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 It is here! The Eater album is released!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

you need to get some lads to setup a distribution network for you(karma), organise promotional tours, t-shirts, mugs(sp) whoa there have you even got a manager, have them send in their CVs Laughing

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i am tired and i am waisting my morning
i am tired of all these rusbish, i am waisiting my time andf mone
Ok i will try and take the form to my staff members, once i get the form filled, i am not ready to fill another form, make sure that this is all the forms, i am going to fill them and once i get them done, i will not fill another form
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Of course we have a manager! His name is Henry No'One. he doesn't like his first name too much, so we just call him by his last: No'One.

I'll leave the lad distribution to the much more experienced baiters. I'm not a great baiter (patience problem, I think), but if anyone gets lads to distribute the album around, I'll gladly offer a reward Very Happy

And anyone that pays the travel costs, we'll tour in their area Wink

T-Shirts? Mugs? I already have the official Eater T-Shirt, and I can probably send some out if people pay for them. As for mugs, I can't afford them XD

Want free fries with that? Donate now!

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Listen the the Eater album made by Eater members!
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