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 Having fun with a Scammer

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 15 Nov 2011
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

WARNING: Its pretty long sorry..

Glad to b on this site and see these people humiliate them selves on the world wide web Smile

So i posted a Canon Rebel XS Digital Camera on Craigslist for 400$ (including lens)
and the first email 10 mins later i get from a guy saying "gooday and how are you
doing as well" i already knew its one of those Nigerian 419 Scammers, so i thought
ill have some fun with this guy.

Ken Peters ([email protected])

gooday and how are you doing as well,
plz am contacting you in respect of your add on (craigslist), am in
need of it. do get back to me asap if it has not been sold to someone
and also the present condition of it.
Warm regards

Me([email protected])
The item is still available and the condition of it is like new no scratches or damage to either lens or camera

Ken, P
I am very grateful to hear back from you.I am a University Senior
lecturer residing in Texas.The camera is for my daughter's birthday
present,due to her brilliant performance,she was currently transferred
from Us to West Africa with her team on a research on Human
development under world Health Organization.

I would have loved to pay cash and in person but due to distance and
my busy schedule, i will be paying you through PayPal.I will forward my
daughter's residential address in West Africa to you
for shipping as soon as the payment reaches you.Send me a paypal
invoice or your PayPal email so that i will make the payment..

NB: I will be paying you $480 for both the cost price and shipping
fee.Please get back to me so that i will proceed with the payment.
Warm regards
(if he was really from texas he would have given me his # so we can communicate over the phone)
Hello Ken,

Thats great to hear about ur daughter that she was transferred. Sure i am willing to send it to her and thank u for adding the additional charge for the shipping it is very nice of you. Im not really good with paypal but i believe its my email address.. [email protected] if u can make the payment as soon as possible i will b happy to ship the camera to you first thing in the morning tomorrow.. I am very new to this and i usually dont sell too much stuff online so please bare with me as i dont know how everything works.. Once again thank u for ur kindness and hope we can do business..

Ken, P

Ok thank u very much. I have not received the payment yet once i get the payment i will send the package to u first thing on monday morning. Have a great day

In the mean time, i have received a fake paypal email claiming the money has been taken out of his account and is on hold until i ship the camera.
The paypal email came from ([email protected]) LOL.. Ohh btw paypal misspelled a lot of the stuff they wrote in there.. Smile
Ken, P
I want to inform you that i have just sent the payment for the Camera,
inclusive for the shipping fee.Please have the package shipped to my
daughter through post office express mail {USPS} when you hear from
paypal regarding my payment. They will also include my daughter's
address in the confirmation email they will sent to you. Please do
always check your email folders both inbox and bulk to know when they
contact you of my payment and have the package shipped to my daughter
first thing on monday. I am waiting to receive the shipment tracking is my daughter's information,
Name:Sophia williams .C.
Address:#20 Amurri Road Agbani,
State:Enugu STATE
Zip Code:234 42
NOTE: make sure you provide me a tracking that starts with C, OR R
and ends with US thanks dont get back to me with a tracking number
starting from LC or E ok.

Hi, i still did not receive payment. Please update me on whats going on so i can ship the package


Ken, P

i am so sorry i have not been to my box i just logged into my box is
it E or C that start the number that you send to me pls. get back to
me so that i will send the number to paypal now

Dear Ken Peters,

Thank you for your payment i have received the paypal confirmation it was in my junk mail i appologize for any inconvenience and i have shipped the item to your daughter via USPS.
The tracking number is 973376001US They did not tell me exactly when its going to get to nigeria but i paid extra for next day so i think tomorrow it should get to your daughter..
(notice i didnt send him E or C what he asked for but just the number followed with US)
Me (trying to confuse him)
hi ken,

Im sorry im not sure what those letters are thats all they gave me at my post office.. i think there were 2 letters in front of the receipt i dont have it with me but i think it starts with L something like LK973376001US but im not sure. Let me know if there is a problem ill call the post office and ask them

Ken, P
pls. send the tracking number to paypal now via
[email protected] for verification.

