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 Nearly One Year

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:28 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This bait is coming up to its one year anniversary (if a Mod is reading this please tell me how to get a one year sig icon). Some extracts on what has been happening can be found at

The lad is now resorting to near begging for some money. Here is his latest email to one of his intended victims, Elizabeth the duplitious, money cutting secretary to Igor the club owner.

Dearest Elizabeth.,

Really to be frank with you,I still haven't believed you can send me
this kind of mail.
So this is what i get for all the good i have done for you?

Covered up for you when you collected all the money sent to Arty and
made Igor believed it was Arty that collected all the money?

You asked me to talk to Igor so he could make you Manager which i did,

Elizabeth i need you to check properly....You have accused me
severally because you think i am a SCAM But at every end of the
accusation you keep finding out that i am innocent.

Duncan loosed him job with Igor at first because he thinks you didn't
take the Money and so he covered up for you,and you guys still blame
me that i made Igor kicked him out! when it was his decision to accept
the fault for reasons best known to him.

Tell me Elizabeth were have i really wronged you? where?

We came to understand one another living the past problems we have
behind us and now you bring all back to my face because Duncan advised
you against me?

Well,I belief if you want to send me the money on your own decision
you will,because this was your decision before Duncan made you changed
BUT i do not belief anyone can make a person as intelligent as you are
change your mind over a decision because i know you have a mind of
your own.

I still want you to please reconsider,that we are good friends
now,perhaps yo can make Duncan too understand this.

Elizabeth i confided in you as a friend,Just just for now BUT also for
other things in future we can do together as friend.I need your help
Elizabeth and i know you have a HEART so please do Not leave a
helpless friend in this Condition

I beg you to search your heart and please RECONSIDER,I really need
this Money to get my stuff back together.

Thank you and i hope to hear from you soon


Elizabeth has written back to him (burned him) as follows (which also summarises a lot of what has happened):-

Dearest David,

Look, until you came along I didn't have all this hassle about trying to figure out who was who and what was what. I just did my job, earned a few pounds on the side and had a good relationship with my boss. What has happened since you turned up? Igor has been pestering me to make all these money transfers for an ATM card which is obviously fake and God knows what else, I have to protect him from you by getting the money paid to me, Igor fires one of my best friends (Dunc) and then you virtually mug him in Nigeria because Igor has had some crazy idea to go over there for a loan or something. You then have the nerve to send me another of your fake ATM card emails, get me writing to what appears to be 2 x Artys and then try the same thing with Felix the Cat and some other guy who also conveniently is called Felix. I'm willing to bet if I'd have paid the £600 I rather foolishly wanted to send to you then you'd have been back saying you hadn't got the money and that I'd sent it to the wrong Arty or wrong Felix or something.

What really bugs me now is how dumb and weak I was to even consider sending you the £600 and I have Dunc to thank for bringing me back to Planet Earth. You've called me a liar, a thief and a lot worse in the past and there I was going to send you £600, I must have been on an illegal substance or something to even consider sending £600 to someone who has treated me so badly and who I have no doubt is a scammer.

As for the good you have done for me, let me think. Oh yes, the couple of grand I got by protecting Igor from you (which paid for a rather nice holiday which I needed after all the hassle you've been giving me) and maybe using your influence in getting me my manager job in the new club. Well thanks for that, I love this new job and I love Edinburgh but I daresay I could have screwed Igor enough to give me the job anyway. It certainly isn't worth sending you £600 for it though and as I have already written I must have been mad to even consider it. So I'm not going to say anything to Dunc except how right he was. He's a sweet guy and I'l be forever grateful to him for taking the heat off me over the missing transfer money (something YOU told Igor about by the way) but that was his decision, I didn't stand over him with a gun telling him to do it for heaven's sake.

I guess in some ways you and I are similar in that we both want the best in life but in other ways I am nothing like you. I could never treat people like you treat people. I treat people with respect and honesty {COMMENT: I'm sure the lad will choke on that} and if they want to do a few things for me in return what is wrong with that? So, I've taken advantage of a few opportunities which have come my way, again what is wrong with that? So, I've decided not to send you £600 I don't even owe you, what is wrong with that? It's a tough life David and you're one of lifes losers whereas I'm going to be one of lifes winners so screw you. Don't whine and whinge like you normally do - all this "Oh I'm so innocent", "Oh you're a heartless woman", "Oh poor me" and such like as it is pathetic.

I think I've explained quite well where you've wronged me. Now I've got a club to run so I'm not writing any more.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses.


I think that might produce some of this lad's rants. However all is not lost for the lad. His other victim (Igor) is travelling out to Nigeria next week to open a new club in Lagos together with a brand spanking new laptop PC the lad asked for. Wonder if he'll make it? I'll post anything significant for this long running bait which to be honest I'm very proud of.

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