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 Facebook Chat bait. Nothing is impossible!

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Gone fishin'

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:39 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I had abandoned this because I'm impatient and the time difference makes us rarely on at the same time. Reported his account as 419 and it was deleted within an hour. Then he recovered the account! and is persistent! I reported it again and suggested he move the bait to email.


I remember reading before how instant message baiting is near impossible because it is so fast paced, difficult to stall them, and some other things. But I think I have this thing figured out. I kind of stumbled into it.

Note, If anyone has a baiter facebook profile, feel free to add he.hd. There is a covert baiter group on there and i can point you in the direction of other facebook baiter profiles.



June 6th 2011
2:56pm Hello Rechard How are you doing?
3:00pm sup?
3:13pm I am well. just handling finances at the office. You?
3:15pm am in the hospital.
3:16pm Sad what has happened?.
3:17pm My Daughter feel down from six story building It happen in her school.
3:22pm You are going to sue the school then? It is a miracle that she is alive. Is she going to die?
3:25pm But the doctor said they are going to operate her two legs!
3:29pm so she will lose her legs?.
3:36pm Richard my friend!Pls I will seriously need your help.
3:37pm How can I help?.
*No further reply*


June 7th 2011
2:00pm Hello friend Richard!.
2:01pm Hello! why have you not responded to my message?
2:01pm We need to talk pls
2:01pm yes, what is up?
2:02pm I didn'"'t see any message of your plsPls friend I need your help
2:03pm yes so you have said. what is up?What do you need help with?
2:05pm pls I need just $200 to complete the money for the surgery of my daughter
2:08pm How do I send the money to you?I can do a wire transfer through my bank.
2:11pm Can'"'t you do western union friend plsPls help me on it with western union.
2:14pm I do not use the Western Union bank.If you give me your bank account number and routing number I can have the money there in 10 minutes.
2:16pm there no way I can get that pls If I tell you that I don'"'t have bank account, you would believe me.
2:18pm okay fine. I will try your Western Union bank. What information to i need to bring to the bank?
2:21pm Here is my own information:
City: ISOLO.
State: LAGOS.
Country: NIGERIA

2:23pm That is the information of mine that you will send the money to via western union These are the information I'"'ll need from you to collect the money you arte going to send to me.
2:26pm Okay. I will leave for the Western Union bank right now. I will talk to you tomorrow to see if you received the money. I will send $500 to help with all medical bills. I know how it is to have a hurt child.
2:27 Thanks friend
This are the informations am going to need from you.

*He was typing*
2:28pm talk to you tomorrow friend.
You are not online.
2:29pm Country Money Sent From
2:31 Pls these are just the information you will send to me so that I can be able to collect the money from the western union office here
2:38pm When do I be expecting the $500 now?
2:54pm Hello friend, I really appreciate you kindness toward my accident of my only daughter! May God bless you abundantly..

I signed off as he was trying to give the security questions or whatnot. I bet he was pretty pissed about that. But apparently he doesn't know how to send a message on facebook. So I guess he won't be messaging me.

I'm kind of excited to see where this goes. If anyone wants to get in on the fun, make a fake FB and add my character. I can point you in the direction of all the scammers and baiters on FB.


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:18 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I have 2 lads on skype that i have been given the run around too. I love the instant aspect that i.m brings gives you a rush having to think on your feet.

The other part i like is most lads go to internet cafe to scam and pay by the hour so if you can keep them from getting to there email with idel chat then maybe they have o pay for an extra hour.

Also love scheduling times to chat and turning up about 45 mins late chat for 20 mins and you know for sure they are into there second hour.

Good luck,
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Gone fishin'

Joined: 07 Oct 2010
Posts: 101
Location: anywhere but here.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top


June 8th

1:49am Hello Richard Good morning
3:57am Hello friend! Why don'"'t you talk to me? Pls friend am still expecting the $500
6:12am Hello
9:32am Hello friend! I have a problem. The Western Union Bank needed more information to send the money..

*no reply, I reported him to facebook for being 419.*
June 9th
Oh goody. He got his account back. Sent me a message pleading to send $500 through Western Union. So I reported him again. Then he IM's me! His acct should be deleted within a couple hours.


9:03am Hello Richard
9:03am hello
9:03am Am here for you Am still expecting the money pls
9:04am I had sent you an email
9:04am Don'"'t allow my daughter to die like this
9:04am western Union needs more information
9:05am What happened to your facebook account?
9:06am What is your phone number, can I call you later?
9:08am Just don'"'t know what happen to itI just found out that it not open again since last night
9:09am This is strange. Can I call you later and speak about your daughter?
9:10am YeahHere'"'s my no! +2.34.802.41.22.675.
9:10am Pls do call me..
9:10am I saw the msg you sent to my inbox
9:13am yes
9:13am I saw it with your e-mail
9:13am yes. this is the fast way to contact me. My emails go to my phone. My facebook does not. so i can email from my cell phone..
9:14am aiPls am waiting for your call today
9:14am When are you going to send this money to me now?
9:15am I am at work now. So I will not be able to go to the Western Union bank for 3 more hours. I will call you after work which is about 9 hours from now..

