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 "You're nothing to me"

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:51 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Cammy has been cruel lately...

James 4bbas wrote to her a month ago with the usual orphan sob story:

After much consideration and prayer I have decided to tell you all about myself because I believe you can be of Assistance to me and my faith and believe in God led me to you

Pressed on his age, he went from 27 to 19 in three days:

yes mummy, i am not lie to you i am 19years old child not 27years old who told oh it maybe when i was trying to sleep, oh i am fatherless motherless brothersless sistersless, i am just serfer over here in camp, just only the rev father that i am just with over here in camp, please help me help me, that is the bank email address that the bank give to me you for you to contact them have you be able to contact them. so that this fund can be able to transfer away from africa. this is my only hope in my life. i did not need your money please help me, i am 19yrs not 27years,

I lost interest a bit not long after that and things went bad (Lad in italics):

You don't need my help.

aunty wy did you just said that to me why, when i believe that you can help me out of this sitaution please help me to contact the bank now before the will close i really need your assitant, i am waiting to her from you and the bank now.

There are others who need my help more than you do.

oh why did you just want to help me out if this situation as you promise me i did not need your money just for you to help me stand as the rightful beneficiary to help me receive my fund $15,million dollars, away from africa, please help me to contact the bank abeg you help me.

I made no promises to you, so don't try to bullshit me.

oh aunty so you did not want to help me to receive my fund for me again when i have already Review all the secrete to you, because i really no that you are really fearing God person that is why i review this secrete to you, i no that you can help me, because i am not after you money, my money is Okay for me when i Arrive in your fulling by your Arrangement, i am going to start a new Life, invest in a very big business, also forward education over there in your country, and you are going to Look for a very comfortable place for me to stain first so that i will not have inconviness with any body.
i waiting to hear from you and the icb bank ghana, but how i trust you upon this my fund of money, because this is my only servival in my full life, i am fatherless i am moterless brothersless and also sistersless, please i elp me to get in touch with this bank tranfer.

Then it got slightly profane:

I'm not God Fearing - I'm not one of the sheeple; I am Asatruar.
I am going to send help to those who need it, not to some fucking spoiled rich brat who thinks that the world owes him a fucking living.

That shut the Lad up for all of six days and then (emphasis added):

Aunty, how are you i hope it is well with you over there with the family, i just release from the hospital yesterday saturday, because i was not too strong, how is the arrangement between you and the bank, have you contact them so that i can no the position of thing, because i did not want to play with this fund, this is just my only hope in my full life, so that when i arrive in your country i can start a investment and also forward me education over there in your country, i believe that after tranferring this my Fund away from africa, you are also going to look for accomodation where i can stain when i arrive in your country.

But I donn't know if even this will deter him:

Of course I haven't contacted the bank! Why would I? You're nothing to me.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your harlot mother got your fuckin pregnant by the road side were she went hawking for men to fuck her stinking pussy...your dead Ok

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Lou Knee Dude
Pisses Everybody Off

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Why are we so heartless? Twisted Evil

Regards, Lou
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...the enter family of gomer boyz know your movement u cant run if you do sheek i will kill you...let me see how u work and send me a copy of the email you send to the maga i give you 10 mints to do that if not you chop the last dollar Shocked (M4NH0R G0MER)
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eddie shoestring
Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:09 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Yastreb, their pathetic responses make me want to puke. How the hell baiters keep themselves from telling them to go f theirselves makes me admire you all the more. Very Happy

Closed lad accounts Yeeha!!!
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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:25 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I feel sorry for the accommodation that he's going to stain. Confused

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