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 "i carry it on my head for it is a little bit old"

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:47 am Reply with quoteBack to top

A Lad came straight onto chat this morning and...well, see for yourself.

Lad: Good day I am OL4MIDE F4FO from Sudan but presently in a refugee camp here in Ghana ,I am the only Son of MR OL4BODE F4FO My father who was a Former minister and very wealthy Gold merchant in my country Sudan before he died. i am contacting you in respect of my inheritance funds of $10million usd my late father has put in a consignment box and deposited in a Security and Finance Company in Ghana before the War in my Country that lead to his Death ,
Lad: So i want you to help me stand as my Foreign Beneficiary/Partner and contact the Security and Finance Company for the claim and transfer of the consignment box to your country for investment purpose so That as soon as the Consignment box is deliverd to you,I can come over and join you there to invest my funds with u . I am willing to offer you 20% of the total funds for your effort and help and 5% for any Expenses Occur during and after the successful transfer of this fund in the Consignment box to you. get back to me on [snipped]
Lad: i am in a place were you can seee me live on webcam if you really want to see me on cam so that you will be sure of me i have no mom no dad i want you to be my mom too please
Mal: I can't be your mother as I'm a man. You clearly sent this to the wrong person.
Lad: i mean your are my dad
Lad: i am here sir
Lad: i am in a refgee camp here in accra ghana with my late fathers consingment box
Mal: So who are you and why are you writing me?
Lad: i am a refgee from sudan
Lad: i lost my dad as a result of war right in sudan i lost the whole of my family being killed by the rebels
Mal: Your father was a supporter of the Sudanese Government?
Lad: no sir we alrweady quit the force when he was there in sudan but due to his post they got him killed
Mal: Well, that's bad to hear, but there are tens of thousands of refugees in Kenya from what I hear.
Lad: but i am not in kenya i am in accra ghana
Lad: i manage to escap with the consingment boxes
Lad: due to the pressure ofthe rebels
Mal: I know you're not in Kenya. I just want to know why I should help you rather than them.
Lad: because the only way i can have a access to spend thism oney is to make sure it gets out of africa
Lad: for i need you to receive the funds on my behalf that is all right now i am having the money right here with me in my hotel room
Lad: and i dont know why yourwebcam isnot working on here for you to see me live on webcam too
Mal: You're in a hotel.
Mal: You said a refugee camp before.
Lad: yes i am talking to you from an hotel that has an internet cafe now
Lad: for i can live the boxes right at the cam the whole of 10 million dollars
Mal: You have ten million dollars... Why the hell would you need my help?
Lad: because i can have an acess to spend it in her
Lad: here and more so it is in an old consingment metal box
Mal: That's not what I meant.
Lad: that need to under go some greesing and cuttingbefore i can have the access to the money then we can deal on how it will gets to you all i i know is that you can do this for me DAD please help me
Mal: Why should I help you ahead of all the others who don't have millions of dollars in a box?
Lad: dad i need you to receive this funds for me right ther for legaly i can spend this money in here i afrcia with me age to handle this much of money and more so it is an inheritance that neded to be send out of the country beforer it canbe used
Lad: i promise togive to you a 20% out of this funds
Mal: So you think I'm that mercenary?
Lad: no you are a help you serve just as my dad now becaussei have no one but you i got a lot of dreams to reahc as i have dream to beome a pilot
Lad: and now that i have lost the whole of my familt
Lad: all i got now is this money and some one that will help me out
Mal: So all you have is ten million dollars... my heart bleeds.... NOT.
Mal: How old are you?
Lad: DAD are you hacing a webcam allowe chat there so that you can see me on cam live please
Mal: I don't have a webcam. Just answer my gorram question.
Lad: and what question is that Dad..?
Mal: The one I asked just before. And don't call me Dad.
Lad: ok sir
Lad: tell me whathave you asked please
Mal: It's just seven lines up. Use your gorram eyes!
Lad: WELL tell me what actualy you ask so that i can have the full explanation for you because now i am having the money in a box and i am scared of people around me now fore the wounder what is inside the box
Lad: all we need to do now is to let this money comes toyou as foreing beneficiary
Mal: I don't believe it...
Mal: What I asked was, how old are you?
Lad: i a m 22years old
Lad: and i will be glad if you can help me receiving this funds as soon as possible sothat i can come over to meet youright there to help me inves the rest 8million dollars that will beleft for me in here
Lad: because you will have a 205 share ofthis funds
Lad: wich is exactly 2million
Lad: 20%rather
Mal: When I was 22 years old I was a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I had fought for my country in Iraq. No-one left me $10 million.
Lad: he left it for me as my share of his wealth for i am his only child before he died
Mal: So you've inherited it. You own it. It's yours.
Lad: the boxes are here with me and all i need is to get a metal cutting machine in order to unlock this boxes then start sending it to you bit by bit by westrn union and in due time all will be there with youor better youlove to be send by moneygram
Lad: yes it is mine my late dad left it for me as my inheritance
Mal: So don't give me that boondoggle about not being the owner!
Lad: yes i know i am the owner but cant handle this hugge money at this my age all alone in africa and an unknown land
Lad: all we need is to get this done one afterthe other Dad we need to get a metla cutting machine to cut the box off then we can have an access to get the money to you
Mal: Hold it right there Bubba-Louie - what did you call me?
Mal: And I told you not to!
Lad: because you are the only one that i have
Lad: there was about 5 e mail that was given to me
Mal: Sorry, what?
Lad: there was about 5 e mail that was given to me
Lad: and when the refugee pastor prayed about it he said you are the right one thathave a good mind and that can easilyhelp me out of this
Mal: Sorry, but I don't take religion seriously. If you're saying that means I have to help you, like the Eskimo said to the icebox salesman, I ain't buying it.
Lad: oh i do understand but i want youto know that hand helps the hand to make it cleaner
