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 Nothing existing as a cog in the wheel

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More rambling nonsense

My Dear,
Thanks for your mail reply, in which you have accepted to do this business with me , but i would like us to emphasise on the need for trust and confidence on both side as the pillar for the success of this business.
You need to assure me that you will not betray me or sit on this fund when it finally comes into your custody.

Forward to me the followings:

1.Home address and office address
Your photo and other vital information about yourself.

Before i finally decided to seize this opportunity to transfer the funds in his account using a foreigner as his next of kin, i have searched for almost one year far and near to find any of his relations to no avail.
I made several enquiries to his country's embassy to locate any of his extended relative. This also proved unsuccessful,hence,after these several unsuccessful attempts to locate any member of his family
I decided to contact some one abroad or overseas to trust and transfer this fund to his account for our sharing and benefit.

Hence i have contacted you,perhaps, i should let you know precisely the nature of the business and what you should do next .
Please i want to re-assure you that there is nothing existing as a cog in the wheel of the success in this deal sequel to the fact that the deseased person died with his entire family thereby making it a 100% risk free deal as all those who have the knowledge that he deposited such a huge sum died with him.
You have to consider yourself a very lucky person to have been chosen by me because the money involved is quite a huge one that is capable of making both of us and our generation to come very rich people.
Like i said before, i wouldn't like you to betray me when the money is finally hits your bank account.
Your cooperation ,honesty, trust,transparency is what i needed mostly.
Meanwhile, lets put in our best so as to make sure that nothing spoils this business.Secrecy is the root of any success that we will make as far as this deal is concerned.
Please,do not rely on anyone in this transaction as your best friends may hate your progress as they will not like you to be richer than they are and may report this to my bank.Of course you know that i will get into troubles if our bank gets to know that i'm the source of information for this claim.
I contacted you because i am in great need of a foreigner who is capable enough to defend the claim by posing to be the next of kin to the deceased customer of my bank who died with his entire family without anyone left to claim the sum of £18,300,000 he deposited with our bank before his death..
And its only another foreigner can successfully claim this money because a citizen here cannot do this successully alone.
I will give you all the necessary information that you will need to know to enable us succeed in this transaction.
All those who have the knowledge that this money is with us died with him making this deal a 100% riskfree one because once you apply no other person will counter your claim since they are all dead now.
Once you apply as his next of kin no other person again will apply because two people cannot claim to be a next of kin to a deceased person.
This is why there is the need for me to make sure that you are really capable enough to assist in this deal both intelligently and otherwise.
This will last for only 14 banking days from the day you apply to the bank because all that the bank is after is your proof which i will guide you to make.
Since there is no other person to counter your claim,the bank has no other alternative than to grant your approval and the money will hit your bank account.I will then visit you in your country with my family to take my share and invest viably in your country.
However,i will draft a letter of application which you will re-copy fill with your pen and re-send it to the bank through the bank email address or through fax for the claim commence, i know God will answer our prayers in this business before two weeks.You will have to survey a viable area of business for me in your country,
when the money is finally hits your nominated bank will take 40% of the £18,300,000.00
Please,i will want us to relate to each other as blood Sister so that we will have the trust and confidence that partners in this kind of deal need to succeed.
You have to know that there is no time, energy and money which we spend in this deal that is a waste.
I want you to call me immediately you recieved this message, because the success of this deal depends on both of us.
You and i will have to put our heads together to plan the success logistics of this deal because two good heads are better than one.
You may have an idea what will be useful to us in this transaction.which i don't know
My regards to your family.
Yours Sister
Patricia Honora
mobile no:+226 78 66 52 43

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