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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

OK, I posted bits of this elsewhere. I havent baited for a while so I dropped into the surplus letters and picked up a Russian Oil thingo. Usual script, smuggling money, had to send them an account opening fee blah blah blah!!!

As I havent done this in a while, a week and a bit in I decided I wanted a new trophy for my avatar. Probably a bit early for trophies but SecP1c looked like fun and I didnt feel ready yet to launch an elaborate cast of new characters so I read up on the SecP1c site and loved it.

I am neant to be infatuated with a beautiful Russian Oil Heiress who is going to give me mega $$ and elope with me to boot!! I am meant to send money to the a bank to open up an account for the transfer but I messed up my entry into SecP1c and had to alter it after sending. This seems to have massively confused the lads and I received the following slap from somebody:

Thank for your mail, for this rubbish, I will cast your site both pages.

Na web designer na una dey won play with, kindly come out and beg for the format nor be wetin you dey do so. the say 2days wen you give me na i won still give you also. bet and see if your site go still dey work again the money wen you take open and design am i go waste am.

To which I duly replied:

What are you saying Larisa? Is this in Russian?

I replied back to the main character, not to the Bank character who had abused me!

I then get this response:

Thanks for your mail, It's Russia language. I do not know how to speck English very well, in every mail I sent to you I always translate it before sending it to you. I am really sorry for the language I guest the translating software machine didn't translate it very well.

I then get:


come through on the SecP1c system.

I wonder if the abuse came from this Lad's boss and he got a slap internally (wishful thinking) or whether I managed to pull him back with the Russian Language comment and the new login for the almost at hand MTCN (probably)

I think there has to be problems with this photo, it will never do for SecP1c. He has tried logging on to retrieve his MTCN about 15 times tonight I rewarded him by bumping the status up to 'processing'!!

I might have taken this too far too soon now but I'll have a think and see if there is an option to take this lad way off track next.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

beautiful Russian Oil Heiress
Me thinks your lad is a tad confused! LOL

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