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 I am not a real person, I swear! :)

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I guess this is the best place to post this... I have to tell someone!

I have been preparing a persona for a few weeks now. It is not one who is anonymous, but rather out in the open, so to speak. I already have a domain that is privately held (no contacts given) for the web, and the MX is served up by Google apps. I haven't done anything with the web part yet, but I parked an app on it that posts stories from twitter trending, and garners 1700 hits/day. No ads or income, just parked for future use on a server with a shell account in a POP.

But the personality I created I wanted to be believable. But when you see it you will, as English/American be able to tell a mile away it's fake-or so I thought!

The foundation is the user's Facebook account, as most these days are. I thought for days very carefully of what kind of person they would be. They had to have money (A Doctor), they had to have no wife (died 5 years ago) or kids (off to college) to talk sense into him. I made him black only because I wanted him to have relatives/roots in Nigeria in the future, but for now a fascination with the culture (from a naive, touristy kind of way-not in a way that could threaten a lad's enterprise because he knew powerful people in Nigeria).

Also, I needed him in my state, so I could describe all kinds of things about his environment with the accuracy of a resident-again, in the future. Then I started to build the profile. What kinds of schools and studies would the good doctor have? Well, I took a little time and picked out some doosies. There is not 1 medical area of study that is legit, or a normal person would have-much less several, and teach. One example: Rumpology. So it started to get ridiculous after a bit, and I just KNEW someone would catch on.

Oh, and he's an accomplished amateur pilot good enough to test for his commercial license. I can't wait to use that one in the future! Anyone for a flight to Nigeria? :)

OK, so now that we have a skeleton profile, what is the last thing on FB that gives an account the feel of authenticity? Friends! But who is going to friend a completely fictional character whose first and last names are jokes? Well, to my amazement, apparently everyone!

Using only the friends that FB suggested, and having not one single IM/PM with anyone, my friend base is snow-balling! And I'm not even in any of the FB games (don't need to be). Every time FB suggests I friend someone (based on existing friends, my schools and job), I ask them. Not one single refusal!

If you want to friend me, I'll not turn you down!

My profile is here.

Oh, and the pictures? I grabbed the first 5 or so pictures I could find of black men in doctor/nurse garb, and even a b&w shot of 'me' in a big afro in high school. Never mind that even a white person can easily tell that these pictures are of wildly different looking people.

I'm into 2 lads already, playing only what I've received, and not fishing for baits on the site. SO FUNNY... Just had to tell someone!:)

Persius Flatula
Dr. at large...

Dr. Persius Flatula
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