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 Loved for ever, (not anymore) engaged, asked for money...

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Orange Rose3
Master Baiter

Joined: 26 Mar 2011
Posts: 128

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:54 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi there
After being scammed and really got hurt I wanted to do this.
It is not really just fun- but somehow its good to go trough this 'again' and fully understand what is going up. This whole story started 7th of april. He doesnt seem to be very experienced, but I decided NOT to educate him. I'm glad he is not wasting any time...
I got some back-up help, and I am really thankfull for that...
I kept it short.... Wink

Day 1: He dicovered me and was instantly totaly attracted to me

Day 2: 8th of april
him: when am married i will stop my job, i will open a big business for me and my wife
me: what kind of business
him: myba a hotel or something, any thing she want

The big contract
A big contract is coming up – he doesnt know where it goes…
the contract worth alot is 950,000 pounds
me: and you manage this by yourself?
him: yes, i have been doing this for 20 years now (His phone no : +4470…..)

me: I kicked you out of facebook
him: why?
me: as you did not open it to me- this is really strange
him: lol
me: its like an empty profil- looks really strange, what do have to hide?
him: i don't have time to go to facebook anymore
me: you might just got there to find some ladys to write to...
him: never i can not i swear. am too busy for

no sex
him: i can't wait to be in your arms
me: oh, wow
him: i had sex 5 years ago, it really long
me: I really dont believe that, and it is not my business really
him: i swear with my life and that of my daughter

A big house
him: how big is your house
me: quite big
him: okay
me: maybe a bit too big - but I love it- especially the garden
him:: wow can you send me picture of it? kiss
me: it is all mine- its my treasure and I am very proud of it
him: wow, i love you so much my darling
me: I was lucky with it
him: okay, i love you so much, you mean the world to me
me: how can you be sure of that?
him: am very sure because i think about you all day- i could not sleep because of you

God is always with me because i pray every day i am a Strong christan

him: i want to marry you
me: wow, really
him: and bring you here in liverpool so will can open a big business here. and leave happily ever after
me: I might dont like the little house
him: i will buy a new house, big one very big house
me: I woulnt like it if it is very small
him: i love your son so much. don't worry i will buy a big house

Saturday, 9th
me: but tell me first- how was your day?
him: my day was nice. i did some laundry and cleaning my love

Sunday, 10th of April / Stew

him: i don't have friends
me: why not?
him: friends can put you in to problem
me: yes, I know that- but still its nice to have some- they can help to
him: what?
me: friends
him: my best friend wanted to raep my late wife
me: wow, what kind of friend was that so
him: i hate friends. you are my friend my love my life my all
me: wow- thats bad to hate friends. You cant hate friends
him: you and my daughter is all i have in this world

Monday, 2.45pm
him: out of 15 contractor i won. am so happy. you are my light.
him: i will make shipment of my goods tomorrow
me: already? this goes very fast!!
him: the location is west Africa. yes
me: what are you going to ship? West Africa?
him: copper and cable wires. west Africa Nigeria

him: when i come i will get married to you fast so you can come with me to England. you and you son. i love him so much
me: and you think I should give up everything here?
him: he is also my son now

him: i will go to the seaport 10am tomorrow to ship my goods down to Africa

Shipping his goods and leaving in the evening to fly to africa

A friend needs help- dont pay her money!
me: I really need to rest
him: you work too much
me: and the one friend has havy problems- I dont know if I need to help her. or if I can help her
him: what is the problem?
me: she is ill- and she and her 4 kids might looses her home. but I dont really want to talk about this heavy stuff
him: please tell me
me: she mights needs money. and I am not sure if I would get it back
him: don't pay any money
me: why?
him: i will help when i come over, how much is the money?
me: i dont know exactly. its a lot
him: like how much
me: 100'000?
him: okay i can help
me: lets talk about something else- this is making me feel really sick
him: okay my darling. so what are you doing now? i will be with you soon

me: I'm having an appointment with my bank soon
him: okay. why?
me: because of my friend - we need to discuss it there
him: don't
me: just want to find out what is possible
him: i will be with you soon. i will pay. i will, just wait for me
me: ok, but I need to find out anyway
him: okay - him: just find out the amount
me: yes

I cant talk on the phone!!!
I said I cant talk on the phone as my voice is ill….
me: I am not feeling well and my voice is worse
me: sweetheart - I care a lot about you
him: you just play with my heart
him: you never love me
me: WHAT????????????????????
you mean a phone call makes a difference?
me: not for me. ok, I need to go now - have a save and good trip- ok?
him: i need to hear your vioce
him: oooh you broke my heart
me: you break mine

Wednesday, 13th, I’ll never hurt you
him: darling they are still trying to connect the internet my love, i hope you understand this my love
him: i am still having problems with it
him: please understand my love

him : i promise never to hurt you
Me: what would happen if you would do?
him: i will never. if i do i will die
Me: I guess you will
him: i will never hurt you. i will never
Me: as the Lord will get you (or evil)
him: i am a very strong christan

He is so sick ..

