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 Hitlad and MTCN Trouble *includes 37-minute phone chat!*

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:13 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi All,

This is my first "proper" bait on this site and I am pretty proud of it. It is what I guess y'all would call a "Straight Bait" - There are no gimmicks, no strange developments or affairs and not even any use of Baiting Tools (like Secur1ty Sh1eld) until the end - just a lot of wasted lad time... and hopefully a lot of amusement too Smile

Meet Aaron Hudson - retired and living at home, Aaron has just been trusted with a computer by his technologically-adept daughter. Sadly, Miss Aaron Junior isn't around to make sure he keeps himself out of trouble, and before long he receives a hitlad email. This is with our friend Dai Teatime, who (I discovered) has been baited extensively already in the "It's Raining Hitlads" thread of the main Scambaiting Tips forum. So, my sincere thanks go out to those people for softening him up.

I also baited this guy with a few other characters and got two bank accounts out of him (and I'm still vying for a third!) I will put the piggies in, in due course. But this publication focuses solely on the most interesting bait - despite the fact it netted me no piggies (despite all the WU trouble, he persisted with it!)

Without further ado, the bait! Please enjoy.

His opening email - he actually sent this to someone else, but he didn't seem to mind that Aaron responded:
This is the only way I could contact you for now, I want you to be very careful about this and keep this secret with you until I make out space for us to see. You have no need of knowing who I am or where I am from. I know this may sound very surprising to you but it's the situation. I have been paid some ransom in advance to terminate you with some reasons listed to me by my employer. He has provided us with your name, picture and other necessary information's we needed about you such as below.

Your Name:
Where You can be find:
phone Number:
E-mail: Town:
Picture: Not to display

It's someone I believe you call a friend, I have followed you closely for a while now and have seen that you are innocent of the accusations he leveled against you .Do not contact the police or try to send this to them.

Now listen, I will arrange for us to see face to face, but before that, I need $100,000. To pay off cover, I will come to your home or you determine where you wish we meet; I repeat, do not arrange for the cops and if you play hard to get, it will be extends to your family. Do not set any camera to cover us or set up any tape to record our conversation, my employer is in my control now. Payment details will be provided for you to make a part payment of $30,000 first, which will serve as guarantee that you are ready to co-operate, then i will post a copy of the video tape that contains his request for me to terminate you which will be enough evidence for you to take any legal action against him before he employs another person for the job. You will pay the balance of $70,000 once you receive the

Warning; do not contact the police, make sure you stay indoors once it is 7.30pm until this whole thing is sorted out, if you neglect any of these warning, you will have yourself to blame. You do not have much time, so get back to me immediately

Note: I will advise you keep this to yourself alone, not even a friend or a family member should know about it because it could be one of them… trust no one not even your co-worker. Get back to me right now


Aaron responds - terrified for his life

this is very frightening. who are you. how did you get my details. this is my personal email addresss.

please put a hold on killing me until this is sorted out. i Have only just got on the internet.


Dai replies - wioth a hilarious message he picked up from Sunshine:
How I got your contact matters not to you, be concern about your Death!!!

Are you ready to comply to cancel the HIT on you?

You have got LIMITED days to LIVE!!!

Toodle Pip!

Dai Teatime
International Assassin

Terrified Aaron:

Yes I am willing to comply. I am amazed. I only got a computer three days ago and I was told the internet was a dangerous place. I didn't expect that I would be threated with death only after browsing for three days!

How much money do you need, I am in the UK so I will need to pay in pounds. I am not very wealthy but I have some money safed up, I spent a lot of money on this new PC, but, I can afford about £100.

This is the best I can do, I am truly terrified and I have not even told my daughter (who got me the PC) about your email.

Please let me know if this will be OK to begin with, and please PROMISE nothing will happen to me;


Another email from Aaron:

Please let me know what I need to do. i am very scarred.

Joy of all joys - the mysterious Smersh has asked him to let me off the hook!
After further investigation Smersh has asked me to spare your life.

Send the 100 pounds to this info below via western union:

Name: Onyesom Dennis
Location: Lagos Nigeria

When that is done, send this info to this number +2347062279771

Sender's name:
Amount sent:
location money is sent from:
MTCN number
Test Question: for who?
Answer: Dennis

I will be expecting it shortly that is if you need to live.