Lad: i know that youmight have some doubt or have a surprise but i know when yourecceive this funds youwill be proud of me
Mal: Why?
Lad: i am having this funds with me now and i am scared for it is not save to keep moving around with thi huge amount of money
Mal: So how is that going to make me proud of you?
Lad: because i will start sending thisfunds to youby western union little bylittle immediately we got the boxes unlock
Mal: Again, how would that make me proud of you?
Lad: i will do juat as i have said
Mal: Means nothing to me.
Lad: then you will see that i am one out of a million
Lad: you will receive this funds little by little as soon as we got this boxe unlocked
Mal: And before we go any further, even if I agree, your idea is dumbass.
Lad: please never think this way for i am scared because i hae nevrhandle this muhc money before n my life
Lad: 10 million dollars
Lad: and i dont know who is watching my fotstep for it this money is gone away from me
Lad: it means i will have no hoe or future
Lad: for i want you to receive this funds as soon as posible
Mal: You have more to look forward to than that little baby I saw on the news feeds. She'll die in the Kenyan camps before she has a chance to live. No-one gave her ten million!
Lad: oh i heard that too when th pastor came in this morning to prayfor us
Mal: O RLY?
Lad: at the camp but this those not surpose to happen to me rather do i have to lose this funds
Lad: when we gotthe metal cutting machine i will just have this funds send to youby western union bit by bit ok
Mal: What, and there's a Western Union in the gorram refugee camp?
Lad: there is a western union here in accra ghana i will just have my way out and get them send to you little by little ok
Lad: but we need to get the box unlock buy buying a metal cutting machine so that there will be an acess to have the money being send to you as planed ok
Mal: Ain't going to happen, Bubba-Louie. That's a dumbass plan.
Lad: and how do you think is the best already youknow i am a small boy
Lad: and i am scared ofhandling this money myself all alone you are the senior tell me how for i am scared having this hugge money with me in a foreing land
Mal: You are not a small boy! You are a gorram adult!
Lad: no i am just 22
Lad: please try and understand me ok
Mal: That makes you a gorram grown man!
Lad: cwell i will have to belive in what so ever you say
Lad: for youare a groen up dad to me
Lad: all we need is to get the metal cutting maching that cost 750 dollas
Mal: Sorry, what?
Lad: the boxes has being locked for a long time
Lad: and we need to get it unlock so that there will be a gain of an access to get the money send to you bit by bit
Lad: and the machine cost just 750 dolars because we need toget ours so that it can be done privtelly for i cant car a box worth od 10million to a purblic place in ordeer to get it locked
Mal: You ain't sending me anything bit by bit.
Mal: That is the dumbass idea.
Lad: ok tell me how you want it to be send to youplease
Lad: for i am just scared of how things is going on here it is dark and gets scarering too
Mal: Holy shit on a shingle, grow a backbone!
Lad: no dad i am so scared handling this money myselfa lont
Lad: i am a boy of just22years i cant handle this please assitme in order to secure my future and my late fathers wealth too
Mal: You give me that boy of 22 years bullshit again and I'm outa here. You got that?
Lad: ok i hear that please dont be upset ok
Lad: just dont want this money to be with me for much night because here is too dangerous and so risk
Mal: What's the risk? Sounds like the box is totally secure!
Lad: sir the box is no were to be secured for i have to keep carying it all about if i should live it in the refugee camp they might got it played with
Mal: Played with? From what you said before it's made of something like layered ceramet - well beyond any hudloom with a crowbar.
Lad: YES IT IS A strong metal
Lad: but once it is being know by purblic that such amount of money is inside they can go to anylenght in order to get it unlocked
Lad: this makes me scared so much
Mal: Send me a picture. In fact I need a picture of you and the box.
Lad: ok dad i willl do that
Lad: and can you see my pics on here now too ..?
Mal: I don't have a webcam, like I said.
Lad: yes sir and i will go around in few minutes time to make this pics up to you
Lad: for i a scared for here in africa there are a lot of assasination just because of money
Mal: See to it.
Lad: and not 10milion dollars ok
Lad: sir how i wish youhave a yahoo id now
Lad: just addme so that we can chat from there as i will on the cam for youto see me live now
Mal: Of course I have a yahoo ID, dumbass - how could we be chatting if I don't?
Lad: i mean the one that i can on my webcam on for you to see me now
Mal: [snip]
Lad: here the webcam gotfaded sir
Mal: Email the pictures to me.
Lad: that is y mail i can invite youto view mywebcam on here it looks faded and if i click it got no ifect
Mal: Stop yammering and do as you said you would.
Lad: ok sir i will
Lad: and i will send it your e mail in few minutes time so that we can get the maching to cut the metal and have it this money being send to you from here ok
Mal: First things first!
Lad: ok sir
Lad: i will make that for i am not free having this funds with me ok anything can happen because people knows in the camp that i move around with this box alot
Mal: How the hell do you carry it?
Lad: sir i carry it on my head for it is a little bit old
Lad: and i have to make sure it is being properly take care of
Lad: when i snap the pics you will see it ok
Lad: i dont just want you to delay in sending to me the 750 so that i can get the metal cuting maching to have it unlocked then we can have an access to it ok
Lad: let me go and get that done now ok
Mal: Just do it.
Lad: it is now 1am friday here in accra ghana and i am so scared but i will make sure i got the pics send to youok
Mal: No excuses!
Lad: yes nbo excusses believe me ok
Lad: dad
Lad: everywere id dark outside
Lad: and i am scared to go outwith this box
Mal: So do it when it's daylight.
Lad: ok thanks i will
Lad: and i can still see if i can get it done just scared for this money is much and the hour is late
Lad: if you check on google now it is 1:17am here now in ghana
Lad: west africa
Mal: I'll take your word for it.
Lad: thanks and i will always make sure younever regret doing this ok
Lad: when you receive this fund automaticaly my life has changed
Lad: and i have reached to my dreams and desire
Lad: and what is the time right there now Dad
Mal: 1127. Why?
Mal: HOLD IT! What did you call me?????
Lad: for you got no were to go sir ..?
Mal: You called me Dad... and you know not to do that!

