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 Dashing a Lad's hopes

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Nigel Tuffnel
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This Lad became impatient with my Indian baiting character (even as Mr. Gupta had to travel to three neighboring villages to borrow the $3000 for bank fees).

My Brother,

I want you to listing to me very well, i am not here to play, if you know very well that you are not ready to do this business with me kindle inform me so that i will know what next to do, why i am asking this is just because you told me that you are going to the three villages to borrow this money to pay our bank diplomat that is coming to your country to handle over the consignment to you and till now you have come back from the village till now you don't want to tell me that you have the money or not so that i will know what to do, so i want to hear from you if you have the money or not or if you can do this business with me or not, even to give me your number you did not give why?.


Await to hear from you as urgent,

Mr Peter.

My character explains that he had to visit two additional villages to raise the money, that he does not appreciate the Lad's attitude, and that a Barrister Kofi may become the new business partner.


Difficult for villages. Five for me. I ask. What next movements?

You say bad things. To me. You say I am play. You say I do not tell you.

Is Africa man like this? Say bad things to partner and say brother????

The mony from more villages. Some village man say NO. I go for mor villages and get the mony and you say I play.

Barr. Kofi is good. To me. I am go for his deal. More mony by Kofi.

Thank you.

Here my character politely informs the Lad he has decided to do business with a Barrister Kofi of Ghana instead:

Dearest Mr. Dunga.

I hav project now with Mr. Kofi. Insted.

Thank you.

Rajiv Gupta

This is not the most exciting Lad rant, but one can feel the dashed hopes of a Lad expecting a $3000 payout! Twisted Evil

Hello Mr Rajiv Gupta,

Ok there's no problem for that but i want you to know that as you do me anyother person will do the some to you. If you come back to ask me that you want to do this business again with me i will not agree so byeeeeeeeeeee

It is now i know very well that if our bank diplomat come to india you will kill him and run away with thisq consignment, i thanks and i am now belive on what Mr SAJAY from your country India told me that any body answer that your name in India is very pool and evil so you are pool and evil, i thank my God ohhhhhh

Mr Peter.


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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:40 am Reply with quoteBack to top

He may be onto something. If you go there with an advance fee fraud, you might be played too. Too bad we don't return the favor.

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