Sadly, Aaron is not terribly bright with this Western Onion business:

I am so greatful but I am also very confused. I would be happy to send you the money to your "WESTERN" union account but I do not know how to do this. I have called my bank but they said this "Western" Union is special, and they cannot send the money I would have to visit, and wanted lots of details about who I was to send the money to so , remembering what you said to keep this secret I hung up.

Also I do not know what is the "MTCN Number" I must use to send you the monies, please tell me as soon as possible?

If you get me all the details I will send the £100 tomorow morning. I swear.

Thank you.

He's not interested in other methods - Western Union or bust!
Go to any Western Union office not your bank, you can find one in a supermarket, grocery stores or local post office.

All you need to send the money is below:

Receiver's name: Onyesom Dennis
Location: Lagos Nigeria

Get back to me with this info:

Sender's name:
Location where money is sent:
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN):
Amount sent:

Scan the receipt given to you and send to me immediately.

He follows up with some helpful advice:
If you are asked why you are sending the money, just say you are sending to your cousin in Lagos.

Use this info to send:

Sender's name: Aaron Hudson
Amount sent: 100 Pounds
Location where money is sent: London UK
Receiver's name: Onyesom Dennis
City: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Test question: for who?
Answer: my cousin
MTCN ( 10 digits control nos): ?

All you need do is log on to to find an agent near you or visit any local stores, supermarket or post office to use Western Union.

When this is done, you are spared and don't panic or act suspiciously.

Sadly, Aaron has had no luck:

Please don't be angry with me but i didn't send the money. I went to three different supermarkets, near me, all Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda, and each one told me they do not have western union facilities available.

Please , can you point me to a near by store which will accept Western Union? I will keep trying, but I do not know where to look. I have never use this before.

Looking to hear from you



Dai tries to help the poor, confused Aaron - but what's this about my mobile number?
Its very simple, log on to and find a local agent near you.

I tried to reach your mobile contact and not connecting, have you changed number, if yes let me have it to call you immediately.

Your life is in your hands.

Aaron is concerned about this Mobile Number business, and continues to give him the spin:
I never gave you my mobile number.... I'm not giving my personal details to a hitman, people can be tracked through their phones!!! If this person wants me dead I have to be very cautious. I need to be able to escape if the worst happens. I hope you understand.

I will look at the website you suggested to me and return to you. You will have to bear with me because I am not very good with the internet, I have only just been set up wtih this email address. I would ask my daughter who arranged all this but I need to keep this secret, as I do not wish to worry her - she would be frightened to death if she knew what this was all about.

Trust me you will get your money. I hope to do this tomorrow.

Thank you,


Dai explains how magnanimous he has been - why thank you, Dai!
I have given you the grace enough to send the little you have got because of your status, but if by morrow unfailing you do not send the money, i regret i will have to carry out my original assignment on you.

You can send money via western union anytime even now, get to ask someone about Western Union but not giving out details why you are using it and if any cases like that rises, just say its for your cousin.

Get back to me quickly

Aaron STILL doesn't get this Western Union thing - nor can he find an outlet:

I am getting back to you quickly as requested.

I must first of all, beg you not to carry out the assignment. I have not got you the money but I will explain why. I asked my daughter how to send money by Western Union. She wanted to know why and who to. I told her that is not her business, and she said she would not help me!

I have looked at the web site you showed me but there is no way to find a local Western Union. It just offers to send money on the internet, which is not what we want. Please believe, I have looked where to send money and found nowhere. The lady at Tesco said she didn't think there was a western union, I thought they were in all supermarkets but they are not in that Tesco!!

Can you not just give me an address? If you give me an address of a near-by Western Union, I will go there THIS EVENING to send the money.



Dai does appear to be having a failure of knowledge.... I never sent his form back asking for all my details, and one would expect a hitman to know my address, or at least my rough area!
Now all you need to do is give me the location of where you are right now and will tell you where to find an agent fast.

Aaron plays it dumb:
Hi, I'm at my house.