Friday, 15th. Finally got my mobile No
Me: you were so ennnoying to get my mobile no- you said you will leave me or never talk to me again. And no you did'nt even sent ONE message? Thats VERY STRANGE
him: i sent you a messeage you did not get. i will send you again. better let me call

Saturday (he seems to have problems, but doesnt say whats wrong)
him: darling why are you not writing. darling, i am so confused and frustrated my love, i thought about you all through my love
Me: sweetheart- YOU are not writing- why do you blame me?
Me: if you dont want to write then let it be. You are not really here. I can feel this
Me: dont play games with me- ok?

Sunday, 17 th, the money
Me: this is really strange- you dont really send me one message telling me how it went yesterday- but you blame me with the messages on the mobile. I have no idea what did happen- but without saying ONE REAL WORD its not possible to understand anything.sweetheart - instead of insulting me you should TALK. you turn around but you dont say what you want to say. are you joking with me?

him: darling i hope you remember that I told you that I will be going to the seaport to clear my goods and I will be paying 40,000pounds to clear it from the seaport before making the supply to my client my love

Me: yes- and I think it went well. sweetheart- I need to go soon- please
him: after getting to the seaport yesterday, i met with the control officer in charge of my goods, and made my payment to him.... after making the payment he refused to release my goods and demand for additional payment of 7000pounds
Me: oh, wow. Great. but I guess you have enough money for that
him: He said that because I am not a citizen of the country that I have to pay a non residential tax clearance my darling

HIS bank cant pay
him: I have contacted my bank manager it said that they my bank do not have a sending agreement to afrika, and so they will not be able to send any money down to me no matter what
Me: I'm so sorry for you, I did not relize it is that bad
him: I also tried using me ATM master card to no avail my love, I am so confused and I feel like killing myself right now my love
Me: then talk to the company

him: I called my client to explain the state of things to him, if he will be able pay me any upfront payment and as soon as I deliver the goods to them, I will receive the other half
him: but my client refused to comply insisting that, this was not the agreement reached by the both parties, that he will not pay me until I deliver the goods to the company site
him: the agreement reached was that as soon as I deliver the goods to the company site, only then will I be paid my love

Then, hee did ask for 7000 Pounds.
I made a'mistake and made 17‘000 Pounds out of it. He did not refuse. Sad

I got ill myself…

Of course I needed a bank account.
And this is not working anymore.. Very Happy

Wednesday, 20th
Told him the bank is not working. I would not know what to do. He asked me to use WU. BUT he did not give me any information where to send it

Thursday, my illness got worse

Saturday: a friend used my mobile to let him know I am in hospital over Easter time.

Monday evening:
He is still in big need- I am the only one able to help him.
Told him I have just a few minutes, as I am in pain and still in hospital.
He said to ask my son to send the money to him.
Told him to send the information to my email

Later – he did- with a hotel address- but forgot to send the amount.
i love you so much my sunshine you are my only hope in life kisses my darling

I am on a point to be really annoyed. Any good ideas or would anyone take him?

Orange Rose

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The Seventh Seal
Not quite a Newb

Joined: 02 Mar 2011
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Location: Lucifer's Cage

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Great read Smile

Think you did good for your first taste of scambaiting. Maybe next time you should let him wait some more.
After all, you are baiting him, not the other way around. You talk with him whenever you feel like it, he does not ever choice when to speak with you.

Didn't you also get a piggy from this lad? I thought you did!
You should put it in your signature as you're trophy for this bait.

How to edit your signature:
Go to "Profile" --> "Edit Profile" --> Scroll down to "Signature" --> Put this inside the box for a piggy:

Congratulations on your first piggy! Very Happy May there be more in the future Wink

"any how yo are not really serious you just want to kill my little dogs for nothing" - Puppy Scammer

"Dont write to me again and again till u die in your destruction act.
Believe me you are death,u are not alive,go to hell with so call money,am okay as a human,i dont lack and i dont beg." - Romance Scammer

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Orange Rose3
Master Baiter

Joined: 26 Mar 2011
Posts: 128

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks Seventh Seal!