More to come, I'm sure!

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:16 am Reply with quoteBack to top


I don't have the patience to handle these dumb f***s on messenger (I would rapidly lose my rag at the bull-shit)

Well done Laughing

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:39 am Reply with quoteBack to top

That's one dumb lad you got there, can't even get his own story straight as he was getting confused between a trunk box scam and wash-wash.

I do love the idea of him balancing a box with 10 million bucks in it on his head as he traipses round the internet cafes of Accra though Smile

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:27 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Laughing Brilliant.

I love you little comments that just go straight over his head. Especially the "O RLY?" when he claimed to have heard the same story as you

Also, it's not the first time I've heard lads claim that early 20's is a 'young boy' age Confused What's with that? I know the culture about getting to a father-son situation and the inherent 'obligations' - but it still seems that it's generally accepted that early 20's is very young in Africa... Confused

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Very nice, as always. How do you meet these lads on Chat? I've never chatted with a lad before but I'm thinking that I should...

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:08 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Brilliantly grumpy chat, Yastreb!

@GoRideEmCowboy - everytime I see your avatar I have to watch it for about a minute. That little wiener sure loves the mustard! It's his little, expectant face with the tiny tongue poking out and then…Blap! Right in the mush. Gets me every time! Laughing

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Poor small boy. His head must be resting on his shoes by now, what with the weight of 10 million in cash on it.

I want to know where I can apply for refugee status and be put up in a hotel with internet access.

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