Please get back to me as soon as possible with an office as I want to get the money to you urgently, before this week end.



Ah, he does have an excuse for not knowing where I am - he's not at his PC.... so how's he sending this email?
All I need now is the name of the location where you are and I will tell you where to find the nearest agent, cant go through files now because am not at my PC.

Aaron lets nothing slide:
Sorry, not wanting to be difficult, but I do not want to give my details in an email, I don't know who is watching these messages, I have been told never to send personal information on the internet.

Just find me a western union in the same city as me and that will be fine. I guess you don't need to your files for that, your boys are watching me you must know at least roughly where they are. I don't mind travelling a bit. It is the least of my worries. but I have to be careful if there are people who want me dead.

Also can I confirm that you are still happy with £100 given my circumstances, I really cannot afford anymore at the moment. When I have paid £100 , will this be the end of this nasty affair? I want to go on live my life in peace.

Thank you

Dai recommends a bunch of places in London. Wrong!

51 Whitehall

London, SW1A 2BX


Distance: 0.02 miles

Map and Driving Directions


2 Villiers Street

London, WC2N 6NQ


Distance: 0.2 miles

Map and Driving Directions


11 Charing Cross Road

London, WC2H 0EP


Distance: 0.26 miles

Click the link below to view the page and see where is close to you:

Aaron revels in explaining how he has made a hash of things, but decides to let things slide to advance the bait
I don't know why you're recommending places in London. That's a 3 hour drive from where I am. If I lived in London I'd have more than £100 to spare!!!!

However I have got your link working and I have found somewhere only 0.58 miles away. So thank you for that.

I will print a copy of your payment instructions in your earlier email as I am sure Western union will need them.

I will do this on Friday morning.


PRINT THE EMAIL!? The prospect of this money-stopping idea scares him to bits:
You don't have to print, just write down this info on a piece of paper.

Receiver's name: Onyesom Dennis

Location: Lagos Nigeria
Test question: for who?
Ans: my cousin

Then you can send me:

Sender's name:

Location where money is sent:

Amount sent:

And a scan slip will be needed when its done.

Scan slip? Of course, he means I should "scan slip" - scan being a verb rather than a noun. Sadly Aaron refuses to believe this, and shares his confusion with the WU lady:

Good news, I found the Western Union. It was a lot further than I thought it was because the first one had been taken over by a florist. I had to walk for about half an hour to find the next nearest one. But they all have little yellow signs in the window so I am learning!

I took out the £100 and explained where it was being sent but I am afraid things went very badly wrong. I asked her what a "Scan Slip" was and she had no idea. Stupid woman! Why do they employ such incompetent idiots. I had written down from your email, and showed her the part that said: "and a scan slip will be needed when its done", but she still had no idea. She said that, to be safe, I shouldn't send the money until I had checked with you.

Do you actaully need a "scan slip"? Where can I find a Western Union which will offer this facility.

Thanks, and sorry for the delays. I am hoping to do this this evening if I can.

Dai is furious:
Are you dump or do you want to die?

Pay the money in the western union agent there that you are now, then when they give you a receipt slip then you scan the slip and send to me.

Better still without further delay when its done just send to me this info on the payment slip:

Sender's name:
Amount sent:

Location where money is sent from:

Test question: for who?
Answer: my cousin

MTCN (10 digits control numbers)
Receiver's name: Siraj Adebakin
Receiver's location: Lagos Nigeria

Get this done immediately at the Western Union Office you went to.

Aaron tries to lighten the tone:
Oh I'm so sorry!!!

Honestly it's not my fault. I showed it to the stupid bint in the Western Union office and she had no idea either. And she said she had been working for Western Union for 20 years and never seen anything to do with a "Scan Slip". 20 years too long if you ask me, she looked like she had cotton for brains. Now you have explained it, it is crystal clear.

I'm afraid it's 5:30 now. The store closes at 6:30, and although it takes me half an hour to get there, I still have to pick up my daughter's dog from the vet, and that is 15 minutes in the opposite direction and shuts at 6:45. She doesn't work weekends, so you can see the bind I am in - there is no way I can get you the money before Monday.

This time it will happen without fail.