Ok i sent the tracking to paypal.. i have the app on my phone i do emails on the phone so i sent it over the app so they should have received it.. Can u make sure u post the payment so i can transfer it to my account please

Ken, P
hello Danny,

yes i have send your $480 and it has been deducted from my account
just call post office now and ask them to change the tracking number
to E or C okay
then get back to me now with the real number so that i can send it
to paypal now for verification and your account Creditaion now okay

Hi ken,
I have called the post office and they r asking me why i want to change the letter to C pls give me reson what to tell them and whats the difference? They say its EC for priority international mail. Tha package is already on its way but i need a reason to change the letter code
(im not 100% sure why he wants E or C so i asked him but never got a real response to that)
Ken, P (already getting frustrated with me)
is okay by me if they said that it's EC i will be sending the it not
to paypal for verification now. the only reason why i want it E or C
is for security reasons i just want it send to my daughter on time as
her birthday is just some days from today okay

since you said that the number is EC why then did you send the
tracking LK973376001US to me pls ask them to give you the full number
with the EC since you said that it's EC so that i can send it to
paypal now

Hi Mr. Peters,

I am very sorry for this but as i told u this is the first time im selling online so pls bare with me and i guarantee ur daughter will get the camera i time it has already been shipped. I said i wasnt sure if its LK or LC but yes i think its EC the lady at the post office said EC but take away the B when on tracking site and u get EC its like C so u should b able to track it.
(i know this didnt make sence for me either but im just trying to confuse him with the EC but take away the B and its like C... lol, this isnt algebra its the post office
so theres no adding and subtracting but im just wasting his time)

Ken, P
is okay just send the full tracking number to me so that i can send it
to paypal or should i send this one you give me? LK973376001US

Its EC973376001US. If there is any problems let me know i will call the boss of the postal service because the lady that works there is new she doesnt know. Once again sorry

Ken, P

is okay i will be sending this number (EC973376001US) to paypal, now
for verification okay

Its EC973376001US. If there is any problems let me know i will call the boss of the postal service because the lady that works there is new she doesnt know. Once again sorry

Ken, P
is okay i have send the number to paypal i hope to hear from them soon

Once again i receive a fake paypal saying tracking number has been submitted for verification

Ok buddy no problem let me know if theres any problems

Ken, P
is okay if paypal is asking for the scanned copy of the receipt. then
you just have to scan and send the copy to them for verification okay
if you want to call them to ask them to fax it to you so that you can
fax the copy to paypal is okay just send the fax to paypal via
[email protected]
(he doesnt trust me so he needs proof)

Yes i received a confirmation from paypal saying everything is good i think but they need a scanned copy of the receipt i dont have a scanner. Should i call them and ask for a fax so i can fax it to them?

Ken, P

where you not given any copy at the point of shipping? that is what
paypal is asking for and nothing more okay.

Ken, P
i was told by paypal that you are supposed to be issued with a copy of
the shipment receipt which has the has the tracking number that paypal
is asking for. but if you don't have a receipt for shipping then it
may look like a scam to paypal that is why they are asking for the
receipt from you.

I found their fax online on google. Can i just fax it to them on the 1-866 number?
(Fax PayPal at 1-866?? Really? lol.. I just wanted to see his response to me faxing actual paypal)

During our back and forth emailing i created a fake email ([email protected]) Dan Akroyd and sent Ken Peters(scammer) an email telling him that ([email protected])
is already my client and that i am trying to scam him for the camera and not to get into my business

Yes i received a receipt when i shipped. I will send that to paypal. Sorry but i received an email from Dan Akroyd ([email protected]) he said cancel tthe shipment [email protected] is a bad man and he is lying to you. Is someone messing with me or do you know him?
(i created a fake email and sent him a msg claiming to be another scammer and hes stealing my business)

Ken, P
i don't really understand you here what is going on here? is it a scam
or what i don't really understand you.

Now he sent me another one saying ill give u 550$ send to me in Lagos, Nigeria

Ken, P
(so now hes worried he might lose business to another scammer so he is threatening to report me to the "CORPS"??)
look i am a father that really know how painful it feels to be
scammed. if you don't want me to report you to the corps then tell me
what is going on here.

No no no i didnt mean to say anything against u. Im asking u whats going on because someone sent me email ([email protected]) Dan Akroyd is his name he said u r a bad man and dont send ur camera to kenp he said cancel the shipment and he said i will give u 550$ to send to him in Lagos, Nigeria. Now i am confused who is that guy and whats going on i already shipped my camera. Pls tell me whats going on

Ken, P
(he reported my other email as a scam) Smile
this email [email protected], is from scam and it has been
reported as a scam

Ken, P
is okay forget about those scam because it has been reported okay

(back to subject)
Yes i have the receipt but i dont have the scanner. I have to do it from work tonight when i get to work in 1 hr 30 mins. But please dont make me lose money i think u r a good man and im doing this for ur daughter for her birthday ok

Ken, P
No i am not what that scammer said i am a good man who love his
daughter okay he just want to scam you with the offer of $550 which i
know that he is a scam but not to worry as i have told you before,
because he has been reported as a scam

thanks for being nice all the way
(how would he know that its a scam?? Of course hes a scammer he knows other scammers plus soon as Lagos, Nigeria comes into play, everyone by now knows
that its a scam)

Ken, P
(he still doesnt trust me so he needs more proof)
what is the 13 numbers on the top side of the shipment receipt? get
back to me with it as i will be waiting for you, i believe that every
thing is okay now.


