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 Contract cleaner does the cleaning and checks out the house.

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I met this man.

He would place advertisments in the local newspaper in a Sydney suburb that is considered very wealthy offering contract cleaning services.

He would go to the house, clean, be very polite, do a good job, insist on cash money for payment and leave, returning the following week to do the same again.

He would note the entry and exit points in some very nice homes, the movements of the occupiers, their cars, where the burglar alarm system was located and the type and what was in the house that was worthwhile taking.

He would then, with his list, go to his particular ethnic club, sell the details to some criminals there, usually for $100.

I got him drunk one night on some very nice wine that a wine salesman friend often gave me and he told me the whole story.

Following that he would ask me to cash his cheques for him as he did not want to get a bank account for fear that authorities would find him working on his tourist visa. He'd frequently confess his activities to me and I'd always offer no opinion, just nod my head in agreement, laugh at the right spots and tell him he was a 'master'.

Really, master scum.

I have no idea if any burglaries occured, but I did manage to see him rounded up and deported.

Ocassionally I fed him when I saw that he wasn't doing well (prior to discovering what he was doing) and got friendly with him as he was an immigrant to Australia. I was surprised and angry when he told me his story.

Some people are very trusting. Informing people about scams is probably the best thing we can do.
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