PS: Please confirm that, once I have transmitted £100 to you, you will stop contacting me and I will never have to worry about being killed. And I want to know who hired you as well. Can you just tell me this, is it anything to do with my Ex Wife? I understand if you have to keep secrets but I promise I will pay you and it would put my mind at ease to know.

Thanks; and have a good week end.

But it goes down badly with Dai:
You seem to be joking with me?

Oops - I went a little too far. But a carefully crafted email drags things back from the brink:
Joking? I have spent, literally, all day trying to sort this out. This whole affair has been giving me sleepless nights. I am keeping secrets from my daughter.

If you had found a Western Union near to me I wouldn't have been in this mess in the first place. Instead you gave me some branches in London. That's several hours' drive from where I am, as I explained.

I don't want to get us on the wrong foot and I really want to live. I was just hoping for a bit of kindness. That's all. Please understand this is not my fault, it is the fault of the lady in Western Union who didn't know what a "scan slip" was. If it wasn't for her you would ALREADY have the money and this would all be over.

You will get the money on Monday, I guarantee it.

No reply - but the promise of an imminent MTCN means he changes his tune rather rapidly:

The good news is that I finally found a Western Union office that was open and I have given them the £100. It was a lot of hard work so I hope this is the end of it and you won't kill me.

Thank you.

Dai wants the INFO! -
Are you mad, where are the information i ask of you? Scan the WU slip to me now

Aaron, with the upper hand, decides to put him in his place:
Calm down, I have just got back and am trying to use my scanner. I need to install drivers for it so I am looking for its CD it came with.

Our friend is in a hurry for this!:
Ok get it done immediately, besides send me the full info on the form now also.

At this point, Aaron goes quiet for a while. Dai sends one of his patented messages:
You shall die in 72hrs

Time to reveal that - oops - he's been DOLLAR CHOPPED:
Now this is ridiculous.

I gave the details to your associate yesterday evening after finally fixing my scanner.

He has the copy of the Western Union slip, so you should have the £100. This is all I have to offer you.

Please reply to let me know I am safe. I am very nervous.


Aaron sends another email - this time including the completed form. It's not terribly witty or interesting, so I haven't bothered to upload or include it - but the idea was just to demonstrate a little bit of good faith:

I have just realised why you are angry, I have never completed the form you sent to me when you first talked to me.

I have filled it in and scanned it, so now you can see it is completed. **See atttachment**

As per my previous mail, your associate should give you the £100.

Please now let me live.

Dai is hopping mad, as his CAPS LOCK key indicates:


Aaron explains that he must have been hacked:
Oh my god. Please DO NOT kill my daughter. This was never the deal. Leave her out of this.

I am so sorry if this is my fault. I don't know very much about emails, I was just given this account with my computer.

I will ask my daughter to find out if I have been hacked. To confirm, is [email protected] nothing to do with you? I wonder how they got my details. I swear on my life, I have told nobody about this transaction.

I will go back to Western Union tomorrow the first thing to try and get back the money. I still have the slip. Please believe me, I am serious to pay you, and even if the £100 has been stolen I will find the money to get it to you again.

Thank you,


Dai explains about the mysterious Gomer (unprompted, I might add!) - and extends the deadline:
You have been hacked by gomer, search them on google to find out more
about them.

Mail me on [email protected] only and when ever you send me emails
delete it from your sent and trash folders and do not respond to
anybody regarding this issue again.

I will give you mobile number to send the new payment info to.

You have now till wednesday to do that.

Aaron talks about his visit to WU, and increases the amount up for grabs:

I visited Western Union this morning and it was the same lady there as last time (she remembered me). I explained that I had accidentally given the MTCN to the wrong person and if there was any way we could get the money back. She took a long time on her computer and then said that the £100 has already been claimed. This gomer fellow is an asshole. Can't your boys take care of him?

Apparently the money was picked up from "NIB DUNKWA OFFIN DWUNKA" although I am not sure if that is spelt correctly as she she wrote it down for me and her handwriting is very hard to read.

Obviously I need to pay you the money, as promised. My pension payment for this month has came in yesterday and I have taken all of it (£1061.06) to Western Union. The transfer is complete and has been made to the details you given to me last time, the details are as follows:


TEST ANSWER: My cousin

I will take a loan to survive myself this month.

