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 female scammer for you all

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:24 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I stumbled across this site, while searching on the subject and trying to make people aware of this scammer, so thought I'd share this with you all and see what you can do

[email protected]
Claims to be originally from the US, and moved to Nigeria to live with her granny about 15 years ago as a result of her parents dying in a car accident. She talked about how she loved me and wanted to spend her life with me. It started off, I told her I couldn't arrange her to come see me for atleast a month, because I knew its a scam.Then she said she needed money because her internet was going down and she needed it to keep in touch and also to buy food. When I said I couldn't do this, not long after, all she needed was a loan of money ($500) VIA western union to renew her passort and come meet me. I told her I would mail the money to see her reaction, and she objected and said that she would not recieve it. I then told her I was aware of scammers, when she then told me that shes not a scammer, does not want my money and proceeded to tell me how much she loves me. She also uses a webcam, and claims because she showed me its proof that she loves me. She said her parents names were Daniel and Kelcey Morgan her dad from California and her mother from Nigeria. I found no records of her or her parents. She also told me that her parents had left her money and that she could spend it when she turns 25, which ironically happened to be a in a month. She wanted to transfer the money to my bank account when she got here so I could help her start a fashion buisness. (Said she graduated fashion at yaba college of technology - 2005) So that was quite a few failed attempts at trying to scam me. She has deleted her profile from the dating website so I can't find a picture, although she may have facebook I'm not sure, but I searched her name and it was the same girl in a pic so it might be, she looked real on cam anyway. She has red-ish hair in pics.
Her phone number is - 002347088313744 note- ( that is UK dialling code)

After I had wrote that on another site ^

I then spoke to her again, I told her I had renewed her passport by calling US Embassy and all she had to do was go there and show them her passport and it was paid for. She said I was lying. After trying to convince her, She said ok, she now needed $150 travel money to get to the city and renew it. So I said shes a liar. Even after many arguments and telling her that she will never make me fall for anything, she still tried to make me fall for it no matter what. She even said that I was selfish. LOL because I wouldn't fall for her made up stories. So I had a little more fun with it, I said, what if I come to Nigeria? she said, that would be good and I would be glad..I said, is it ok if I bring 3 bodyguards and meet you at a disclosed location? she said, yes but I don't want you to be scared of me, and that she would meet me at the airport.. I said, what if you are part of the Nigerian underworld? do you work for them? I said I have connects haha,tell me the truth? and she said no That convo ended basically with me telling her shes a scammer again and that the police were onto her.. She said thats fine they can come meet her. I said, I had passed her info on..she said thats my buisness not hers...and after talking...10 minutes later, she was back to loving me..she said she had to go and that she loves me, then logged off.. but after that she started appearing offline..The next day I didn't see her on yahoo messenger, but her yahoo showed online on my msn, so I asked why I couldn't see her, did she block me.. and got her online on yahoo..she went back to trying to get money out of me and playing the pity cards..but she did not love me no more, When asked why, she said she did love me at the start but her granny had told her not to marry me because I am a killer..I said I am not, how am I..she said you are, great ASSASSIN like osama binladen hahaha..I told her not to ask me for money ever again until she gets heres, then she can have what she wants..I offered ways for her to make money, she said yes tell me, I said by blogging etc, she said she can't, and could I do it for her..She also said that she would try get a job, but then her obvious exscuse to make me feel sorry was there is no jobs when she looked.. not long after.. I went back to telling her that her job wasn't worth it and that she would regret it when karma comes etc, and the reason she couldn't do what I asked is cause shes not who she says and her bank is not legit..she went on to explain how I don't understand its very hard there and I keep asking her to get job lol and I kept telling her the wrongs of it all basically.. and she told me to delete her lol and everything I wrote she just kept replying, ok, ok so guess I won here...I haven't seen her online, but she could be hiding from me..

also.....she will let me know when she arrives in USA, I said, I don't live in USA? and she said because thats where she will meet her new husband..I said u will never have 1..she said she is pretty and they all begging for she said she will come here to where I am on honeymoon with him, lol I guess that was an attempt to make me jealous and try show shes not lying.. after all that, just shows how stupid they are. Its a shame cause she was pretty.

When you don't talk to her for awhile, like in between those spaces after arguing, she uses the pity card, that she is still searching for a husband. When reality is, god knows who she has scammed in the meantime.

I'd like to hear the outcome of whatever happens , have fun
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Phil Yerboots
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello con2011 and welcome to Eater!! If you haven't already had a look at some of the baiting information here and read other peoples baits it's definitely worth doing. All the information you need, and all human life is here!

It would be a good idea to post the details of your scammer over at as that will help alert other potential victims.

You may have read that baiters tend not to challenge scammers with the knowledge that we know what they are up to as this often makes them change their name or get a new profile thereby making the original warning to others redundant. It also means we get to make their lives hell for longer!

So if you're thinking of having another go at baiting read all the stickies and university stuff be safe and sign up for a mentor!

Knowledge is power!

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fagin dodger
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:00 am Reply with quoteBack to top

thanks .. received my first mail from her last night..will keep you informed =)

"Here is the picture which you demanded from me. is attached in this mail. Honestly it took me a hell to get this done. I hope with this now. You can help me as much as I need your help.".....Kahala Tuffey.

"One of your group messed me up in google putting me in trouble with my whole family.Go youir way useless COE" ...Aminatu Hayatu.
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