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 Saga of Lindy Loo 2011

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:45 am Reply with quoteBack to top

When I closed my last posting, did not think I would be adding any more, previous posts are in the link.

Linda came home from hospital on the 24th November 2011, complaining she will have to go on a diet.

Prior to her discharge, she had, had a problem with the woman in the next bed, Linda suddenly screamed out in pain, the woman and her husband screamed back at Linda to be quiet, our son was there and had a go at them, they also had a go at the doctor who came to treat Linda, Linda had an urinary infection.

When I arrived I told all this by our son, I had to quieten down a very frightened Linda, this was on a Sunday.

On the Monday, Linda was not talking to me and told me to go away, and she wanted a divorce, because of all the hurtful things I had said to her yesterday, I had to calmed her down, this is was her illness, brain mixing up the facts, I had this problem for 3 days, then it stopped.

I wrote a letter to Linda's hospital doctor, who just happens to be the head of the unit as well, had a nice letter back.

On Thursday evening woman in the next bed was given her pre-med ready for her operation on her brain, she would not look me in the eye.

When I came in on Friday not only had Linda been moved across the ward, but the woman had been moved before lunch to a hospital nearer her home, was threatening to sue Linda and our son who was there, from work, thought it was unusual to move her that quick.

The doctor and I had to tell Linda that we can’t be sued as they don't know where we live.

Rest of Linda’s time in hospital there was no more problems with other patients.

They kept taking blood samples, gave her a lumbar puncture, they heard her scream the other end of the corridor. Also taken a tissue sample from her leg muscle.

They have sent the samples to laboratories across the country, takes about 5 weeks for the results to come back, we will be sent for when they have the results.

Linda is a medical mystery also seems to be re-writing the medical books for her illness. Linda and I have to back to the hospital on the 3rd January 2012 for the results of her tests. Doctor did not have Linda's medical records to hand, had a letter sent to us later.

Had results for genetic screening for dentatorubropallidpluysial atrophy which came back negative, also a negative muscle biopsy for mitochondrial disease, the test for white cell enzymes had also came back normal.

Investigations have included CFS studies, MRI brain scan, white cell enzymes, NMDA receptor antibodies, voltage gaited potassium channel antibodies and anti thyroid antibodies and all have proven inconclusive.

Linda could possibly have the same problems again, already had two unexplained episodes of encephalitis and has also developed seizures, taking medication for them.

Had a funny turn 4 days after Christmas day, taken to hospital tests all clear, Linda was sent home.

Going back to the 24th of October 2011 when Linda was first admitted to hospital, I think I lost my wedding ring, drying my hands on their rough paper towels and I think that is when it slipped off, didn’t notice it had gone until I finally managed to get to bed a 04.00 the next morning.
And before any flippant remarks I had bought the ring, I need a larger size and it was expensive for me.

Have to see what the future will bring, taking one day at a time, finding that time does fly. Already have two holidays booked for this year, planning where to go next year.

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God, Fo', I can't imagine how stressed you must be with all of this. And poor Linda, having to go through all that and still none the wiser. I hope it settles down and they have answers for you both soon.

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