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 What service to FAX to a FleXtel 0701 personnal number?

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:59 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I want to waste some of my lads money on FAXing me, but he seems a bit ignorant of international dialing codes, so has not been able to FAX me on an 0701 number I set up with FleXtel.

It seems a bit odd, as he phoned me ok on another FleXtel 0701 number about 30 times now from a payphone in Nigeria. I'm guessing the phone might have a menu where you select the country, so he pressed "UK" and it inserts the "0044" without him knowing it. But for FAX, things are not going as well.

Anyway, for whatever reason, he seems to be having a hard time trying to fax me. So I'm wondering what online services will FAX to an 0701 number? Since 0701 numbers are not chea, I'm guessing it will be expensive for him to FAX me. Hopefully any of these services that offer a free trial FAX will not work to an 0701 number.

Since he is taking so long to FAX the document, I'm getting impatient and threating to call the deal off, though at the same time I mentioned some other things, so he might think he can push this deal from $2400 to $8000, so he might be willing to risk more money on it then.

If I can't get him to FAX this, I intend suggesting he ships the goods and I will pay immediately I get a tracking number proving the goods have been shipped. If he thinks I might cough up $8000, he might risk the $100 or so on a courier to send me a small item so there's a tracking number.

It seems getting a courier to ship something from Nigeria to the UK is very expensive compared to doing the from the USA to the UK. I wonder why - security perhaps ??

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