This is much more than the £100 we originally agreed, but in return for this I want to be left in peace forever after this and my daughter left alone also.

I have the slip with me and we now simply need to decide a safe way to get to you the MTCN. I am not going to email it anywhere because my email is insecure. So, please propose a safe way to send to you the MTCN number.


Dai smells the money, and wants the MTCN sent to his mobile to avoid Gomer's magical hacking abilities - Paranoia!
Send it to this mobile contact only.


Send to me the MTCN, sender's name, receiver's name and location where money is sent from.

Send it as a text message immediately.

Aaron is grateful, but has no idea how to send texts:
Thankyou very much for your quick reply, I am so glad that this is near to be finished.

I must be honest to you, I do not have verymuch experience with text messages. My daughter uses them all day and she is always tapping on her Black Berry but I just have a simple phone because it is all that I need. (I only really have a phone in case the car breaks down).

But I will sit down this evening and work out how to send you a text message. It will take me a while but I can hardly ask my daughter for help, she is not supposed to know about this. I am sure it will be done before end Wednesday tomorrow, (your deadline).

Dai wants to talk. So do I - but not on my phone bill:
Give me a call immediately on the number now. Do you have a gmail account, we can chat and sort this out completely. Any mistake you are gone.

Aaron doesn't know what a Gmail account is... DUH:
Gmail? do you mean an Email account? That is what I have.

I am confused how to input your number into my telephone. It looks very very strange. I have looked on my phone, and there is no + button, only have a * button, a # button. How do I input a + sign?

Please do not frighten me, this is all very stressful for me. I am working as hard as I can. We have until end of Wednesday anyway and I am sure this will be fixed by then.

Dai is keen to hear from Aaron, and explains the basics of international dialling syntax (wrongly, mind you!):
Use 0112348130418938 call now

Of course, it doesn't work:

Sorry I couldnot call until now but my daughter was visiting.

i just tried this but it didn't work.

Are you sure this is the correct way?

It looks like there are too-many numbers. Normally a number is about 10 numbers long.

Dai has a plan for Aaron:
Don't worry just stay put to your computer, I will get in touch with you on how to get it sent to me but you have to be specific before sending and make sure its from me, I don't have any associates don't forget that.

One of the first attempts by me to get him to repeat disguised rude things back to me:

But so I know the emails are from you please include a pass-word, lets use the registration plate for my car FKM3-HRD.

That way i will know, it is not someone trying to pretend to be you.

Thank you,


Pity... it doesn't work:
If your mail is hacked, samething will occur, when you send they will have it. I will get in touch with you and you will know its me.

Aaron wonders where this special plan is coming from:
No because I am deleting my emails after they are sent, and I am deleting your emails after I reply to them, nothing is being kept.

I have not received anything from you?


Dai's keen on an email... ain't coming, buddy!
[quote]Ok better then, send me the full information on the slip then delete it immediately.

Aaron offers a compromise:
Maybe I should send to you half the number on email, and the other half on a "text message"?

Also you did not include our pass word.

Dai wants the number as a text message:
[quote]Yes better do that now. Can you send a text now? Send to this number including the other one I gave to you 0012348032119468 or 0012348130418938 or instead of the 001 use +234 when sending the text. Do it now or let's chat on gtalk its secure but must have a gmail account to do so.

A brief interlude here: I send Dai plenty of text message. Sadly, all of them simply contain the text, "New Text Message". Aaron is too stupid to get how to send them, you see. This goes down badly with Dai. RESUME:

Aaron wants a secure line:

can you email me from a different address for me to send the first half, but include our password that we agreed a few emails ago?


Dai is so paranoid he is now deleting his emails out of his Gmail account:
[quote]Deleted all mails, no need for the password, if its hacked then its never safe. In a simple word, let me call you with a secure mobile and get the informations from you. Your mobile no

Aaron offers the first four numbers:
OK I have looked at the number, there are TEN numbers in total.

the first FOUR numbers are as follows : -


The last SIX numbers are in the text message, has any arrived?

