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 New to the site... have a question.

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Jimmy Hoffa
Hello I'm New here!

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For quite some time I have been responding to CL vehicle listings that were obviously scams, and having the scammer send me the standard ebay motors VPP email, and then forwarding them to spoof at ebay. Not really that much excitement, but I figured that maybe ebay could at least shut down some of their fraud websites. I recently stumbled across this site, and found Deuzer's receipt generator. I had another scammer send me a payment request through the fake ebay email, so I decided to send him a receipt. He emailed me back saying that what I sent him was the transfer form, and not the receipt. I was very polite, and told him that I would locate the proper document and apologized for not doing it correctly, and told him that I have never made payment through Western Union before. Where should I go from here? I would like to waste as much of his time as I can. I also have quite the collection of fake checks and money orders from scammers 'purchasing' things from me through CL. Funny how they instantly stop communicating with me when I tell them that I was detained by the police for an hour for questioning when I tried to cash their payment! Well, at least I managed to get them to spend $20 on overnight shipping. Too bad it was probably some other victim's money they were spending.
Thanks in advance, and fantastic site!!
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You should introduce yourself here.

You should bait safe and get a mentor.

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