Then I signed off. Going to skype him later. I'm sure he'll turn to email when his page keeps getting deleted. i'm just hoping I can get a bank acct out of this!

STILL going, June 10th - June 13th.

June 9 at 8:49am Ay,ot,a,de, I thought you had removed your facebook account. I tried to talk to you, but you didn't respond. Please email me at so i can respond faster.

I am missing information for the Western Union bank transfer.

June 10 at 7:16am Report
My Friend Richard! How are you doing? You didn't call me as you promise yesterday, but please for God save let me know my faith on this money you promise to send to me via western union! Have sent you e-mail to the e-mail address you sent to me yesterday but since when I forward my western union information for you, you haven't send the money to me & it you that promise me the $500 for my remaining balance of my only daughter surgery payment. Please let me know my faith if your are will to help me out has you promise to do. Waiting for your fast response! Pls don't allow my only daughter to die like this for God sake. Thanks & God bless you! Yours Friend: A,Y,OTA,DE.

June 10 at 12:41pm Ay,ot,ad,e, I called you 4 times yesterday, but you did not answer! Also, The western UNION bank is asking for a security question and security answer..I do not know what that is! You did not tell me what the security question and answer IS. Please tell your daughter to stay strong. We CAN do this! I will try to call you again when I am off work and I will send the western Union funds as soon as you tell me what your assigned security question is.


June 10 at 2:33pm Report
The Security Question Is: What Is My Name? The Security Answer Is: A,YO,TA,DE. This is just the last information western union is going to ask you! Pls my only daughter is dieing as at now. Kindly jelp me for God sake! God bless you.
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 10 at 4:30pm AY,OT,AD,E I TRY TO CALL AGAIN. and all I got was an ad for Nextel or whatever your cell phone company is. I sent the money through western union bank. It should be there within 1 hour. They give me some MCTN number on the receipt. I don't know if you need this. I will be away from my computer until Monday. But I wish you and your daughter well. Please let me know that I saved her life monday with the $500 I send to you.

God bless friend.

June 10 at 10:49pm Report
My Friend Richard, Am so surprise when you told me you call my phone, but to tell you my line is on & there's nothing wrong with the phone at all, but never the less am still waiting for your good help towards my only daughter surgery hospital bill. Please my friend Richard, this are the information on the receipt which western union office gave you need to be send to me so that I can collect the money from them. Here are what you are going to send to me from the western union receipt that is with you: Senders First Name & Last Name: MTCN No: Security Question: Security Answer: Location Money Sent From: Amount Send: So please note that this are the information you will send to me from the receipt western union gave to you. Please my friend Richard, kindly be fast on this information to send them to me so I can go & collect the money! Please don't let my only daughter die like this for God Almighty sake. God bless you Richard! Thanks
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 12 at 12:52pm Report
Please Richard my good friend, let me know my faith with this money you said you have sent to me already! Am not in good mood at all because I wouldn't be happy if my only daughter can die like this. Pls txt me the western union information, so I can go & collect. Good bless you Richard.
Sent via Facebook Mobile

June 13 at 6:00am Report
Hello Richard good day, this is monday already! Am still expecting the western union information you told me on friday that you have already send the money to me which is $500, please Richard these are the information you are going to txt me my Facebook inbox to collect the money from western union office here! Senders First Name&Last Name MTCN: Country Money Sent From: Security Question&Security Answer: Amount Send: Richard my good friend, those are the informations I will need to cash out the money pls. The net work is not okay when you call me last time, that is why it went off like that! Please am waiting for the informations today as you promise to send to me. Good bless you Richard! Don't allow my only daughter to die like this. Thanks
Sent via Facebook Mobile

more IM's!

12:35pm Ay,ot,a,d,e, friend
12:46pm Ay,ot,ad,e this is important. did you receive the money yet?
12:46pm I saw your messages
12:46pm How is your daughter?
12:46pm I am worried
12:47pm MY computer is acting strange. I think it is a hacker. And my facebook is being freak..
12:48pm No
12:48pm No? My computer is being very strange..
12:49pm I didn'"'t, because you have not send me those informations to receive it Sorry abt your computer proble
I can'"'t just work in to western union office without prove of having money with them.

signed off chat, and deactivated my facebook account for a week or so. That'll keep him worked up, knowing there is WU money and he has no MTCN!
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