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 Love/Dating Scam_Thomas Mark or Marks

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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2011 7:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I feel very foolish relaying this iinformation but I have been scammed and I have been scammed before which is even worse. This time I did not send any money.

I am posting on this site instead of because this scammer is not nigerian or russian that I know of..who knows.

Ok, this is what happened to me the last 2 months. Short and to the point:

First, I am a widow (2 years). Scammer found me on Plentyoffish sending me an email of a cute guy sitting in a bar. I replied back he was cute my age 59. So he emailed me these unbelievable sweet you fall for him.
He then says I am going to Malaysia to build a road and I need money.
You don't love me or you would send me money. His emails were very eloquent but could not speak english hardly at all. I should have known.
What happens when you fall for this crap you brain goes south.

OK, I have the scammers information:

Name: Thomas Mark or Marks
His phone said he lives in Salem, Virginia.
He says he owns his own company that does real estate and paving roads.
His email: [email protected]
His yahoo id: is the same.
Phone number US: 540-384-2494 Salem, Virginia
Also phone number from Malaysia: 60 area code 66173064

Ok, I am stupid as he just told me in the last email.
He said to me he is a scammer and stay far away from him.

I sent him so many emails I drove him crazy.
I said you write eloquent emails but when talk with him on the phone could bearly speak english.
He would not tell me any particulars about where he lived, his business name, and he said he had a daughter Brenda and she was getting married soon. Then he slipped up and said "say hi to your stepdaughter" and I said I don't have any children. Then I emailed him last night and I traced his emails and things just did not add up.
So after 2 months he asks for money I went bizerk, because I lost alot of money from a previous scam I do not want to discuss. I really thought this one was going to be different and spent 2 months on this jerk.
Things did not add up. I was going to visit him then all of a sudden he has to go to Malaysia for this concrete pavement job and sends me an email with this contract that was awarded which did look weird as I look back.
Sometimes you just don't want to believe that you are being scammed when you are. So the picture was of him and his daughter really cute and really pulls at your heart strings.

Also, scammer says immediately get off of Plentyoffish and that he is very jealous. I know this all fits the scammer profile.

I would keep emailing him asking him for details...he would not give me any answers soI drove him insane by emailing him. He finally said he was a scammer.

If you want a picture I can post them but I don't know where?

I do have pictures that he emailed me 3 to be exact.

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Stepan Fetchit
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PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2011 1:34 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Since he gave you a Malaysian phone number, I'll bet he is a west african scammer operating in malaysia. (very common). or romancescam,com would be a good place to post him.
What is his user or profile name at plentyoffish? He's probably scamming other women as we speak, and he's not the gray haired white guy in his yahoo avatar, it's a young black guy.....from.....probably nigeria, but somewhere in west africa.
If you check the email headers he sent, and if he sent some before he 'went to malaysia', you'll see they all came from malaysia.

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PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2011 2:05 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Like Stepan says, unfortunately Malaysia has become a hot spot for Nigerian scam emails of all sorts.

Yahoo avatar has no hits in picture search engines but
I am going to Malaysia to build a road and I need money.
is an outright and standard scammer money request and should be scam proof in itself.
And "admitting" to be a scammer is just a new reason to ask for money, also a standard scam tactic. Even if he shows you pictures of a young black male now they are likely to be just another stolen gallery. The only change is his reason for some additional money requests Sad

Don´t feel ashamed because that´s what scammers do for a living, 24/7 and with a certain degree of training and technical ability, exploiting a good person´s feelings. They are trained criminals and nothing else.

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