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 Any radio hams want to have some fun scam-baiting?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

There are a lot of scammers targeting people putting "wanted" ads on places like
Craglist etc.

I've been having a game with one of them, but then decided to put a "wanted" ad for an Alpha 87A amplifier, offering $1100 including shipping to Jersey. These retail at nearly $7000, so only a scammer would sell a current model at such a small fraction of the retail cost.

Sure enough, one scammer did bite on my bate.

Initially (4-5 days ago), I replied I'd bought an amp from elsewhere, and wished him good luck in selling it. I suspected he might have been the same scammer I was already baiting. But now I'm convinced he is not, so it is time to play with this lad too.

Today I mentioned the other amp I was buying for a radio club, but fancied one myself, so asked if he still had it. Naturally he did, and surprise-surprise he offers wire transfer or Western Union.

I'm going to mess him around - not quite sure how yet. I just replied "Paypal is better as the transaction fees are lower".

I'm sure he wont want Paypal, so then the fun can start.

If there are any other radio hams here, or others who fancy this sort of bait, let me know. I'll mention I have a friend looking for some equipment, and then pass your details on to him.

Drop me a private message if you fancy some fun.

There's a lot of radio hams been ripped off by scammers. It would be nice to mess some of them around some more.

One of my lads has had his email account disabled, and I'm hoping he has saved my details elsewhere, otherwise that bait stops. But I've been advised they tend to save details elsewhere, as getting accounts disabled is not unusual.

So are there any takers I can put this new lad in touch with? Or perhaps my old lad too? I think the new lad might be easier to introduce, as I've made it clear I'm ****ed off with my old lad, so I'm hardly likely to recommend him to anyway else.

73 and good DX
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