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 "i hate men who talks like women"

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I'd been neglecting this Lad, and some angry emails were received. So I thought chat was in order.

Mal: I think you need to calm down, seriously.
Lad: You rather have to calm down and listen to me
Mal: I'm totally calm, man. Completely rational.
Lad: Me too
Lad: we need to understand ourselves not fighting or trying to create misunderstanding
Lad: let's do this and believe you will have nothing to regret about it
Mal: What's to understand?
Lad: About the opening of the cas
Mal: I can't agree with you.
Lad: case
Lad: why???
Mal: Because there are so many things that don't add up.
Lad: Like what???
Lad: Let me know, two heads are better than one okay if there is anything you think i didn't mention to make this legal let me know
Mal: You told me that there was fifteen million in the case. I don't know how you could know that. I don't think X-Rays are that precise.
Mal: Another thing is that I've never seen you and the case together, You sent me a picture of the case. That's worrying.
Lad: I told you that because of the papers i saw attached to the case which i throw away
Lad: I have told you this before i guess
Mal: Why did you do that?
Lad: It was just a sheet of note indicating the amount
Lad: Throwing it away doesn't mean i purposely did it i miss place it or probably lost it
Mal: In any event that's sort of meaningless. My thought, once I took a long time to ponder things, was that the paper was part of a confidence trick. Why would you fill a case with money, lock it securely, and then leave papers detailing the contents? Makes no sense.
Lad: Tell that to the man i saw trying to hide the case but all i am telling you is that it's 15Million USD
Mal: Do you believe in Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy?
Lad: I am not a kid
Mal: Neither am I.
Lad: say that to children please am here for us to do business and not father and mother christmas
Mal: But expecting me to accept that some Mr X in Africa just happens to have $15 million in my name is on a level with believing in those things.
Mal: Look, I know you're disappointed. You thought you had a gold mine right there, but it turned out to be fool's gold. You have to accept that. Accept it, and move on.
Lad: Listen i put a question to you
Lad: are we continuing or not?
Lad: let me know and stop preaching
Mal: I answered that.
Mal: There's nothing to gain. Just throw the case away.
Lad: Ok so we have to quit?
Mal: Stop asking dumbass questions.
Mal: There's nothing here for either of us.
Lad: If you like insult me okay i don't care because i know you are rude already
Lad: I am assuring you that we will gain
Mal: It made you listen, right?
Mal: How will we gain anything?
Lad: I scanned this case and the result is with you yet you give faithless and bad comments
Mal: That proves nothing. I send you that money, you open the case and find trash, then we're both feeling like idiots.
Lad: But am putting it to you that without us having the woman to open the box you will never see that great prove you are looking for
Lad: I am not an idiot and will never be okay i have every right to sue the scanning company okay
Mal: There will be nothing to show for it. I'd stake the house and my guns on it.
Lad: if i find trash in it and i know nothing like that will ever happen
Lad: You stake your house and guns?
Mal: You believe that there's fifteen million in there. You do believe in fairy tales.
Lad: Sir this is no fairy tales at all
Lad: I took this case to the scanning company and it's confirmed as you have it
Lad: I can guarantee you 100% success in this
Mal: There is no way on earth that there is money in that case.
Lad: So what is in the case your cloths?
Mal: As they say here, fucked if I know.
Lad: I wonder why you don't want to believe me or in your country X-ray result come as false result right
Lad: then here in Africa our X-ray result isn't like that
Mal: I did give you my take on it. That X-Ray scan can be fooled by colored paper.
Lad: What was carried on in my presence
Mal: Are you seriously telling me that you have better tech in Africa than in the West?
Lad: am i so foolish to be used my some people
Lad: No am not but i wonder the way you speak
Mal: Please don't ask me that.
Lad: after promising to send the amount
Lad: I have to because we are discussing and questions goes with discussions why will you be the only one to ask me question?
Mal: The only one? Sorry, what?
Lad: I said am not saying our tech is more than that of the west
Lad: but your response makes me say that
Lad: How can you indirectly call me a grown fool?
Lad: By telling me the scan result is a colored paper
Lad: that means i am a fool and must have been cheated
Mal: Because you believe the darnedest things.
Lad: A company i know and can sue if anything happen
Mal: People get cheated all the time.
Lad: Yes i know but not when your result is with me
Mal: How do I know that?
Lad: and then tomorrow i find out it's fake
Mal: You're clearly totally caught up in this. Like the Birthers.
Lad: The scan result is with us and i believe the result says the truth because every right to sue them if they lie
Mal: Well, not all of them. Orly Taitz is insane.
Mal: So you'd sue the company, and admit to the court that you'd been a complete bonehead? Good luck!
Lad: Listen if there is no money inside the case yes of course i can sue them for fraud but if there is money fine we compensate them and move on with our plans
Lad: See you are making talk too much i hate men who talks like women
Mal: Listen to me and listen carefully.
Lad: I have my entire FAMILY with me here do you think i want to lose them?
Mal: Have you ever fought for your country? Have you ever killed men in battle?
Lad: Stop that never warn me again
Lad: Forget about fighting for your country okay
