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 I have indeed found love...

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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:49 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Waited a few days before posting, because I wanted to see if this guy will stick around. And this is giving me a great chance to give more background to my character!

Meet Ana, a 48 year old divorced semi-invalid mechanic, who was in a car accident several years ago that destroyed her vocal chords (No phone number for you!). She has a 20 year old daughter, who is going to school to be a mortician (For the job security, obviously). She doesn't know much about computers, so daughter Ella set up her dating account. Here she has met Rodney, who lives in the US but travels a lot for his work (surprise, surprise). He is already in love with Ana, obviously.

He has seen a picture of the two in vacation, failing to notice their resemblance to Lorelei and Rory Gilmore Very Happy (Actually, the Ana idea was based off of Scottie from Mythbusters, but I wanted a mother/daughter pic lol. And it is a crime to say Lorelei is almost 50 but it was the only pairing I could think of)

At the moment, he keeps asking about her financial situation and wanting her to set up a messenger account. I, on the other hand, want to know about mortuary jobs where he is from, so that when I tell my daughter about him and maybe wanting to live there some day I can give her an idea about the job market. (In reality, I have messenger already, but I am having fun stalling him.

His latest to me:
Hello Dear
How are you doing and how was your day today and i hope that you feeling better and Ella and i am happy that you feel better and please dont over stress your self anymore and try to keep your self relax all time and make sure you rest when ever you can
Any way where i am for now the job here is little slow now but i think later things will be find its just a matter of well i dont think i have any special book and i hope Ella is feeling fine and i hope that you have a good time on your project and what kind of project is that and are you going to be paid for that and i think that will make you feel better and get some money from it but please dont over work your self as i said because you mean alot to me and i dont want for any stress or something that can hurt you okay thanks and i love you and please do make sure that you get the yahoo messenger downlaod and open yahoo mail as well in time because that is where will can be able to be talking easy i hope to hear from you soon


And my response:
Hi there Rodney dear,
Well, my power went out today! Not for too long, only a few hours, but it gave me an excuse to light some candles and read. It was a nice relaxing evening. Other than that I was working on my project car (it is a 1963 VW Microbus, I am restoring it to mint condition and going to resell it for a nice little profit). Today I did some work on the transmission. Got myself all greasy and grimey, just emailing you before I get myself into the shower.
It is so sweet for you to worry about me. Don't worry, I try not to stess myself out. I just like to stay busy, that's all. I take it a little at a time, and if I am not feeling well then I don't do much.
Were you able to find out any information on the mortuary business? I would really love to have some info to give Ella. She is coming over for lunch tomorrow, and I am so excited to tell her about us. Have you told Vera? How has she reacted? I am sure it will be a little strange for her, but she is an adult and I am sure she will come to terms with it in time. If there is any way I can help make it easier for her, please let me know.
Well I am off!

I am thinking that my lunch with Ella will include information that her father (whom she hates of course) was trying to contact her and she was so upset that we never got around to setting up the messenger.. hmm...

Any thoughts, opinions, etc would be greatly appreciated

ETA: he says he is from Idaho but his IP says Illinois... think thats really where he is from or is he hiding his ip somehow?

ETA 2: couldnt sleep so checked my mail... got a reply from him!
Hello My-dear
Thanks for you having time on me and to reply to my mail and i am really happy to always read your message its give me peace of mind that you are really serious about me and i want you to promise me that you will never talk to anybody online and you will never let anybody to contact you for date because i have stop mine since i have found you and i hope you will do as well.
My-love i want us to me honest to our self fiscally and financially because it is also important in a relationship that both husband and wife are there to help there self in terms of the needing because there is BIBLE scripture says that as well and i want us to co-operate so that will can be able to honest,caring,love,understanding and serious to our self
Ana i have told you about to my daughter Vera and she is really happy about it and i have show her your picture and she likes it and she told me that when will you come home when i talk to her last online because she does not live with me she lives with her grandmother in another state so when ever i go to her or she come home i will tell her more better okay and please don't forget to tell you daughter is she comes home to help you open and download yahoo messenger and yahoo mail as well okay i want you remember that i am the man for you and please do keep that in mind talk to you tomorrow and i hope to hear from you soon


Bolding mine. I loved that line.

