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 my first bait

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello all, this is my first bait, I didnt get around to finnishing it. I did ''borrow'' some intelectual property from shiver for this bait, as it was my first one. I got the email from surplus letters. Apparantly this guy was in prison for something he didnt do and he needed help to move his money that he inhereted and his barrister should be contacted in regard to his business. There was a phone number, I set up a few skype accounts and spoke to him briefly. He didnt seem to Know who I was asking for

7/8/09 to jack

My thanks for your very interesting email. I have tried on numerous occasions today to contact Mr. khafer, but he was not available. I would dearly love to help him however my ministry forbids me from entering any business deal with partners who are not part of our faith. I am sorry but there is nothing more I can do for him.

If you could inform him if he ever decide to join our faith then of course I could help you both with my experience and financial support.

I wish you well in your endeavour my brother.


Druid Finn Mc Cuull
Financial Development - Church of The Smirking Goat.

I got a mail back that day. He seemed interested

i recieved your message ,but i could not understand you better .
as for mr Abdel Khafer Muhammed Elkatari , he is my client but he is introuble for now.
althogh he told me that i may recieve message at anytime from a friend of his .that want to help him handle some project ;

and he instructed me to support legally has his advocate .
so want to be convinced with your statement pls?

yours inlaw

he needed a little convincing........

Dear Mr. jack,
Please find attached induction form for you to print, and fill in. If you would kindly then scan them back to me we can proceed with our business. First of Course you will need to know more a little more about our church.

Our church was founded in 1806 by the legend of a man Setanta O Shaughnasey he was the first person male or female to promote to introduce goats and Odinian texts and beliefs to the Savage Finnian Tribe of Tir Na Og . The most famous account is when as a test he had to remove the top part of his clothes and paint the top half of his body and breast with the red Finnian warpaint as a gesture of faith and belief to them so that they would accept him and trust him.He was almost immediately accepted by them and was one of the most trusted westerners known at that time.
In her later years he returned to Ireland and started his own ministry The Church of The Order of The Smiling goat and was very active until his sad death in 1861.
As a qualification to enter the Church of The Smiling Goat, all followers must go through the initiation procedure that Setanta O Shaughnasey made so famous. Of course in these modern times, female members do not have to paint their breast. They only need to make the symbol on their faces. However, all males must still show commitment to the church by having the symbol of the church marked on their face.

Druid Finn Mc Kool
Finnancial development- The Church of The Smiling Goat

I send him the induction agreement. He becomes a bit irate


I send the induction agreement again.......

Dear sir,
As this mans barrister I would have thought that you would pass on the message to your client. I can see now that even in these early stages of negotiation that you are not serious about doing business. Unless your client signs the induction form I cannot help him.

Druid Finn Mc Kool
Finnancial development- The Church of The Smiling Goat

I seem to have passed

ok i can see you are realy serious.
but i want to know pls? what is the aim and objective of this your church?
you mean you not serving the true living God that we all know ? christians and muslim God?
please as a barrister to my client ; my duty is to proctect him legally .
if you can convince me better; then i will speak to my client on behalf of this .
i have not speak to my client bacause i am not convinced nor understand you yet .
my client is trying his best to makesure he is being forgive by almighty GOD ,for all his past sinful life ,
so if i could undertand or convice that you contributing or directing him to the way of the most high ;
then i will beenable to talk to him better .
yours Barrister jack

He wants to know more

and pleasa can you educate me about (lord odin) ???
because i knew only one God my God my creator ,muslim called him (ALLAH). and the prophet (muhammed S.A.W)...
the christians called him( OUR LORD) the son or the prophet = jesus christ .
this is the only God we knew .
so educate me about LORD ODIN is he the same LORD am talking about ???

