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 First phone call. Everything as expected

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:23 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello everyone!
Today I made my first phone call to my lad, St4nley Osei. I was nervous that I would burst out in laughter, or that I would get nervous and spell my own name wrongly, but I did fairly good (I think it helps that I took a lot of drama lessons as a kid). I did not record it but it went more or less this way.

After greetings, I told him to make notes of what I was going to tell him, because it was very important. I asked if he could travel abroad. He said he could [Thats one point for me], so I tell him my agent, Mr. Martinho da Vila [I just hope he doesn't listen to brazilian music] will meet him in Yamoussoukro, to hand him some documents and an Iphone (Here I tell him 'Are you interested in an Iphone?' 'Yes, of course', he says, I could smell the drool through my phone). Then he has to return to Accra and hand the documents to another of my agents will pick up the documents and hand him 2,500 dollars. However, things are not so easy, because he asks for $500 in advance [how did you guess that?]. I tell him it goes against my company policy. He insists. I tell him I will talk to my boss. Here I decide to cut the call.

Well, I think I did good enough, being a first timer. I was surprised because he spoke really good English, with virtually no accent.
Now I'm thinking what I'll do next. My idea is that my boss told me he won't give any money in advance, but we can add a laptop computer to the deal, in exchange.
Do you think it's a good idea?
Thanks a lot guys!

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Phone calls get easier and easier the more you do. They go a long way to convence the lad your real. Sounds like your trying to get your las to safari. In my experience the Ivory Coast is a pretty difficult destination to get a lad to travel to. Especially if this is your first safari. Perhaps try telling him one of your representatives will be in Tamale for a quick meeting before flying to Yamoussoukro. This makes it look like your trying to help the lad with a closer meeting point. If he screws up and doesn't travel then you can move on with a Ivory Coast attempt. If he does go to Tamale he will still miss you and have to go to Yamoussoukro Smile

Your doing good bringing in your boss as a third party. Just stick with your guns that your boss will not pay money upfront. Tell him your company has been swindled in the past.


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