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 Sick and Needy - Harley Street

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:23 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I have been baiting an apparently poor dying individual who wants money to fly to the USA for cancer treatment (yeah right)


Thanks for your honest and sincere response to my investment proposal and l want us to accomplish this project with utmost trust, believe and sincerity to each other.

I am a man dying of cancer and nobody refer you to me, but l got your email address during my search for prosperous company in your country over the internet and l seriously want you to help me invest this money for my family in your company / well profitable business ventures in your country, but due to this my dying cancer ill health, l cannot carry on with all the procedures of this transaction, because my ill health is at it terminal stage but I must make good investment for my family.

Therefore, I will instruct the Financial Institution in London were l deposited the fund with to carry-on with all the Transaction procedures with you as my Financial Representative / Beneficiary of the fund to enable them release and transfer the fund to your nominated account, so you can proceed with the investment and to make sure that this investment is a success, I want you to send your personal information to me as l stated below to enable me officially instruct and proof to the Firm that you are my Financial Representative / Beneficiary of the fund to enable them release and transfer the fund to your nominated account, so you can proceed with the investment in your company / well profitable business ventures in your country, because l want to deal directly with you alone to avoid complication.

Hello Daniel,
I hope you are well.
It took you a long time to write back and I was worried. Please let me know how exactly I can help,

Thanks for your kind responds, yes I was not able to get in touch with you due to my present condition here in the hospital, my good friend I need your assistance financially to fly my self to United State and change to another hospital for treatment. I don’t have more possibility to raise money from the bank now due to my condition and I need to fly to USA for treatment but I can not afford this movement without money, with the money I have here with me in the hospital if you can assist me with $700.00usd only to enable me secure my health, I promise with all my heart to pay you back or any body that help me in this critical situation.
Thank you for your consign and God bless you.
I am waiting for your kind response.


Dear Brother Rick,

I am happy to read your email previous and recent massage, I appreciate your kind attitude towards my situation here in hospital. All your effort is well welcome in my life in regards to my present situation. Dear friend, this illness have rendered my life miserable, no money to boast of for up keeping of my children, no hope of giving the caring of a fatherhood, oh you may not know how it fills been in such condition, there is no hope of surviving again in this situation as the doctor has altered on 18th July at night, the worst part of it is that all my account is exhausted and can not afford to pay for doctors prescribe medications and injections for about one week now, so I am still leaving now is by grace of God not yet taking my energy to breath in and out but I am weigh down.
Dear friend and good brother, all I needed now most importantly is financial help to buy doctors prescribe medicine to keep breathing until my time come to join the dead and to erase my old bills, now all the amount I need to pay to the doctor both old and new dept before the nurses can be authorized to treat me with the drugs is amounting to be £458. I have no where on earth to raise this amount since there is no relative to call for help, my children are still kids scattered to different countries finding there earns meet which was cause due to my inability to react as a responsible father, I was lodged into private hospital when the money was still there to carry on any charges or expenses but now there is no ability to meet up again financially.
I such have interest on them more than my life because I stand to gain nothing again on this earth but my interest is to hear that they are successful, those children are my happiness but they are no more with me, in this case I don’t know how to border you again and ignore your assistance with effort in flying me down to USA but it is all I need now before I proceed with any other arrangements, now I can not leave this hospital without paying my old dept neither will I be treated without providing the cost of the treatment. I am happy over your kind effort, I was very excited as I could not believe that good people like you still exist after the world circulating corruption practice everywhere, mostly here in my country, no body believe others due to so many occurrences that have take place in life. I am so sorry for delay reply as I am not able to watch over my email for the past 1 week. I just manage to go though it now and read your tow interesting and excited massage.

Anticipating your help in the next mail.


Hi Daniel,
Can you get the doctor to send me the address of the hospital along with a list of the things you require. I am aware that in African countries there is a lot of corruption and I don't like to send money unless I know the other person is legitimate.
Of course I turst you but you need to send me some proof like a current photo.
Get the doctor to contact me and tell me about your situation and perhaps write a letter for you,
you understand,

and his response ..

I am at The Harley Street Clinic my attendant doctor is Dr. Tim Brown His email is: xxxx his tel no is: +44 (0)/quote]

Lol, so now he has a doctor in Harley street. Why did he pick that and not one in the USA.
Obviously he gave me a bogus number to call.

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This sick and dying ones are my favourites: With a couple twists and the right carrot in front of him, this poor cancerous lad will be up and dancing in no time.

Same with the religious ones: Show them the money and they'll convert to whatever you tell them to Very Happy
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