If you cant dazzle them with brilliance, dazzle them with bullshit

Dear Mr jack,
The Church of the Smiling Goat, believes that we should never harm another member of our church. Never harm an outsider of our faith unless their is just cause. A man shall be entitled to no more than 2 wives, unless he can pay a dowry to the Church. A husband may not correct his wife with a cane that is thicker than his left thumb. If a woman/man is unable to bear children he or she will be assigned to a household, if they feel unhappy in this abode, they may swap with another family. There is more but these are just a few basics. in essence we are heathens with these exceptions our religion does not differ from Catholicism in the whole, we have a different believe structure and more than one god. it stands for the same principals. Forgiveness is a corner stone of our belief and newcomers to our faith are immediately cleansed of all wrong that they have committed, as they are born again.The terms 'heathen' and 'pagan' are synonymous and interchangeable, and refer to any of those religions practised in the earliest phases of a nation's or people's history. One feature common to all the earliest forms of religion known to Man is polytheism, the belief in many gods and goddesses. The ancient, heathen or 'natural' religions can be contrasted with the 'prophetic' or 'revealed' religions founded, at a much later period, by individual teachers such as Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus or Mohammed. Odinism is a life-affirming religion. Odinists value and esteem everything that sustains, promotes, enhances and enriches life. Odinists do not see our life on Earth as merely being a preparation for a life hereafter. We see it as an end in itself, as something positive, good and hallowed. We rejoice in and celebrate all that is wonderful in the world around us: the fruitfulness of Nature, the changing seasons, the comforts of family and home, human creativity, and our personal and collective achievements. Odinists do not indulge in fasting and penitence; rather, we worship the gods in our feasting and merry-making
It is a well-known fact that the most widespread form of communal worship practised in ancient times by pagans of every nationality was the sacrifice. Sometimes farmyard animals would be sacrificed; sometimes it would be other agricultural produce, like grain, corn or fruit; sometimes a libation would be made by pouring liquor or oil on to the earth; sometimes treasure or weaponry would be sacrificially buried or submerged. Regardless of the form it took, the sacrifice was understood as the offering of a gift to the gods, in order to win their goodwill and to be rewarded, in turn, by their bountiful favour. The essence of the sacrifice is that something of value, some item of personal wealth, is given up, given away, consumed, destroyed or immolated.

Of course, intelligent heathens always recognised that the sacrifice is symbolic: the gods are spiritual beings, and are therefore not physically fed by the food and drink offered to them; they cannot be materially enriched by our gifts of silver and gold. As with all gifts, 'it is the thought that counts'; it is the devotion shown by the worshipper, to which the gods attribute merit, and to which they respond with generosity, in accordance with the heathen maxim of 'a gift for a gift', one gift deserving another in return. I hope this will be sufficient. please forward the induction form to your client for signing and once I have received these completed forms and some Id. Our business can proceed. Be assured that their is nothing malicious contained in the induction form and your clients security is assured.

Druid Finn Mc Cuul
Financial Development - Church of The Smiling Goat.

awww just a little bit convinced

ok i am a liitle bit convinced , in as much your religion is not in the part of evil.
and your aims & objective is not to harm or destroy anybody.
i will get intourch with my client tommorrow ok ;
never the less . my duty is to protect my client .
but if i may ask ; can you introduce yourself fully to me?

yours Barrister jack( S.A.M).

Dear Mr. jack
I am happy to know that we are moving along well, of course i will send you my identifiaction to for you to verify, as soon as i have recieved a scanned copy if the induction agreement.

I know i should slap, but i dont want to push it
i ignore the phone number request

good day ;
i discussed with my client and he picked interest in your proposal ;
he commented that in as much your church is not harmful to humanity ;
but googlemail has flush the former file you sent to me ;because it arrive in junkspace in my box ;
please resend another copy of the file immediately , in other for me to print and take it to him for sighning .

but i insist you forwarding your phone number along ;
urgent reply needed

i send it again......grrrrrr

Dear Mr.jack,
It gives me great pleasure to know that we are moving along well, and that your client will join our faith. I have attached the induction agreeement as requested. Please inform him that he must include identification with the agreement.

Druid Finn Mc Cuul
Financial Development - Church of The Smiling Goat

his typing seems irratic, i wonder was he shaking?? i know i was

ok r. i have recieved your message i will makesure my client sighn and forward agreement to you today .

Huzza my completed form

I went back to work the next day so i dropped this bait. I heard nothing back from him.

Do i get a icon thing for the induction agreement?
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