(now the reason i said this is because of course he would want me to send him money
on top of the free camera, then ill just start giving him wrong tracking numbers
hoping he gets arrested on site at the western union)
If something goes wrong can i just send u western union and have my camera back?

Ken, P
is okay but don't forget to scan the paper and end to paypal like i
have told you okay

So he went to sleep, woke up and ran to the internet cafe to check the status of his free camera Smile
Next day...
Ken, P
what is the update? the tracking numbers (LK973376001US &
EC973376001US) you send to me since yesterday is still not tracking
anything to prove that you really ship the camera as you have said. or
is this a scam or a rip off of my $480
(Poor guy, i would never rip him off of his $480 Fake Paypal money)
(i kinda got bored of this so im giving him clues)
Hi Mr Peters,

oF coUrse I have sCanned the receipt last Knight and sent it to [email protected]. TheY have nOt yet responded to me with a verification or anything.. I would not rip yoU off in any way nor have i ever ripped anyone off.. I dont even have the money in my account yet but i already shipped the camera and i called the post office they said the package is in the "city of destination" and should Go Out for delivery to your hoUse today or tomorrow they couldnt tell me for Sure.. so check frequently in front of your shed where u live thAt they didnt leave it in front of the door.. Please let me know once u have it because i havent received the money yet paypal is giving me a hard time i didnt know this was gonna be so hard to receive the money.. I guarantee you i am a good guy and will not screw you over in any way if there is anything wrong with the camera i will buy it back from you not a problem at all ill even pay shipping back.. Thank you Ken and wish your daughter a happy birthday!
(read the letters in bold) lol!

Ken, P

is okay if your telling me that you really have ship the camera then
send a scan copy of the receipt to my box ([email protected]) let me
send it to paypal by my self to prove that you have ship out the
camera so that your account will be credited with the $480 today.

(so he never figured out the hidden letters "FUCK YOU, GO USA" lol)
(now i have photoshopped a fake receipt and sent it to him)

There i attached the receipt, please pay me now or i will stop the shipment.. Get back to me as soon as possible Thank you

Ken, P
is okay i will be sending this to paypal and ask them to credit your
account but your receipt shows canada so tell me where are you
(so i photoshopped the receipt but forgot to delete the Canada on it.. oh well, i just had to make something up)

The camera was shipped from toronto my parents live there but i went back to pick up the receipt by me in illinois. Now im back in illinois

Ken, P
Hello Mr Peters,

Im kind of tired of fucking with u since u are too stupid to catch my clues if u go back and read my email where some of the letters were capitalized u will see that it spells F U C K Y O U, G O U S A!! So on that note i hope i have wasted ur time and prevented other people from getting scammed while u were falling for my fake emails.. U are either a amateur scammer or u r too stupid to b a scammer after all.. U found the wrong person to fuck with.. Stealing money from people that actually work for a living i hope ur daughter gets a camera shoved up her big ass if u really have a daughter!!

Hope i have wasted his time out of scamming more people while he was trying to scam me..
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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:56 am Reply with quoteBack to top

hey, I'm stuck with a guy trying to buy my item off craiglist, I was expecting western union which i can deal with, but paypal is kinda new to me. Any way I can use your photoshopped shipping label?
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vonpaso xlura
Different and Distinctive

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome to Eater!

Looks like a good start. A couple of pointers:
*Don't bait from your real-life address. When you figure out that someone answering your ad is a scammer, answer him from a made-up address as if your item were a barbola travisher or the like.
*Don't burn the lad. That is, don't tell him that you're baiting him.

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you are a fake people so do not ever write to me again.
Am mad at you right now ... Am tired of your questions ... Am sick and tire you and your bank
Nigerian pig . go swallow a grenade idiot. Boko Haram will solve your problem idiot .
you are big fool by send a fake payment information and never you contact me again asshole .
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