are u alone in the house
Lad: let make love
Lad: i want u to enjoy me ok
Cammy: Nicu is in the studio, editing my portfolio.
Lad: ok
Lad: therefore where are u?
Cammy: In the salon.
Lad: u own a salon?
Cammy: Huh?
Lad: whom are u with there
Cammy: It's just me.
Cammy: I'm expecting to be chatting with Roscoe soon.
Lad: salon is where ladies do their hairs
Lad: ur broda?
Cammy: It's what I call my private room.
Lad: ok
Lad: can we have sex chat just few minutes
Cammy: He's on active service, and it's Anzac Day.
Cammy: I don't do chat sex. Chat sex is for losers.
Lad: what is the colour of ur paint
Lad: u wear
Lad: and what color of bra do u wear
Cammy: You remind me a lot of my father.
Cammy: Did I ever tell you that?
Lad: no
Lad: but a drunker
Lad: and he hates u becos ur a girl
Lad: ur mother dead when ur 4yrs
Cammy: He's also a sicko drunk who bleats about unfair the world is. Yeah, you're a lot like him. But at least he's not a gay boy.
Lad: he may be but u dont know
Cammy: It's not like it matters any more.
Cammy: Roscoe and I are nothing like him and that is what matters.

Lad: hi
Lad: are u there?
Cammy: Sadly, yes.
Lad: why sadly yes
Lad: why sadly yes
Lad: did u go to school at all?
Cammy: No, silly, I learned everything I know from the Elder Edda.
Lad: ur an idiot if so
Cammy: I was being sarcastic, duh-brain!
Lad: no wonder why you cant speal english very well
Lad: u worship satan..right?
Cammy: Excuse me? I can't speak English well? From the man who never learned to use the shift key and can't even be bothered to write 'you'? The man who wouldn't even know what 'chutzpah' is?
Cammy: Yes, I'm talking about you!
Lad: am more educated than u
Cammy: You don't show it.
Lad: i went to college and university
Cammy: And learned nothing.
Lad: now am doing my master degree in geologist
Cammy: You sure as Hel didn't learn English.
Cammy: Speaking of Hel (and Hell), what was that bullshit about Satan?
Lad: u are satan agent
Cammy: No, I'm Asatruar. Satan is for Christians.
Lad: Asatruar is a devil
Lad: agent from satan
Lad: that is why ur character looks like evil
Cammy: An Asatruar is someone who follows the Asatru faith. You don't know what you're talking about (no surprises there).
Lad: Asatruar is a devil and all worshiper of it will perish and will not enter into the kingdom of GOD
Cammy: Interesting, coming from someone boasting about how he wanted to fuck me and how he beat up people in bars.

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Laughing That went well with a morning cuppa coffee.

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Lad: Asatruar is a devil and all worshiper of it will perish and will not enter into the kingdom of GOD

he will regret such bad words|?

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Cammy wrote:
Fuck me - are you Catholics?
Laughing Laughing

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Wow! This lad is a real wacko. He needs his details posted on Scamwarners with a puke warning! Thumbs down puke

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Holy shit... and he was expecting to chop a dolla that way? Laughing

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I always smile at the Street Fighter reference. Great stuff, you had him hooked for a while.
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