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 Mr.Rogers and the Copper Salesman

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 23 Aug 2011
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:56 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first long bait. The entire conversation is over 70 messages and is still going on, I removed some of the conversation because its just me repeating myself to this lad, and him repeating himself. I got a trophy so i'm pretty happy about it.

It all started when i received a email from a UK copper salesman, I was in the market for some copper so i decided to message him back


Just clarifying his messages will be in red.

I wasn't really thinking it would go anywhere good, so i did't put alot of effort into this message

replying to your email now, interested

Dear sir
Am still waiting for your reply, please do let's me know the quantity of scrap copper you demand to purchase from us so that we can go on deal.

The amount of copper I'm asking for is enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming poll

what kinda sizes do you deal with, can you sell me 88,000 cu ft of solid copper

Lucky there was enough!

dear sir
thanks for your feedback, am grateful, we have almost 100,000 cu ft copper in stock now.

so i will like to know on what shipping port you will like us to make through to you.
Kindly let's me know where you from and your port shipping demand.
so do get back to us in other to prepare on invoice to you asap.
waiting to hear from you.

I started taking the "deal" more serous at this point, I also started making fake document and thinking of a Bank name. I really don't know how much the quantity of copper i will be buying would cost, so i just made the numbers up without any research.

Dear sir, wonderbar, that will do me just fine. how are you planning to send the copper over to me? Roy Rogers Incorporated is needing this amount very soon. My estimates place the cost at $320,000 CAN. Correct me if i am wrong. Could you send it by airplane to Canada? I hope this deal will forge a relationship as strong as the copper you are supply to us.

From the desks of,
Roy Rogers Inc.


dear sir
i am ready to make business with you
please sent your FULL destination airplane address ,so that we can package your order
.please tell us what quantity you want from us

i am waiting for your full address of CANADA AIRPLANE
that we also input your destination address in our company invoice


Now i decide to try to see if i can make my puppet dance yet

Thank you for your message, That is good to know you are honest, if you could please provide a security photo. This proves you are not a computer because obviously programs do not have human faces. Please understand that you have to hold up a card with a phrase on it to prove its not a random image from anywhere on the web. You or a friend will have to hold up a card or piece of paper with this phase clearly on it "Save me some of those Sweet and Power Chicken Things" that phrase is totally random and unique and it will prove my case and let us continue with business.

So sorry for the inconvenience but i would not liked to be scammed by a computer and i need to know you are an honest person. The photo can be of you OR a friend holding the paper, but this is very necessary to the deal, I hope you are ok with it and i await your next message. if i get it i will be able to trust you

ALSO, by Canadian Airplane address do you mean the Air company being used? I am not sure what you mean and it would be great if you could rephrase it.

Roy Rogers

Apparently that is not a usual request in the business and he is ok with it.

Dear sir
That will be great, on your request about holding a paper and write
what you said, that's not a problems to us at all, but first i have
to be sure if you really a sure buyer, because i do not want to do
this to you at the end of deal you wouldn't be interested again.

so first this is what you are going to agree on before i can hold a
paper and write what you need.

1.First after i might have done what you asked for, you have to make
30% payment to us before your goods will be ship to you.

So give us your quantity you want to buy
give us your shipping address, i mean the air-port name to be land.
and your full name in other to include in our company invoice.

Then after we get this from you, we are going to hold a paper and
write what you want to you.

But you have to agree that you must make down 30% payment to our
account before shipping to you.


So i come up with some fake address and give him the "details". I'm really thinking this is Fucking easy at this point.

Yes sir,

Have it sent to:
Roy Rogers Inc
40 Centennial Rd,
Orangeville ON,
L9W 3T3

Please send 6, 6 Cu. Ft. blocks of copper to Toronto Pearson International Airport, Via Air-Canada.
111 Convair Drive | Mississauga, ON | L5P 1B2
Recipient made out to "Roy Rogers Inc"


Address:79-81 Cobbold Road, London
United Kingdom

I will gladly pay the down payment of 30% for my copper after the the secuirty photo is received. Also what is your prefered method of receiving the funds? I thank you for this opportunity, have a good day.

Roy Rogers

Now he starts stalling, I don't like this. Nobody stalls with Roy Rogers!

Dear sir
Thanks for your contacting.
Well, we will like to do as you said but right now we are very busy to
some of our customers due to some kind of large quantity of goods the
company want to purchase with us.

We are making shipping some some of our customers by air plane now,
but i will also like to include your goods among it in other to get
this deal done between your company and i.

