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 Unfaithful mugu....he gonna go down hard

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2004 5:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I am baiting him a middle aged flirtatious female, who seems to be more interested in flirting than doing business. She is starting to get to him. I'll give you some excerpts from our conversations.

This was recieved early in the bait in an e-mail.

I alsorealy hope our business relationship will go very smoothly and that we will come to know each closely before the transaction comes to an end.I am married though and have 2 children.A boy and a girl.I live in Lagos.

so he is married...oh well I bet I'll turn him...ya think? Lets see. Here is some excerpts from our yahoo messanger conversations. I am mig.htysm.ith in case you're just skimmign through. I am baiting him as Lu.vh.oler htorugh e-mail, but my yahoo name is like I said above.

fs_ande2004: hi
mightyssmith: hello Femi?
fs_ande2004: hi
fs_ande2004: that your real name?
mightyssmith: parents had quite a sense of humor
mightyssmith: they were fans fo the little rascals
fs_ande2004: ok
fs_ande2004: but whats your surname?
mightyssmith: Lu.v.ho.ler
mightyssmith: prounounced Loov Hole Laire
fs_ande2004: its unique
fs_ande2004: so are you home
mightyssmith: yes
fs_ande2004: tell me more about your private life
fs_ande2004: hope I am not prying
mightyssmith: what woudl you like to know..I tell you anything
fs_ande2004: everything
fs_ande2004: why is dose such a bright lady like you stay off relationshipsa
mightyssmith: I am scannign some pictures for either tonight or tomarrow night...I'll send them to you when I can get them scanned
fs_ande2004: ok
fs_ande2004: I will love to see them
mightyssmith: I really don't know. I have very few relationship with guy. They seem to want me for my looks only.
fs_ande2004: you must be very beautiful then
mightyssmith: I don't think so
fs_ande2004: are you tall?
mightyssmith: a little
mightyssmith: 5'5"
fs_ande2004: ok
fs_ande2004: slim
mightyssmith: yes..I'm very athletic
fs_ande2004: you must be real hot and sexy then
mightyssmith: Very Happy
fs_ande2004: :-*
mightyssmith: I wold liek to see what you look like sometime.
fs_ande2004: sure
fs_ande2004: i will sendv you a picture soon
mightyssmith: that woudl be nice. I'm going to send you several
fs_ande2004: no digital camera,what about you?
mightyssmith: me either
mightyssmith: I don't liek i have some pictures I can scan for you
fs_ande2004: i cant wait to see them
mightyssmith: sorry
mightyssmith: I have to go for just a minute
mightyssmith: I'll be right back Wink
fs_ande2004: you`re making my heart weak
fs_ande2004: :-/
mightyssmith: I'm back
mightyssmith: sorry
fs_ande2004: i `m still here
mightyssmith: good Very Happy
fs_ande2004: :-*
fs_ande2004: ur so easy to talk with
mightyssmith: thank you
fs_ande2004: i actualy reaLY LIKE YOUR COMPANY
mightyssmith: maybe sometime I can meet you
fs_ande2004: yes definitly we will meet before our transaction is over
mightyssmith: you are in Lagos?
fs_ande2004: yes
mightyssmith: ok
mightyssmith: I will look at buying tickets there soon
mightyssmith: I wold liek to visit other countries
mightyssmith: you can show me around
fs_ande2004: i will love too
fs_ande2004: what turns you on and off
fs_ande2004: I hate lies and cheats ***hahahaha I bet he does***
fs_ande2004: do you like africans?
mightyssmith: you are african right?
fs_ande2004: yes
mightyssmith: Very Happy
fs_ande2004: i was just curious

fs_ande2004: are u seducing me?
fs_ande2004: Cause its working !!!
mightyssmith: lol..I wouldn;t do that...would I?
fs_ande2004: ah ha
fs_ande2004: ur sure mischievious
mightyssmith: nah
mightyssmith: Very Happy
fs_ande2004: i am enjoying it though
fs_ande2004: makes me wish I was mucvh youger
mightyssmith: how old are yoy?
mightyssmith: you
fs_ande2004: 44 in about 2 weeks time
fs_ande2004: what about you?
mightyssmith: 34 actually
fs_ande2004: is ur phone alright now?
mightyssmith: no has gotten worse
mightyssmith: I'm nto sure yuo can even leave voicemail anymore
fs_ande2004: the hand set that bad?
mightyssmith: its the actual phone line not the handset..squirrels
mightyssmith: I h ave some "other" pictures I may show you sometime too
mightyssmith: lol
mightyssmith: if you are
mightyssmith: Wink
fs_ande2004: how good must I be?
mightyssmith: lol..we shall see
mightyssmith: I show my normal pictures first and then you can decide for yourself Wink
fs_ande2004: ur realy getting me turned on u know ***barf***
mightyssmith: I know
mightyssmith: I'm so good at it
fs_ande2004: and ur enjoying it
mightyssmith: did you know?
fs_ande2004: ur a big tease
mightyssmith: you sure you can handle me?
fs_ande2004: we are meant to be business partners right
fs_ande2004: and we are drifting to bedroom partners
mightyssmith: business before pleasure right?
fs_ande2004: I will gladly take the 2 together as far as its you
fs_ande2004: you have realy turned me on ***barf again***
mightyssmith: Smile
fs_ande2004: >Smile
mightyssmith: well I am afriad I have to go for awhile...I need to take a bath, and get ready to go out
fs_ande2004: ok
fs_ande2004: will hook up with you tomorrow then
mightyssmith: sounds good
fs_ande2004: i will be looking forward to it
mightyssmith: me too Very Happy
fs_ande2004: a pity me next time
fs_ande2004: i am so hard and everywhere is so hot all of a sudden**double barf...LMAO this guy is a tool**
mightyssmith: Very Happy Very Happy
fs_ande2004: OSmile
mightyssmith: bye bye
fs_ande2004: :-*
Session Close (fs_ande2004): Thu Sep 23 12:21:25 2004

When I am done with this adulturous bastard...he is so gonna be burneed beyond comprehension. Thank you Fannyleaf for my inspiration

Mortar x15
"Destiny dressed you this morning and now fear is trying to pull your pants off ." ---The Tick
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