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 SEcond bait

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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2012 10:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello All

I'm really Flexible when i receive a Scammers Mail Like this

From William( X-Originating-IP: []
Received: from SNT124-W7 ([

Business Manager Alliance & Leicester plc United Kingdom

This Bait starts funny the LAD ask me to play a role. (check above IP's)
Well lets see if he likes my game of role playing

Hello.........Thomas, I am indeed thankful for your email and your understanding in this mutual benefiting transaction which I assure you once more that you have nothing to worry about because I have all in place already only for you to play your role and please sincerity is required here because I am putting my trust in you and you know we have not met before so please do not let me down. With your information i have which is TOTAL COMMITMENT,Full Names,Telephone,Age, Occupation and Company Name with these details I can retrieve the original information of the company and replace it with yours to evidence the claim in our record.

Well in the Next part William found a new kind off Banking

Now the bank account that we can use for this transaction is not your normal account which I believe will be a normal commercial bank we can not make use of such bank no matter how much goes in and out but you know this is a huge transfer in just one transfer it will attract the international monetary body and your government will be interested in the case this is why I have fashioned out that we make use of private banks that offers SECRET Bank accounts and has a very high level of customers confidentiality and secrecy the only banks that has such service are Offshore Banks,and I already have figured out an Offshore Bank that you can set up an account with so that is not a problem I will advice you of the bank on your complete understanding of the process so you can open communication with them and set up your account with them immediately.t

Do you understand this, i don't, William talks a lot but. Does he understands what he's talking about???????
And he ends with this bla, bla

Do get back to me on your understanding so we can move to the next stage in this mutual benefiting transaction,as I sincerely hope that we could build a lasting relationship since we have not met before and please I need you to assure me of your complete transparency in this project,you are to attach your ID in your next email to me.Await your response to my email

I Respond With:

Send me first some documents & Information of you're Trust to know you better

Well the lad asked me to play so, i start with Dumb & Dumber

Now way he's dumber than a Mule (because a Mule never hits his head twice on the same stone (Dutch pronunciation (Local speech)))

And he try to Educate me also, well, well do so (Ass) !!

Hello......Thomas, This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email, bear in mind that i contacted you in the best interest of helping each other. Right now for this deal to move forward as i have explain to you in my previous emails that i will have to retrieve original documents with your own i can't take out any document right now because i am still in active service with my bank and the only thing i need from you is your full information once i get that i will start with the process, you don't know how this works am to educate you properly so we don't make mistake but if you feel you know it all then i look for someone else mind you it is a deal that we can both benefit from. Thanks for your understanding

and on may 09 I wrote
Dear Mr. William

I don’t understand anything (quote from your mail) “I contacted you in the best interest of helping each other”. In my Business we don’t work blindfolded, If we don’t know who our partner is we, don’t do any business with them. I sounds untruthful and not trusted to build an relationship on this bases. So Sir you ask me for help then(Quote) you tell me who I’m talking to. If you can’t give me any documents of thrust then, I can not help you and you seek for an other Partner who will work on this basis.
Listen I’m to busy to play this kind of games.

I wish you the best of luck to find an partner who work the way you want it tobe.

Sincerely yours,


So the lad needs money and he will come back with some kind, but let's see with what and how long it takes him to send it to me

I Keep you informed

If there is smoke you should blow to holdon the fire

My doctor says I'm schizophrenic, We think not (Me, Myself and I)

Bait safe Hide you're Ass

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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 2:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

TOTAL COMMITMENT to SECRET bank account Offshore! Very intriguing transaction! Good luck. shhhh.... Very Happy

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