So for the photo you said, man is not gonna be necessary now as we are
busy as i said earlier, but i assure you that your goods will be ship
to you as long as we receive your 30% payment with us.
In our PROFORMA INVOICE, our Banking details is included in it, just
make the 30% payment and scan us your payment receipt.

We will never disappoint you in any way, we are still going to make
more deals between us, i just want you to give a little try to us and
i tell you will get the best service out of us.

So, now kindly make the payment to us then you will move immediately
on flying your products.


He sent it twice, so i make up a fake law, If i remember correctly part of the real law I'm ripping off is lousy about scamming or fraud. Thought it would be funny.

Please understand a photo is very necessary, Under Section 361. of the Canadian Criminal Codes 1-3 / Section 2 its a requirement for human verification, Simpily that means that we are required to check that you are who you say you are with a transaction of this size. This is just to prove that you are not a bot, please understand i know you are busy, but i cannot and will not transfer the money to your accounts without verifying you are a person. There are many complex and time consuming ways of doing this, but this is the easiest and fastest. We don't want to waste time either.

Simply take a photo of you or one of your employees holding a piece of paper with the agreed upon phrase clearly visible from earlier. This is very important and i can't legally continue without it.

I am going over the information and i will send the money in advance like your request before you send that goods, but this has to be cleared up first and there is no way around it. Please follow the protocol like you agreed on earlier.

surely you or someone you know owns and camera of some kind and that is all that you need.

Any Questions please ask,

I hope we can continue,
Roy Rogers,
Roy Rogers Inc.

This goes on for a while, I keep telling him its the law and he keeps telling me to send him 30% upfront, I'll skip ahead to when i make progress, Probably 7 emails in till any progress is made.

Dear sir
Here is my photo as the sale manager as you requested from now
you have our banking details included in the invoice so just make the
30% payment to us so that we can start arranging on your shipping.

so as we promised to you to send the photo, we have done it, so no do
also as you promised to us in other to move further on deal.

After your payment do scan the payment receipt to us in other to
verify your payment in our business base.


Uploaded with

About fucking time, I'll try to get the other one on sometime, but its just with better lighting. I hope you get the reference.

Ok i sent the 96,000 CAN is being processed and the bank will send it after i go down and sign some paper work.

Good day and i hope you send the copper, I'm having trouble attaching the invoices, but will momentary. Why does it say Canadian Air-Plane, that is not a company. How ignorant, you don't think we have a proper country here? The population just reached 1 million people, how dare you, I expect an apology. Why are there so many errors on the form. I did how ever take the liberty of redoing the form

He didn't even spell Canadian right! I'll edit this when i finish it. More to come, Well i guess a deal is a deal

Here is the invoice

I attached this, my bank is the International First Bank of Meatspin

Last edited by royrogermcfreely on Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:55 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 23 Aug 2011
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Oh No, At this point there is a horrible problem!

Many apologizes, the bank was hacked by cyber hackers today, the funds can not be sent at the moment. Continue visiting the Bank site, it will be fixed soon and we should constantly monitor the situation. It is crazy that theses Gay Cyber Hackers would replace the Website with such a Gay image.

I attached a Newspaper Clipping that i photocopied so it could inform you of the situation. I contacted D******** of the Meatspin International Bank but he hasn't returned my emails.

Roy Rogers

Tired to say something before he visits and accuses me of something. Even attached a news article to help my case.

I hope nobody finds this offensive, if you are easily offend please do not visit this link, also do not visit, if you haven't figured it out. It is not a bank.


Dear sir
Okay nice to see the payment scanned.
we will contact your bank asap, so after contacting them and confirm
your payment your goods will be ship immediately.

so whatever it's goes in our bank, we will contact
[email protected] and you to let's you know.

Hoping to do more deal with you after this.

Then he figures some stuff out, Not that i sent him to a shock site, but that i gave him the wrong piece of paper.

Dear sir
The receipt you scan to us is not deposit slip so we expect you to go
to the bank that you made the payment to collect deposit slip and scan
to us.

Here are the things the bank need to be input in the deposit slip,
which are very important to us.

Go to your bank and collect the deposit slip and let's all the details
below be included in the deposit slip

Here are what they need






These are the things needed in the deposit slip.

The one you sent is not deposit slip.

So go to bank and collect it and scan to us in other to move on deal,
because by next week the products should be ship after payment
confirmation from us.

Hoping to make a nice future deal with you


I'm still trying to get the slip, but in the mean time can you please complete this form click the underlined word. Its for all sellers and its just are why of finding out what kind of person we are dealing with. You are a very nice and honest person and you will do fine on the form so don't worry about it, but its necessary for future transactions so you should get it done now while you wait.