Aaron continues to explain how he has offered the first four numbers - and the last six should be in a text message:

I sent FOUR numbers of the MTCN to your address, but I am a bit worried it may have gone to a hacker.

It is only the first four so we are safe but pls confirm you have them?

ALso confirm if u have the TXT message with the last SIX.


He hasn't got a text message - odd:
[quote]No text message, just send the complete 6 here and receiver first name

Well, actually, he has got the message, just not the content of course!
44792538**** whose no is that?

44792538**** who own this numbers?

Aaron plays it dumb:
That is my number. I send you the text with it.

So you got the rest of the MTCN then?

Of course not.
No message was included as in 6 digits. Send it here

Ignored, he gets a little more desperate:
Send the payment information here and call me on this number or text me. 0112348130418938

Aaron ignores him - he has my number after all - and soon he stats trying to ring:
Am calling you

I keep calling you

Aaron plays for time - this was to give me a moment to put together a sheet of paper with rubbish to read him:
Yes I know I get calls

My daughter is here at the moment

please wait 5 minutes while i get her to go away!!!


He wants a message when I'm ready:
Ok better, send me a msg if you are ready

Aaron is filled with suspicion:
I got an email from [email protected], IS THIS YOU??

I am awaiting for your call & am ready.

Dai just wants the number emailed:
Yes send it there and am calling now

Send the slip to [email protected] now else you are going to die morrow

Dai proposes a plan:
Send the payment slip here , i am still communicating with you on [email protected] , I am using this new ID to distract the Gomers attention

Waiting for your response

Aaron approves, but there's a snag... the MTCN is on the slip. Phone it'll have to be:
Ah how clever!!!

I am ready, and am awatiing for your call, I cannot send the payment slip becauue the MTCN is on it, at the top right.

Dai tries to get it by email once again, but is ignored:
Don't worry send it here its safe .

Another quick interlude: From here, the phone calls begin in earnest. You will have to refer to the Phone Call TImeline at the end for the exact chronology - I'm just going to continue the emails in the order they came. There were also a few text messages, which I will put after the phone timeline.

Aaron explains why outbound calls from him never work:
My call to you doesn't work, I just hear nothing on the other end.

Call back please, I have gone into a quiet room.

Also did you get my text.


Dai is confused:
Did you called with private number? if you do I don't answer them , call me again and i did received all your massage

Aaron thinks he's got a call from GOMER! He also establishes a secure password (see below/phone timeline):

I GOT A CALL FROM GOMER. he called to talk about how he had got all our messages!!!

Call me back and use our password, Iwaan Taafuk.

That way I will know for sure it is you.


Dai is keen on the cheaper SMS option:
ok i send you sms

But Aaron doesn't know an SMS is a text message:
What is SMS?

I have got your Text Messgae.

Call me back and tell the password and I will give you the details. I am in a quiet room now.

Dai emails, and after many minutes being given the run around on the phone, he is ANGRY:
You and your daughter will die morrow evening.

First rule you broke: receiver's name changed
Second rule: failed to send what I have instructed you to
Third rule: you keep sending your mobile no as text instead of mtcn

Wednesday is your judgement day

Aaron explains why he had to go in a hurry:
I am so sorry, my daughter came in and took the phone off me. I have got rid of her. She is such a nosy old hag.

Call me back NOW and I will give the the details properly.

I had to be careful because she was listening.

Dai is furious:
The both of you shall die

But he's easily won back by Aaron's giving one more number out:
No! Please don't kill us. Please undertsand I wnat to protect my daughter. I really want to live. I have deposited the £1000 with Western Union, plus £22.50 and £10.00 in fees.

The number is 1 0 6 6 3 X X X X 6 .

You only have to call for the X marked numbers. That will deal with the bad line. Only 4 numbers.

Dai isn't interested:
Not interested just send the slip to the mail I instruct you to send to else morrow 7pm you both are gone

But he does call back!

Aaron decides to put him in his place a bit:
Listen to me very carefully,

I am not sending any number to your email

because Gomer stole £100 from me already once and he will do it again.

I will give it via the phone if you want.

But no other way.

If you want to kill me then you are just Gomer trying to get the number out of me and I am not falling for it!!

