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Hello I'm New here!

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Full thread found here:

I just don't understand it. Do these scammers think people are stupid enough to believe this kind of b/s? Long story short, I was looking through Cycletrader and came across a gorgeous 2008' Triumph 675 with 3k miles for only $4800. I knew it was too good to be true from the start but I e-mailed the guy regardless. Here is the e-mail I got:


The bike is still for sale for $4800. Priced to sell. I have attached some photos showing the current condition of the bike. Has 3,800 miles on it.

I bought the bike from United States. I was living in Walton Beach FL at that time then I got married and moved at my wife place in London(United Kingdom).

I was selling the bike on ebay motors. The winner of the auction is located in US. I went to a local shipping company to deliver the bike to his location. The buyer payed for delivery taxes and the shipping was started. While the bike was on transit, the buyer changed his mind because he had to pay an old dept to a bank and don't have the money to pay for the bike no more. So the bike was delivered to United States but there was no buyer for it. So my only chance not to waste a bunch of money to bring the bike back is to find another buyer for the bike located in United States. The price is $4800. Priced to sell. I will pay all the costs to bring the bike to your door address so there will not be extra taxes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Looking forward to hear from you !

Best Regards,

I was going to reply with a "Thank you, go f**k yourself with a goat, and have a nice day" but I want to get back at him somehow. I've heard of people scamming scammers... and basically I'm just sick of the situation.
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Hi Ménage!
Welcome to Eater!
If this scammer has your real life information it's better to drop him. Get yourself an untraceable email account, with made up info, and grab a lad or two from the surplus letters forum.
What we do is called "scambaiting". The scammers do the scamming... Laughing

^ You are my favorite Canadian on Earth. Very Happy Pastor Frank

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