Please print and scan it back in

He never filled them all out Evil or Very Mad Trying to get him to do it and some other stuff pushed him over the edge... More on that later.

he slip is attached, But the is still down because of gay hackers. Feel free to check if the site is back online and tell me when you verify the transaction

Just type in "Roy Rogers Inc"
Then "International"
Then the password" 6969420" to confirm

Please fill in the form i attached to

My deposit slip, wondering if he found out it was fake by going to the bank or not.

Dear sir
Well, i got an attached form below my e-mail, i want to confirm if it's the deposit slip.

so do let's me know
i will get back to you with the form fill asap.

am waiting to hear from


Of course its real... would be kinda stupid if it was fake...
By the way, I'm new to the whole bank slips and fake papers, i'll learn in time.

I'm 95% certain it is, my assistant bought it back from the bank. Check if the severs are back online when you read this message, but they are not yet.

We had a private chat discussion in where i blamed the time it is taking to get the slip on my assistant, i think i went swimming during this time.


Dear sir
Here is the form you requested us to fill for you.
Can you send us the real deposit slip now in other to move on shipment.


Very Happy I'm pretty proud of myself, not him. He left out the good page of the form...

Dear sir
No, that is not the deposit slip.

There is no bank stamp on it.
so go and collects the real deposit slip and scan to us.

oh no! No stamp!

Silly assistant, i apologize and do not worry, i have already fired that assistant, She should have thought of her 4 kids before she made that mistake. I will get back to you in a few hours with the slip with the Meatspin stamp on it.

I do not feel sorry for firing her. Her kids where kinda douches.

When you post the last page of the form, (there were 3) i will post the full deposit slip with the bank stamp this time. Thank you for being patience and my company is going through a phase of Denial and Error, i hope you do not see it has disaspect.

Roy Rogers

Another trailer park boys reference if you can catch it.

Dear sir

Well, we are waiting for the deposit slip.

I protest these intolerable raps
It takes just one easy payment for me to whoop your ass! Cause I’m mint, I’m money!
I’m an educated gentleman so join or die Sir. Cause it’s all about the Rogers
I'm doing my emails on my smartphone well i go to the bank, you have started the application process of the form and i cannot file it without the last page. Why do you keep trying to stall? Besides the transaction cannot be complete in till the my bank fixes the problem with the hackers. I'm sorry but i cannot control their problem, the money is being processed, but there servers have to go back online.

I hope you under

i can see you are not serious buyer,
i told you ,that we need your deposit slip ,

what is all this about.....

says the guy who posted a picture of himself with a paper sign...
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 23 Aug 2011
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:52 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

That is harsh, i slaved for this guy and he is being rude.

How could you say that, i worked all yesterday outfitting the storage facility to hold the copper, i spent $5,000 on the upgrades and i have already spent $96,000 on the copper, if this is slow i apologize, but the bank is having issues, i'll have the bank slip with the stamp in 5 mins, but do not call me a joker those words hold alot of power.

Roy Rogers

So i post the slip with a new stamp on it...

Now the 3rd page of the form would be appreciated.

I thought stamps made it official.... it would have been over top of the form, but i had trouble with the transparency. This isn't the one i sent, the one i sent was ran by a filter to make it look worn and old.

Look Mr Roy
This form you sent is not from a bank and it is not a deposit slip
okay, stop all these and be serious for this business.

Go to the bank and get us the original deposit slip from the bank, so
that we can move on shipment, if we did not see the original deposit
slip from the bank and confirm your payment, your goods will not be

We must confirm your payment before goods ship.

And you told us to contact the bank, a bank can never us gmail as
their e-mail address, the bank email is not valid so do not joke with
us because we are not here for games, we are here for a serious


He is starting to get angry, i'll admit to nothing!

That is the slip. i got it from the bank, i can see you do not know how banks or international deals work, why can't you be serous? I'm losing faith in you, if you do not stop this I will cancel the transaction and goodbye $96,000, i do not know what to do. I give you something and you tell me i'm wrong. What the hell is this? If that is not a deposit slip, i do not know what you are talking about.

Roy Roger


Dear sir
We are very serious in deal, but your deposit lip is not the real one,
as i have told you earlier, a deposit slip must have the bank stamp
and signature in it, your full name and your signature, date of
payment and the amount you paid.

We have done this deal for more than 11 good years and we knew how
deposit slip looks like, so that is not a deposit slip.