Dai does call back, but is angry and so is smersh - or is he happy? - strange:
This is Dai Teatime, I will not mail you anymore regarding this issue, its your choice, you fell for them because you are stupid and foolish.

How can an assassin have associates?

You will DIE and that will make Smersh happy.

Have a nice day,

You will get a gift from me soon

Dai offers an ultimatum:
Am done send the slip here or forget about it

Aaron rounds things off with the promised Secur1ty Sh1eld:
OK I will send it online.

The lady from Western Union gave me a slip about Secur1ty Sh1eld, as I explained on the phone.

I have opted into this service; please kindly go to:

and enter the access code, which is attach to this email.

This will be the end of it I hope.

If you have any problems with it, call me as I have an override I can use to make it work faster.

END OF EMAILS - he never even tried to access Secur1ty Sh1eld according to the logs - pity... but unsurprising.

Now for the promised phone timeline:

Here's the call - big file, but worth the download:

And here's the text to listen-along to it with (kind of necessary - it's hard to understand otherwise, and you need to know where the edits are):

Please note - wherever you see "NEXT CALL", it means I've edited the file to skip it ahead.

0'00: Initial call from Dai - He's in a hurry for the number and nothing else! I fob him off with talk of a lost slip.

0:32: NEXT CALL - Skip ahead to the next call from Dai. It speaks for itself really but amusingly the line went dead in the middle of a long readback.

6'45: NEXT CALL - lots of funny bits. 8:07 "What's the MTCN? / The message?"... 10:06 "Plasgif Miaff-Okk." Homonymtastic Smile 11:40 "Oh my good god, you are making me mad!"

11:47 - NEXT CALL - pretending I can't hear him Smile

12:31 - NEXT CALL - He wants the MTCN "Fast"... so I give it Fast. Strangely, he ain't happy!

15:53 - NEXT CALL - "stop telling me trash! what is the MTCN!"

20:39 - This is not actaully a call but I called him quickly as a sort of token of good faith. Of course, my phone does't work so it hangs up the moment he answers. Pity, that.

20:47 - NEXT CALL - The text message saga continues.

21:39 - Again, the briefest of brief calls from me to restore a bit of faith.


22:54 - NEXT CALL - Just as well we've established our little password... Iwwan Taafuk Smile All is going welll until 26:09 when Aaron's daughter takes the phone and asks difficult questions!!

26:54 - Another "failed attempt" at me calling him.

27:00 - NEXT CALL - More on the Text Message saga!

31:17 - NEXT CALL - By this point I am truly taking the p***. I could hardly keep a straight face wiht talk about "Smersh"!! (Well done Sunshine on that one Smile) It is pretty cleaer from his emails that he is not going to be spending any more time on the phone (and who can blame him) so I decide to finish him off with a clean finish to Secur1ty Sh1eld - which I have been avoiding up to now since he knows of it and its problems - I thought it was a neat way to round off the bait!

**TOTAL CALLTIME LENGTH**: Well the file is 35 mins 11 secs, so if we take a minute or so off that for the brief "interludes" where the calls are joined together, I'd say he spent 34 minutes gassing to me. Not bad going.

**EXTRA NOTE** - When he called, it showed the number he was trying to get me to call on. So he wasn't using skype, or some cheaper service, he was calling from his Nigerian mobile phone. Sadly, my phone was a mobile too. I'd hate to think what the charge must be for that call. Glad I'm not paying it!

HOpe this bait amused you... and I'd love to hear your comments!!!

*BONUS STUFF* - The Text Messages

I got a series of text messages from him... I've transcribed them below.

1 - text me the mtcn now via this no now

2 - FINAL INSTRUCTION, send slip to the [email protected] now

3 - Called you and you said its Gomers send the slip now to the new email ok iwaan taafuk

That's all folks!

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Fantastic. Quick thinking in the phone calls and some genuine belly laughs.

Also, he's a thoroughly unpleasant bastard. A truly worthy target.

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Super work, Had me in stitches. LOL Just a side note, but it sounded to me like 2 different people. I thought I heard a big difference in the lads overall demeanor @ 22.54.

I really enjoy the number fwanth. Laughing Laughing
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