I decided not to go on Y-messenger again and changed to mail. It is better for my nerves. Laughing

In the mean time, I sent him this:
Hi there honey
so, I am so glad to be out of the hospital. I need some time to recover and to get fit again. In some ways I feel like newborn- but still a bit slow...

I stay with a good friend across the border in Switzerland. The next town is called 'Steckborn' and we have a great view to the lake and view to germany. It is so peacefull here...

And how are you doing? Did you get a chance to ressolve your problems? did you get help of the embassy or the company you work with?
Please tell me exactly whats going on now and what I can do. I wished I could have been able to help - but I guess it is too late now.

Where do you live now and what does it look like? what kind of clothes do the woman wear?
thinking of you

and his reply:
Hello Darling
I am happy for you that you are out of the hospital goods will never help me so what is the need telling you....oooooooooooooh is so painful that you are just playing with me
you hurt me so is very bad playing with people's heart so painful i taught you care,but it was all a fake so painful
i will never love any woman as much as i love you....i wish you a good in your life with out me..
as for the life is over for me....this is the end of the road for me...i will kill my self.

o wow... (in RL a man once played this game with me about wanting to kill himself)

I wonder if he is 'dead' by tomorrow. Beside it, he did send another photo of 'him' with it.

Closed lad accounts Closed lad accounts

"i need money so bad sugar, can you help me out my son must not die please help me"

"oooooh my life is down, you are heartless and wicked..i wish i never meet you" (Ex-fiancé)
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Orange Rose3
Master Baiter

Joined: 26 Mar 2011
Posts: 128

PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:25 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

next morning I wrote to him:

Hi 3ric
what are you saying there? I am shocked! Hopefully it is not too late!
How can you think I would play with you? Or I would be a fake? How can a person be a fake?

Here the address of your Embassy- I wished I could call them for help for you. I might ask a friend later- its too early now.. Or I ask my friend to help me to write to them... as we have the hotel address...

British Embassy:
Shehu .....
Phone: +234 ...
Fax: +234 ....
Email: [email protected]

This makes me cry - thank you. Why are you doing this to me? And I thought it would be a new chance... I'll pray for your soul.

and his answer a little while later.
There is notting the Embassy can do for me
okay darling let me come over to you before so i can find help to my problems i miss you so much my sunshine
please help me with ticket free please so i can star coming today please i am dieing here in nigeria i need your help now
am really sick now am writing the message from the bad am so sick and wick please don't let me dis here please

what is going on 3ric- are you making fun of me?
Talk to me!

i am not making fun of you i mean what am saying i really love you so much my sunshine please send me money for ticket so i come over so see if i can get any help out there my darling
i hope to hear from you soon

I am confused now. You just need money for the flight and what about the goods? What did happened?
Do you want me to book the flight for you? Dont you have a return ticket?
Tell me honey- if we want to get married we need to be honest and open to each other- otherwise it will not work.
What is going on? Why are you sick? What happened?
Tell me darling..
I need to go to the doctor this afternoon- stell feeling weak, and to worry about you doesnt help much.
Talk to me darling!

darling please if you can help me with the for flight flight ticket i will be very happy..seen you can't help me with the money to clear my goods....just send me money for ticket i will flight to you and find out how to clear my goods.....i need to get married to you fast
i have fever so sick
baby please i need to leave this country fast am dieing here

you dont want me to book the flight? Why not?
How much does it cost then?

darling the flight cost 950poundsyou need to help me an dieing here..i need to leave this country fast before i die here.. and i need you to pick me from the airport please reply back,,i have been waiting for your mail please come to messenger

went to the messenger, we talked a little while.

then- later in the afternoon, I wrote this to him:
oh dear - this is really bad...
They (at WU) asked me a lot of questions because of the law here and because of fraud. They said you need to give me an identification to make sure youre not just a criminal.
I am so sorry, the amount was to high for just sending it like that
I am really abset now- so much effort again for nothing. (Remember- we had this trouble already with the wrong bank account)
Why did you not organize it better with the whole thing?

It might be not so funny to read- I just find it interesting they way this works. I am sure the next bait will be more easy fun...

Orange Rose, no victim anymore- but now a baiter! (thats like a trophy..)

Closed lad accounts Closed lad accounts

"i need money so bad sugar, can you help me out my son must not die please help me"

"oooooh my life is down, you are heartless and wicked..i wish i never meet you" (Ex-fiancé)
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Phil Yerboots
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:57 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Well done Orange Rose!! You are keeping him going, making him frustrated and causing him pain. If he is sick and dying then you are just what the doctor ordered!!