Dear Rodney,
It is nearly 4 am here, but I felt an urge to check my email. It was like I knew you had written! So of course I had to write back Smile.
What is so exciting about this yahoo? I tried to google it today out of curiosity and it seems pretty much the same as what I have now. Still, I will ask Ella. You know, I have such a hard time using google sometimes. The other day, I could not find anything I was looking for, so out of annoyance I typed in the word 'fart'. And you know, I found Ben Franklin's article on farting! It was very interesting, if somewhat crude. It really is a fascinating world we live in, nothing like when we grew up.
And I would never dream of trying to date someone besides you. I told you, I think that that is horrible and people who do that should have their private parts cut off.
I am glad that Vera is so supportive of us! It must be hard for you to have her live in another state. What state does she and her grandma live in?
Well, I should be off to bed, if I want to be awake and ready by the time Ella comes over!

And I wish I could take credit for the farting thing but that was something that happened to my father right after he first got the internet. It just seemed like something fun to stick in there.

Closed lad accounts x3 x11
"even a deaf and dump use phone...All of this sound so barbaric" - Advocate Molla
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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:27 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Ok so I decided to just go ahead and send him my fake messenger name, rather than draw it out. After sleeping on it thought I would save the excuse for when he knows me better (heh) and finds me believable.

So I sent him a quick email, saying Ella helped me set it up and here is my name etc. Later on he comes on and we have a short chat.. I'll only post the parts I found fun on here Smile

Scammer: Do you have the picture of Ella there
Me: shes in that one i sent you
Scammer: Okay dear
Scammer: Can you accept the file i sent you i want to show you the picture of Vera and me when will are at the store
Me: ok
Scammer: Can you see it
Me: yup In reality nope, it was a bad picture and came through all blurry, but thats ok by me, because right now I just want to be believable, a good little victim
Me: shes very pretty!
Scammer: Can you show me the picture of you and Ella again here let me see
Scammer: Thank and yes she is pretty
Me: let me see if i ca get it
Scammer: Okay
Me: did it work?
Scammer: Yes its work
Scammer: I want you to know that there are six steps of relationship and i will explaine that to you if you want me to
Me: ok
Scammer: Good but you never tell me your age
Scammer: Do you have another picture of your self again
Me: i told you i am 48
Scammer: Okay thats nice
Scammer: Are you alone there with you and do you have another picture there with you
Me: i am alone
Me: dont have another pic
Me: and i do need to get going soon
Scammer: why is that the only one you have
Me: i dont have more rite now
Me: Ella does though i think
Scammer: Okay any way thats okay
Me: i used her camera
Scammer: ok
Scammer: Okay so why dont you try to get more so that i can see more of you
Me: i will
Me: will you email me later?
Scammer: ok
Me: i like waking up and having emails from you
Scammer: that will be nice
Scammer: Okay and you too
Me: ok hun
Scammer: Thanks
Me: goodnight!
Scammer: ok dear talk to you again

I never did get the 6 step program though.. I am dying to know! I wonder which one states that I need to furnish him money whenever he asks?

Closed lad accounts x3 x11
"even a deaf and dump use phone...All of this sound so barbaric" - Advocate Molla
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Wannabe Baiter

Joined: 29 Aug 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:20 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Oooor.... I could just lose him.

Here is the last chat we had. I doubt I'll hear from him again, but that's why its a learning experience. Any and all advice, suggestions and pointing out of mistakes would be greatly appreciated Smile


