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 "The Slap" - it got results!

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:51 am Reply with quoteBack to top

There's a time and a place for slaps, and there are many grades of slap.

M4rk Nich0ls0n is the lawyer for a recently-dead "cancer sufferer", and Mal steered him towards suing the doctor who apparently let the patient die. Keeping focussed, the Lad invented a deadline.

I do understood the fact that G0vier has no right to set any deadline, but Mrs. 4ngella is the one who instruct her Bank to set a deadline on any Transfer request made on her account for some certain period of time, she did that due to some incident in the past, she use that as a means of security on her Account and to avoid any unauthorized or illegal transfer of money from her Account, that was the reason i can not go against the instruction on the authorization letter.

Mal called shenanigans:

"[U]nauthorized or illegal transfer[s] of money from her Account" - I have this feeling that you're not telling me everything about this.

Some Lad Logic followed:

There was a time when a friend of Mrs. 4ngella ask her to help him receive some money, and after receiving the money, he asked Mrs. Angella to transfer the money into one offshore Account that he provided, and on the later date, the Bank called Mrs. 4ngella back to inform her that the money she received is an illegal and unauthorized money as they called it, the bank said there is a report from the owner of the Account where the money was transferred, and he claimed not to be aware of the transfer made on his Account. the bank asked Mrs. 4ngella to refund the money, it was a very big problem then and Mrs 4ngella has to pay all the money back, because she couldn't find her friend anymore

Mal was scornful:

Are you sure that you're a lawyer? That logic sounds completely half-assed. It's like setting up road-blocks to stop someone in a helicopter!

Suddenly, the Lad seemed to fold:

Your Word made me feel so bad as it is something i never expected of you, i see no logic here but a simple truth, i am a professional lawyer and my client are always the first thing on my mind, i do understand that this may sound unprofessional to you, but i must be sincere, that is what i was told, i never believe it in the first place until i get to the bank to found out myself, but in this case Mr Reynold, i think i will have to go and meet Govier this afternoon and talk to her over the authorization letter, i will make her go in our way and follow your desired date, but you will have to give me a date you prefer, i promise i will handle the case very well.

I can choose a date... that's just a gift!

I have never insulted you for once to call me asshole? I can command the wind to consume you if you insult me again be warn..

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