And baits don't have to be crazy to be funny. I like your lad's terrible english:

am writing the message from the bad am so sick and wick
Very Happy

Keep enjoying the act of baiting these worthless, pathetic individuals and you will find your own style. But, perhaps more importantly, your own characters. It's fun to bait as someone who is totally unlike you. Change sex and bait as a man or be a woman who is very slow at understanding or a very successful businesswoman who doesn't have time for fools and can be VERY STRICT. That's the beauty of baiting - you can be anything or anyone you like!

Keep up the good work.

Love Phil X

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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:11 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Orange Rose,
great way to string him along. And the idea with the flight ticket booked by you is brilliant: Maybe this time it's too late (?), but next time you could "surprise" your lad with the good news: "There is a ticket waiting for you at the airline counter."
He will beg you to cancel it, and of course it was non-refundable, so you wasted 950 GBP. Mr. Green

Easter Egg 2011 Netherlands United Kingdom Closed lad accounts X 2 X 25
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Orange Rose3
Master Baiter

Joined: 26 Mar 2011
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:24 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks Phil!

Great ideas of changing the characters. Sounds like really good fun and a good exersice for myself..
I am sure this one got angry at me - and lost. Laughing

thanks Jeannette

I like the idea about surprising him with a flight-ticket. Will use it next time- next lad...
And especially if the name is fake - they will not be able to get it really... Wink

Orange Rose

Closed lad accounts Closed lad accounts

"i need money so bad sugar, can you help me out my son must not die please help me"

"oooooh my life is down, you are heartless and wicked..i wish i never meet you" (Ex-fiancé)
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Orange Rose3
Master Baiter

Joined: 26 Mar 2011
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PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 7:33 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

As he had the weekend off- I wrote to him today again... Laughing

me : 12.09 pm
Darling- how are you?
did you find a solution? I keep praying for you- ok?
big hug

him: 12.20 pm
darling no solution am still helpless

Me : 7.32 pm
This is strange. So do you wait?

Him : 8.36 pm
i don't know what to do anymore am so confuse and hopeless you where my only so confuse . oooooh my life is down

Me: 8.37 pm
Sweetheart- but then I dont understand why you did not give me any real Identification and why you did not want to let me book the flight.
I am really not sure if it is wise to trust you...

And why cant your doughter not help you- or the company you work with.
This is very strange..

Him: 8.45 pm
how many times will i tell you this...i work for my self my daughter is just a student she has no money of her own..okay if you where in my condition can your son give you such money...
don't worry you don't want to help me thank God for making everything to work this way..maybe you are not the rest woman for are heartless and wicked..i wish i never meet you please don't reply me i don't want to hear from you or read form you...oooooh i write this in tears..
Good luck with your life

Me: (9.10 pm)
Sweetheart- dont blame me for your problems. As you dont want to send me your ID and dont want me to book the flight it looks as if something is wrong with you.

If I am in trouble, my son would ask friends to help me.

Yes. you are really not the right one for me... I wish you someone on your side that really match with you.
Good luck for you Sweetheart! I'll pray for you.

Now I got really bored with that - he is really lazy. Bad luck then!

Closed lad accounts Closed lad accounts

"i need money so bad sugar, can you help me out my son must not die please help me"

"oooooh my life is down, you are heartless and wicked..i wish i never meet you" (Ex-fiancé)
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Dya Reyarunen-Downmeleg
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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2011 4:42 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Well done, Orange Rose3!!!

Perhaps he could regain your trust this way...

I look forward to reading more of your baits!

^ You are my favorite Canadian on Earth. Very Happy Pastor Frank

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write to living...
I could receive the document official which you want to forward me for adhesion with [email protected]
I am captivated, impressed and hypnotised with your sincerity
This you’re [email protected] has it existed some how somewhere before?
Your ASSCODE is: 999-035-2655

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Steward, WTF?

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raging alcoholic

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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2011 4:46 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I've just used the fake yahoo thang as well Smile

Proud "member" of "The Todger Club"!

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Orange Rose3
Master Baiter

Joined: 26 Mar 2011
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2011 4:55 am Reply with quoteBack to top

thanks Fartina

this first bait went well, even if I couldnt play much... I did learn a lot already.

Now I opened up a new FB account and wrote to one who "is looking for real love". I dicovered he is a scammer for a while - at least his email is...

I am looking forward to the next bait... jump_4_joy

Beside that I am very aware of "my scammer" - as he seems to be very activ - he might "come back to me"...

Orange Rose

Closed lad accounts Closed lad accounts

"i need money so bad sugar, can you help me out my son must not die please help me"

"oooooh my life is down, you are heartless and wicked..i wish i never meet you" (Ex-fiancé)
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