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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 23 Feb 2012
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi I have just joined this site and have been spending my Sunday reading some of the very funny scambaiting stories.I really do want to start getting involved, but I have a couple of questions that some of you guys might be able to help me with.As regards to the e-mail address that you can get so as not to reveal your reall adrress, I have just been onto the hushmail website, when you join up I am assuming that you have to give your real name and address when registering, it does say somewhere on there about not being used for anythng illegal.Can scambaiting be seen as illegal? I know it seems like a strange question, but it is like taking the law into your own hands, I wouldn't want to do anythink illegal but at the same time, I really want to get back at the scammers.Also I don't think I will do it yet but could anyone give me some more info about the drop ship addresses, I have been looking at the art baiting tips and that really appeals to me, but I think I need to start off small first of all.One more point, is it o.k to use some of the stories and plot lines that are already being used, of course I would alter things slightly but some of these stories are very funny, but I don't want to be seen as pinching other peoples ideas and messing things up for anyone.Well thanks guys in advance for any help you give me.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

You don't need to give Hushmail your address or even real name. I sure didn't, and my account works just fine (signed up today, because my lad insisted that I make a second account, as he's too afraid of Gomer)

As long as you don't bait for cash, you're not doing anything illegal. It is legally alright to lie through e-mail, and the lad can always say no to doing whatever stupid shit you're trying to get him to do.

To me, it has always seemed that you can always use stories and modalities for your own use, if they're in public space.

Regarding drop spots, I think they're for premium only, but I'm not sure about it (haven't tried art baiting yet)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

the question can be rather hard to answer.

it depends on the location of your lad and you, how a court would decide.

standard straight bait would be no problem. it's just stealing time of him.

with more advanced baiting techniques, the ice gets thinner.

and then, they have the same problem as real victims have: international jurisdiction can be very tricky and time and money consuming. the lad would need to find out where you are located, via ip tracking and getting more information of the providers, they could get the address... and then, there is always the problem, that a lad, claiming that someone tricked him, has to explain his part of the transaction.

I don't think, that a lad, stredded under hash condition, ever tried to go to law enforcement and sue a baiter. even those, who got tattooed.

by the way, many baiters explain the situation with a man, standing at a cliff with a trunk filled with money. if the man throws this trunk down the cliff, and someone else jumps after the trunk, is this man responsible for the injuries (lethal or not), that happened to the jumping man? It's always the lads decision to follow the money.

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lord goldblade
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So long as you stick to the eater rules your fine Smile may I direct you to this thread

Post 3 says all you need to know Wink

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm not sure if you should use hushmail for anything more than your catcher account.

Gmail is your best option as far as I've heard because it doesn't send your Originating IP address in the email headers. I mean this in regards to your outgoing mails for the purpose of baits.

What I did, at the advice of my mentor was created a catcher account, and seeded my catcher account on guestbooks around the web. Within 2 days I had around 60 scam emails in my catcher account. After that I simply respond to them with my gmail accounts depending on which persona and character I'm attempting to portray.
These two guestbooks that I linked to were made solely for the purpose of attracting scammer email collectors. If you are to seed on innocent third parties' guestbooks, you should add something like, "Nice Site" or "I really liked your work," because otherwise we are essentially spamming their guestbook as well.

If you need help creating fake identities, this next site is great. The reason we like this site is that all of the information is randomly generated and it uses non existent addresses. This way we don't have to worry about angry lads showing up at the doorstep of innocent third

You should definitely sign up for a mentor. It's great to have a willing person answer all of your newbie questions. Baiting involves much more patience than I realized, and quite a bit of creativity! Good luck and welcome aboard!

Oh and you can use to identify where your scammer mails are coming from.
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Fowan Nyne
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Although hushmail does strip your IP, it doesn't have a lot of storage space and when I first started, I used it as a catcher but quickly went over my storage limit. My suggestion would be Gmail. It does the same job but with a lot more storage space.

Don't worry about using other baiter's ideas. If they work, just rinse and repeat. They'll probably work again and if it wastes the lads' time and resources, then that's creating lad pain, which is what we all want.
Imitation is the best form of flattery.

viper1 wrote:
I would alter things slightly

Most of us would alter everything "Slightly"

Welcome to 'Eater.. Laughing

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