Me: I made it come up!
Me: I am so proud of myself
Scammer: Okay how are you
Me: Hello Rodney dear
Scammer: what Hello Ana
Scammer: Can you send me another picture of you again i will like to see more
Me: I told you I don't have any more right now
Me: Ella has them on her camera
Me: I won't be seeing her again until the weekend
Scammer: Why but i told you last night that i will need to see more picture of you
Me: You also said you would send me a sweet emai and you didn't
Scammer: Well i am busy thats why
Scammer: so are you ready to send me the picture
Me: She is at school dear, I have not gotten any from her]
Me: her classes to be a mortician are very difficult
Scammer: That okay
Scammer: I see
Scammer: So how are you doing today
Me: Well, the weather is changing, so my hips and knees are hurting
Me: I spent most of the day in bed with heating pads.
Scammer: I see
Me: What about you? What have you been busy with?
Scammer: Realy so what is time there with you right now
Me: Thinking of me I hope
Scammer: I have been busy work
Me: It is 7:45. How about you?
Scammer: Okay is 4.21pm here
Scammer: Can you give me your full house address
Me: So you are three hours behind me?
Scammer: Yes i am
Me: Are you coming to visit me?
Scammer: I just want to have it with me then let me know when i am going to less busy then i can come to you
Me: That would be wonderful, if you came and took care of me
Scammer: Yes i am
Scammer: Can i have it
Me: Hopefully it woud not be any time when I am in the hospital
Me: I have to go there an awful lot
Scammer: Well i will let you know when i want to come to you
Me: Good!
Me: vcie'[hf
Me: Sorry!
Me: Sprinkles just jumped onto the keyboard
Me: he wanted to say hello too!
Scammer: who is that
Me: My cat
Scammer: Okay
Me: He is very affectionate
Me: do you like cats?
Scammer: I think you sound unreall to me
Scammer: I am not here for child play of game okay
Me: What are you talking about?
Me: If I wasn't real why would I be talking to you?
Me: Or how, for that matter? I am certainly not one of those cyborg things they keep talking about on the news
Scammer: i ask you to give me your full house address and you didnt so what are will talking about
Scammer: You just change the topic
Me: Why should I give you my address if you are just going to insult me
Scammer: Okay then bye
Me: And after I told Ella about you and downloaded this stupid messenger thing too. I think you are the one who isn't real
Me: And I am guessing you don't like cats either
Me: And for your information
Me: I have trouble with focusing
Scammer: Okay thank you i ask of your phone number you cant give me i ask of your picture you saying another story and i ask you to give me your address it was another story again
Me: And I sometimes lose threads of confversations
Me: so it happens
Me: 1. I dont have a phone. I cannot speak. You know this. 2. I told you Ella has pictures, not me
Me: I ask you to send me an email because you love me, and you are too busy with work
Me: Why should I do everything and you do nothing?
Me: It was stupid to fall in love with you, and tell Ella about you. If I wasn't real, why would I send you any pictures, or download this messenger thing?
Me: Answer me that
Me: I understand. You found another, not disabled woman
Scammer: You are not serious
Me: I am completely serious.
Me: I bet you have been talking to other women this whole time
Me: Forget this. you tell me when you are ready for a serious relationship. I don't have time for your games

I was hoping at least that if I got mad enough he would try to say that he loved me and I had hurt him.. didn't even get that far Sad.

So feel free to poke holes at it and tell me where I messed up!

Closed lad accounts x3 x11
"even a deaf and dump use phone...All of this sound so barbaric" - Advocate Molla
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Not every bait develops into something-live and learn, and just try again.

Your choice of pictures is probably not the best, though-Lauren Graham has been in quite a few shows and movies, and it is not inconceivable that an African will have seen her in something before. But, maybe more importantly, she is too attractive, and the picture was probably the first thing to lead the scammer to suspicion.

In general, a romance scammer is going to target a more "average" looking woman, or one who is unattractive. An exceptionally attractive woman is probably going to have lots of other relationship options, and is less likely to be dependent on the love and attention of the scammer, which means she is harder to manipulate.

So when you started with an attractive photo and then proceeded to ignore his requests, he quickly decided you were either a joker or not worth the effort.

You may hear from him again if he doesn't have anything more promising in the works--but he will focus on others who are more promising.

Purple FlowerEaster Egg"I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more..."
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Wannabe Baiter

Joined: 29 Aug 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:22 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks for the feedback Smile. I was hoping the picture that I had found would be convincing, but I wasn't sure... I was trying to think of a picture I could use for mother/adult daughter, but didn't want to use just a random picture I found online.

Live and learn.. and find a better picture before trying it out again! Next goal-get a guy to talk to me for 2 weeks instead of 1! Very Happy

Closed lad accounts x3 x11
"even a deaf and dump use phone...All of this sound so barbaric" - Advocate Molla
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