Be serious to us and we are serious to you.

Then go to the bank which you made the payment tell them to provide
you a deposit slip with the bank stamp and signature

Here is our accountants number you can call him and talk to him



Time to pay dumb

do not know what you mean, this is what my bank gave me, i asked for the slip and they gave it to me. Do you think the bank is messing with me? or am i not asking the right questions?


Dear sir
Well, nice i did not s-aid so, -a-ll -i -me-a-n -is- --that is -not
-t-h-e -right -payment -slip, -if it's then- the -bank -stamp must be
there and -signature.

Then if the -bank -does not -wanna -giv-e -you -the -right -s-lip,
-then -go -ahead and -cancel the payment -and go to another -bank
-and make the -payment.

Then let's me know so that -we can forward another new banking -detail
to -you so -that -you -can make the payment -and -scan- -the -slip to
my boss are given me trouble, please sir ,just try because some bank
used to talk lie this not the original payment slip ,you are free to
-cancel the payment and look for another bank and make the payment
,we are ready to make business with you do not be annoyed ,


I don't... I don't get it. Well i get the message, not the -g-iv-e

How dare you insult my bank!, they have worked with me for years,
it’s about to get furious
You’re gonna love my nuts until you’re bi-focal-curious
Your boy George chopped down trees
You couldn’t break a piece of balsa
Slap chop your face
Make a double chin salsa
Your style is so broke
They call you Poor Richard
It’s bad enough I gotta see you every-time I tip a stripper
Vince against a founding father is just too bad
Cause after this Britian is gonna lose a Dad


You got to be tough on them.

Well, what is that for, can you re-get us a new payment slip because
we are about to make shipment of your products so we need payment

Waiting t hear from you

Sure, have you even filled out a Large Scale Government Trade form? You haven't shown me it yet, and your yelling at me and telling me i'm not seriously.

Tom riddle me this, your lying about the trading, aren't you. You want money and you will not give me anything. I'm losing faith in you...

so what is the problem now are you cancel the payment and go and make for another bank ,so that we can move our your goods ,



I'm trying to cancel the payment, why haven't you filled in the form i asked you nicely to fill in, well we wait? Hello? I'm arranging new payments, why don't you take this seriously, I'm losing faith in you as a buniness man, i'm usually polite and understanding, but you are being an asshole.

I sent the link to my V.2 form,

Dear sir
We are very serious, as we agreed on we are still waiting for payment
confirmation in other to make the shipping to you.

So here is our new account Details so go to another bank to make the
payment to us so and send us a payment slip and bank stamp must be on
it in other to get quick verification on it to move on shipment of
your goods.

Don't loose faith on us we are willing to make a good deal with you
and get the best from each other.


SORT CODE:09-01-27
IBAN: GB35ABBY 09012746628378

We are waiting for your DEPOSIT SLIP.

I start getting bored at this point, I have only been skimming though he emails and have made assumptions based on practically nothing,

Oh No, we spotted forgery!

Well i'll give you one more chance. I'm filing the information now and will post the slip soon, first i have bad news.

An employee of mine has determined that the photo you sent me with the security image is PHOTOSHOPPED. I can't tell so i will give you a chance to redeem yourself, if you want the bank slip for the transaction you will have to replace that picture.

This is Under Section 361. of the Canadian Criminal Codes 1-3 / Section 2 its a requirement for human verification and if the photo is suspected of Photoshop, i could get in trouble, you don't want that do you?

Please quickly send a new photo that has not been Photoshopped with the message "I'm Not a pessimist, I'm an optomitrist" clearly written down has you see it.

I hope for your sake you did not Photoshop the picture, this is you final chance,

Roy Rogers


Mr man
is like you are not serious about this deal
we can never sent you any photo again until you sent us your original
deposit Slip and Stamp on It ,are you a Scam some one ,look i don't
deal this way you think ,Am
bad don don't monition this again.....

you sent me sex photo now, with website last time ,
but still i dont talk ,please if u are not ready go out from here
,endorsement Caliban

I did no such things!


No, you do not understand, you blame me for a incident beyond my control, i speak of the MEATSPIN hacking, How dare you! you give me a Photoshopped picture and you accuse me of messing around? I never sent you "sex" photos and i'm offended that you would think that is my fault! THE SITE WAS HACKED, I GAVE YOUR NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS!

I doubt you have ever made a deal in your life, you except no responsibility for you actions! I hope you get your act together ASAP, as in NOW!