Mal: Have you ever seen your comrades killed and wounded?
Lad: I am not a military man you choose to fight for you country that's why you did so how is that my business?
Lad: Sop rude
Mal: You sit there in your own shit, secure because brave men and women fought for freedom.
Mal: And you say I talk like a woman.
Mal: You have no idea what it's like to be a real man.
Lad: telling your fellow man fuck up using bad words because you think you are too superior,powerful or even the richest man in the world
Mal: I'm better than you.
Lad: so you feel proud and bold to talk to anybody they way you feel
Lad: Yes i admit
Mal: I'm not some deluded little man who won't accept that he's wrong.
Lad: I am not competing with you
Mal: Wise move!
Lad: You are too rude
Mal: Deal with it.
Lad: How old are you if i may ask or do you think you are speaking with a baby/
Mal: I'm 43. Eighteen years a Marine. I never regretted a day of my service.
Lad: I see
Mal: How old are you?
Lad: You are speaking with your elder ok
Lad: I am 56 years old
Mal: That does not make you my better.
Lad: I am not saying i am better than you
Lad: I know you are very rich and wealthy
Mal: O RLY? What gives you that idea?
Lad: I am nobody that is why i am fighting to become someone better
Lad: Because you talk to people the way you like
Mal: And that is why you are so willing to grasp at shadows.
Lad: That is never my business but at least even Kings do show little respect
Mal: You think I have millions? You're wrong. I didn't serve for money. I served for duty and honor, the flag and the Corps and my comrades in arms. But you would never understand.
Lad: I am not saying that
Lad: What i am insinuating is that you are too rude and talks like the presidents son
Mal: I believed in a greater lie than you can imagine.
Lad: What do you mean?
Mal: I believed President Bush when he sent us into Iraq to seize Saddam's nukes and CBWs. They weren't there. There was nothing like that. Men and women died and suffered for that lie. Iraqi men and women and children died for that lie. I was wounded in that war. I bled for that lie.
Lad: Lets face this transaction and stop all this long stories it wont help us never
Lad: we are wasting time Reynolds
Mal: You're wasting your life believing in that bullshit. There's no gold at the end of that rainbow. There are no presents under the tree. There are no coins under the pillow.
Lad: I don't know Reynolds maybe someone lied to you before
Mal: And there is nothing in that case except cut-up paper and bullshit.
Lad: and you have been cheated but me no man born of a woman can cheat on me
Lad: I said no no no and no
Lad: Stop saying nonsense
Mal: And that is why you are being deceived.
Mal: The easiest to con is one who thinks he can't be conned.
Lad: That is you
Lad: Because i see this as genuine i am here and knows what am telling you
Lad: can any company in usa or the Australia you are now give you fake papers and a scan result?
Mal: I don't think you understand me at all.
Lad: It's you who thinks he knows all
Mal: I don't want to be conned. That's the difference between us.
Lad: I am saying we wont be conned
Mal: And I'm saying that there is no way for that 'money' to be real.
Lad: Have you tried????
Mal: Tried what?
Lad: Have you trying sending the money and i gave you bad news in return
Mal: Dumb question!
Lad: How could you say all this evil about what you are not sure of
Lad: Insult me because you have no respect for elders but remember am not like those people you killed
Mal: I send you $650, you find a case full of cut-up paper, you're the one looking like an idiot in front of people you know.
Lad: Sir don't believe this i am telling you
Lad: we will make it
Lad: I know what am saying
Mal: Tell you what. Tell the engineer that if he opens the case and you find the actual cash, we'll split it evenly. Five million each,
Mal: On the other hand, if there's nothing, as I predict, you and he each get $1000 for your trouble .
Lad: Lets discuss matured
Lad: stop this issue
Mal: Best offer you'll get.
Lad: I can see you don't want to move on with this
Lad: it only pains me i wasted my time with a liar like you who has decived me for long
Lad: Thank you very much for playing with my intelligence
Mal: I can only say FUCK YOU so often.
Lad: Because you are nothing but a frustrated Marine man
Mal: I've been straight down the middle with you. Total honesty and disclosure.
Lad: If this is how they teach you then you are a drug addict
Mal: The go-nowhere barber, OTOH, is a self-deluding fool.
Lad: why do you behaVE LIKE YOU TAKE DRUG?
Mal: I don't take drugs. I was wondering if you were a crack head; now I have confirmation that somewhere along the way, you fried your brain.
Mal: Meh. I've had to up with Cammy. You have no gorram idea.
Lad: Instead of you putting it straight to me that you have another transaction you are facing you started insult your life not mine
Mal: What transaction? I don't understand.
Lad: I mean maybe your so call Jury Duty is on
Lad: just let me know and stop talking here and there
Mal: No, that's well over.
Lad: Then why are you doing this to me?
Lad: lets do this and believe everything will be just fine
Lad: If you send this and nothing happened are you sure i will still have the right to contact you?
Mal: I'm trying to stop you from making a complete and public fool of yourself. And I wouldn't reply if you came back to me afterwards because I don't take any joy in rubbing it in.
Lad: Please believe me
Lad: I don't know how to go about telling another person about this that is why i need us to conclude this within ourselves

I don't know if he'll write back again.

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Lad: Then why are you doing this to me?

Mal: I'm trying to stop you from making a complete and public fool of yourself.


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