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Phil McCavity
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 10:48 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Just thought I'd post one of my ongoing baits first Yahoo Chat log.

The story so far:

Dr Philip McCavity, Dentist at Large, is engaged to the Nigerian Princess Collins from Nigeria and soon to travel down to Spain to collect $$$. I thought I'd use this opportunity to find out a bit more about her and plant some worrying ideas in her head Very Happy

Just with reference to one part, since becoming engaged to her I am now a Nigerian Prince (at my own request) and am insisting on being referred to as "Your Majesty" in the flunky's replies to me.

missjoycollins: hi
missjoycollins: hello
philmc_cavity: Hi, are you there?
missjoycollins: honey
missjoycollins: yes
philmc_cavity: Hello my darling!
missjoycollins: yes
missjoycollins: i am here with you honey
philmc_cavity: I am so glad we can speak at last!
philmc_cavity: I am on a quick break as one of my patients did not turn up
missjoycollins: yes
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: so how is work over there
philmc_cavity: It is busy, dentistry is hard work, so much blood
philmc_cavity: I need to retire
missjoycollins: ok
philmc_cavity: How are things in your country?
philmc_cavity: are you well?
missjoycollins: pls for you do that you claim the money first from the security company so that we can start invest in your country
missjoycollins: ok
philmc_cavity: I was telephoned by them yesterday and have sent them the documents they wanted
philmc_cavity: I cannot wait for us to be together as Prince and Princess
philmc_cavity: I really think I love you
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: i love you too
philmc_cavity: Where shall we get married?
philmc_cavity: In London or your country?
missjoycollins: so what did the security company said to you
missjoycollins: it will be in london
philmc_cavity: Carl left me a message saying he had got all the documents but my passport was corrupt? I don't know what he meant so I sent it to him again
philmc_cavity: I am sure they will get back to me soon.
philmc_cavity: Are your teeth in good condition?
missjoycollins: yes
philmc_cavity: When you marry a dentist you get free dental treatment
missjoycollins: but now i do not have money to eat for this week
philmc_cavity: A princess doesn't have money???
missjoycollins: you know that is my father's lawyer is the one helping me for food now
philmc_cavity: That is good of him. He doesn't touch you rudely does he?
missjoycollins: yes
missjoycollins: his a very good man to me
philmc_cavity: He must not touch my fiancee Joy
missjoycollins: no he can not that
philmc_cavity: tell him I will not allow it
philmc_cavity: oh, sorry
philmc_cavity: you are precious to me
philmc_cavity: I'd hurt anyone who hurt you
missjoycollins: yes
missjoycollins: i need you
philmc_cavity: Unless you're into that
missjoycollins: i need to see you again honey
philmc_cavity: I know, soon it will be over
philmc_cavity: Soon I will be able to take all the photos of you I want and put them on my altar
missjoycollins: yes
philmc_cavity: I cannot wait
philmc_cavity: Do you like curry?
missjoycollins: thanx
missjoycollins: yes i do
missjoycollins: and u?
philmc_cavity: It's my favourite!
philmc_cavity: We have so much in common
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: yes
philmc_cavity: When will I get the money Joy? When can I fly you over here
philmc_cavity: do you have a passport?
philmc_cavity: Do you need a visa?
missjoycollins: yes
missjoycollins: i only need a visa to com over to your country
philmc_cavity: Great! Are you talented in bed or are you a virgin?
philmc_cavity: It is important I know for the wedding plans
missjoycollins: to me i will tell you i am a virgin
missjoycollins: we don't have to talk about these now
philmc_cavity: That is fine, it means we can have a white wedding and I can teach you all the saucy bedroom fun
philmc_cavity: I understand. It is just wonderful to get to know you
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: so honey what are you doing and travel to Spain to claim the fund
philmc_cavity: I have got my passport and am applying for a renewal on it as it expires soon, I have explained that it is urgent
philmc_cavity: that should not take too long
philmc_cavity: Why does it have to be Spain?
missjoycollins: yes
missjoycollins: that is where the security company is in Spain
philmc_cavity: I understand. Have you ever been to Spain? I don't speak any Spanish
missjoycollins: yes i know but they speak English over there too
missjoycollins: because i will like to come over to your country as soon as you claim the fund
philmc_cavity: Are you sure? That's great! What date should I arrange our marriage for? Should it be soon or should we meet first? Are you flexible?
missjoycollins: all these will be as soon as you claim the fund first
philmc_cavity: I understand completely
missjoycollins: ok
philmc_cavity: Can you send me another photo of you? My other one is slightly messed up
missjoycollins: so pls try your best to see what you can do to travel down to the security company and make the claim soon
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: i will do that soon
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: honey
philmc_cavity: Thank you
philmc_cavity: How tall are you?
missjoycollins: honey i have to go now
missjoycollins: pls work hand to hand with my lawyer
missjoycollins: ok
philmc_cavity: I understand, my next patient will be here soon. I have to remove his wisdom teeth and he's allergic to anaesthetic
philmc_cavity: I hate those ones
philmc_cavity: So much screaming
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: bye
philmc_cavity: I can't wait to speak to you soon and see your photo
philmc_cavity: I love you
philmc_cavity: Bye
missjoycollins: ok
missjoycollins: i love you too
philmc_cavity: x

The completed bait will be posted when finished. At the minute I'm just wondering how many times I'll have to send the 1.5 meg .dll file of my passport before they get bored of downloading it.

Dr. Philip McCavity LDS, DGDP
Grinn & Bareit Dental Surgery

"happy is the finger that dumps on the board while glory is the brian that tells me whats to write and gladness will be yours when you are reading this massage." - Brother Henry Onoura joining the Church of Evangelical Medical Predilections and Ischemic Love of the Dark One.

"DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN OR I WILL SEND YOU AN EVIL NUMBER ON YOUR PHONE. BEST REGARDS. " - Banker Mitchelle Graham becoming exasperated at Dr McCavity
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