Roy Rogers


you so stupid man
stop writing to us again ,intact i am going to cancel your order

dont ever asked of any photo again ,

if you are ready with for business come with your original deposit slip

or get die ...don't contact me again
seem you are scammed ,

nonsense 9ja man hacker like u come go out

Nonsense! NO! well maybe a little.


Your wasted my time and my money! I'm going to write a report to the Commission of Business and you will face the music!

What the hell are you talking about anyway, i cannot understand a god damn thing you are saying, I'll phone up my homeboy, Silent Bob (Prime Minister of Canada) and he will lay you out if you do not stop making threats to me.

Roy Rogers


Your lack of faith disturbs me.

Mr man i told you should go and cancel your payment and make from
another bank that is all i want you to do ...if you don't want that
,,,i think i will stop writing you ,

i give you today and tomorrow to change and make payment with another ,
you are not making payment with any bank ,is like you just have your
paper for banking only ,
if you are real business man
go and cancel the payment make for another bank ,and scan me original
deposit slip with stamp on it ,or order are going to cancel by
tomorrow if you cancel your payment


I'm paying you whether you want the money or not. I want what is due to me, you owe me, you promised, why do you lie. I'm scanning the slip now


please ,
if you notice that is not a real deposit slip from bank ,
don't scan it again ,to our company email

called me if you are real business man


let me hear you..
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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'll edit for mistakes later, i was just trying to go as fast as i can.

scrapsupply: hi
me: hello
scrapsupply: how are u
why do u always talk lie to me
me: What do you mean?
I have always told the truth
scrapsupply: my friend discoverd your contact from is email
me: What?
scrapsupply: fanos .
you always talk lie,s
me: I donot understand
scrapsupply: are u not a good business man
are you not sending this email to fanosdavid before
my assist told me that ,u asked to fill a form
me: What the hell are you talking about
Forms are important
scrapsupply: i told u to go ur bank an make payment
u refuse
me: I did not, i went and the bank was hacked
scrapsupply: ok
me: I swear to Zenu,
scrapsupply: i said u should go out to another bank and make payment
all what u scan to me was scammer deposite
me: Its hard to cancel the payment
scrapsupply: pls am not here for joke
me: what is so hard to understand?
scrapsupply: go and cancel it
me: I'm trying, it takes time
you should understand
I invested over 100,000 into the project
and you are useless and spineless
scrapsupply: what is ur telephone number
me: Do some work for once and stop pissing off a real business man
scrapsupply: give me ur telephone number
me: There was a storm caused by hurricane irene, cut telephone wires
Sent at 11:33 AM on Sunday
scrapsupply: what is ur number
if u dont send me ur telephone number u are real scammer
fuck u
me: Fuck me? fuck you! i'm the real deal yo! you better not step on me or i'll bust a cap in yah G. here is my number

Just had this conversation WHILE i was posting my work.

Tell me what you think, this was my first long scam, and i don't think its over yet.

I have one last chance to score another picture, I drafted a new Slip and sent it over to him, My new bank is the Bank of *DELETED* (another shock site, you probably can't see the name.). Its a long shot, but he already invested a month talking to me, and if i trap him here i could get another trophy, keep yah posted.
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Roy Rogers mcFreely,

I am very impressed with your work. I am a newbie to scambaiting and I can learn alot by reading all your posts. Keep up the excellent work!

sblv007 Thumbs up United States Very Happy
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next victim
Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm a bit curious here. Is this from a real website at your end? I like the way you are headed there, but I don't know how you got this. It looks unsafe at first glance.

Closed lad accounts 291+ x 78+
500 in 6 - 36 pink 11 black
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Just read the posting on Eater. You are one sick motherf****r! Smile-Alan
"The skull with bunny ears was a good enough warning" - Nailgunner
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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

next victim wrote:
I'm a bit curious here. Is this from a real website at your end? I like the way you are headed there, but I don't know how you got this. It looks unsafe at first glance.

Am i using a website? No. I'm not to sure what you mean, "unsafe"? All the lad has is my email....
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next victim
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I thought you may have received this through a business that you actually worked for. Dumbass thinking on my part!

ETA: Read Dora's post at the bottom of this thread. and you will see why i thought that.

Closed lad accounts 291+ x 78+
500 in 6 - 36 pink 11 black
Safari Chairman's Xmas Parti 2012
Sand Timer Hana, Flip It, G spot, Rosy, Cynthia
Cellphone - web store
Just read the posting on Eater. You are one sick motherf****r! Smile-Alan
"The skull with bunny ears was a good enough warning" - Nailgunner
This Derick moral monster! From http:/ / Vlad blog - Toolbox
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