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 Cardholder Services

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I get this call on my work cellphone occasionally from "Cardholder Services" (Very Generic). Considering I have had the same work cell number for 3 years and still get this call, and I have NEVER given my work cell# out to anyone for personal reasons. For that, I have my personal cell.

1. My banks have no reason to call me because I pay them their blood money.

2. I get a recording from Rachel from cardholder services. It says to press 2 to be put on the "Do Not Call List," and I originally thought that might work. Calling someone with a recording is also illegal as well as auto-dialing and hanging up on everybody when somebody answers.

3. #2 gets them to call you MORE often not less.

4. They call cell numbers, which is generally illegal for solicitation.

5. They don't respect the national Do Not Call List.

6. I have Pressed #1 to speak with them and said, "Put me on your do not call list." CLICK they hang the fuck up like rude assholes!


I decided to try and bait them!

I asked for "Rachel" and they hung up (probably because their is no Rachel).

I asked, "Where are you calling from" Click.

I asked, "What is the name of your company" click.

Recently, I just lied and said I had a ton of debt on a LOT of credit cards.

Next thing they ask stupid questions like, "Would you like lower interest rates?" Um, "No, I want you to negotiate higher interest rates." Rolling Eyes

Eventually, I played into it so well by following their script's modularity I got to ask a couple questions. I asked, "What banks do you work for?"

They said, "We work with All 500 credit card issuing banks." <=== No shit hugh? Wow, you must be important. That is a LOT of responsibility for someone who doesn't even have a company name.

Next, they are asking for my credit card #, expiration date, and even the 3 digit code on back to validate my information with the bank.

Needless to say, I couldn't quite give them the number right. I wrote down the number I made up and would change it just one digit or be a digit off. The lady would be polite, and I would blame her. Twisted Evil

Pretty soon I am talking to a Supervisor (Probably a higher-up, more-experienced, lad). I am giving him credit card numbers. He figures out I am messing with them.

He asks if I don't have anything better to do. I said, I enjoy it because you guys are liars, cheats, and scamers. He assures even says 100% they are not and asks, "Why can't I convince you of that?"

I said, "Your assurances are meaningless. You don't follow ANY of the United States Anti-Solicitation laws, you don't follow the Do Not Call List laws, etc." He said, "We are just trying to help you." I said, "Fine. You want me to trust you. Let's start with you telling me the name of your company! Who are you? Who do you work for? If you work for all 500 credit card banks, they MUST know who they are and pay for these services right?"

Why would they pay a third-party to call up people to then negotiate lower interest rates? Why would they pay you to take money away from them? If they really wanted to lower interest rates, a computer would do it, and notices would be mailed!

Then he berates me for wasting his time. I said, "I enjoy wasting your time. Keep calling me back!" He then said, "What do you do sir?" I said, "It is none of your business. Why do you ask?" He asked how much I make next. (I did not answer)He said, "I make more money than you!" I said, "Money isn't everything. I make more than enough to get by, I work an honest job and love what I do. I go to sleep at night knowing I help people! You sir probably do make more money because you are a cheat."

He then tried to give me the whole, "What, you are doing this because you don't have love in your life."

I said, "Sir, I am a happy man with tons of love in my life. I cherish each moment of life because I am happy where I am, I have a wonderful family, and I am secure without stress. These things are WAY more important than the pursuit of excess wealth."

I have not heard back!
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello jbirky. Thanks for the post. I've been researching these "Hi, I'm Rachel...scam calls for over nine months now, and have been giving the sleaze-bags at the bottom of it a really bad time. Unfortunatly has not stopped the calls in other locations. They know me very well since I gave RL in attempting some legal action. I typically record them to keep track of who's at the other end of these robocalls. Haven't heard from "Donna", or any of my "outsourced buddies", from Client Services Inc, in about a month. The last call, mid Nov, I gave a fake name and ph #, but with our correct ph prefix #, to see what the reaction will be at this point. I hear the "representative" say to another person in their robocalling boiler-room, "Oh my God, thats'-" [repeats phone prefix #, then something inaudable, and hangs up]. I've been posting info under "Telemarketing Fraud", in this- "Miscellaneous Scams".
If I have the time, and resources, might end up bringing them all before a Judge in our State Justice Supreme Court.
Might invite "consumer protection advocate" Lesha Brommel, from the Missouri Attorney Generals Office. She knows Precisely who's at the bottom of this organized crime, or at least knows Exactly who to contact to stop the calls, which typically lasts for about 30 days, or until I piss them of again.
And still waiting, and need for court, for these clowns to provide ALL their Do Not Call Policies", according to law.
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